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How to get to a Tech Expert... IN SECONDS

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

There’s nothing worse than waiting in line over 30 minutes or having to argue with a wacky automated voice system to get one simple answer regarding your tech.


Whether you are having connectivity issues, are struggling to connect to Wi-Fi, or simply can’t find how to turn off your location settings, chances are you are not willing to spend half an hour (OR MORE) of your day waiting to get someone on the phone. Or at least you shouldn’t.


Getting tech support shouldn’t be that complicated. But it is. At least it was until you read this post. So if you’re the kind of person who feels more frustrated than relieved every time you need to talk to tech support, this post is for you.


Let a live Tech Expert set up your new device -- even show you a cool new feature or twoLet a live Tech Expert set up your new device -- even show you a cool new feature or two

If you would like to get to a Tech Expert who can answer your tech-related questions, help set up your new device, or even show you a cool new feature or two in just SECONDS, then you MUST download the Sprint Complete app.


Available for iOS and Android, the Sprint Complete app allows you to get unlimited help for your device from a U.S. based Tech Expert with the tap of a button (or screen). Sprint Complete customers get device tips, shortcuts, proactive alerts and more through the app.


Sprint Complete is convenient, easy to use, and hassle-free; you get Tech Expert guidance, customized for you when you need it the most.


I’ve never felt happier about being a Sprint Complete customer. No matter the tech issue – big or small – it feels great to know I can get support almost instantly, without waiting in line.

Sprint Complete offers real help, from real Sprint Complete Tech Experts, in real-time.


So next time you have questions with your tech – you know where to go.


Download the Sprint Complete app today and get the support you need from the experts who care.