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Introducing Scam Shield. Fewer Scam & Robocalls on the T-Mobile Network. Period.

Community Manager


🛑 🤖📱 Today via webcast hosted by Golden Globe and six-time Emmy nominee Anthony Anderson, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert unveiled Scam Shield, the company’s response to a rising tide of scammers preying on Americans at their most vulnerable — a problem that’s only grown more severe in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Americans have already lost over $80 million to COVID-related scams this year, and it’s just getting worse — coronavirus scams increased 70% from May to June. Enter Scam Shield, an unparalleled set of safeguards — including technology built into the core of T-Mobile’s network — to protect customers against scams and robocalls at this critical time.


Scam Shield attacks this complex problem from all angles with a series of moves designed to stop scammers in their tracks, give you more information about who’s calling and protect your personal information, including:

  • Free Scam ID and Blocking. Suspicious calls are flagged, and customers can turn on scam blocking to never see those calls again.
  • Free, Enhanced Caller ID. If we know who’s calling, you’ll know who is calling. And with new improvements, you’ll know when the number is verified as coming from a real person or business.
  • Free Second Number. Introducing T-Mobile PROXY, a second number to keep your personal number personal.
  • Free Number Change. If your personal number’s become a spam magnet, get a clean slate with a new number.
  • Free Scam Shield App. The central spot to activate these new protections and, for an extra charge, unlock more advanced call controls. Sprint customers now get free protections — previously an added charge — in the upgraded Call Screener app.
  • Free Be ID Aware Service. Get ID monitoring and alerts for 12 months from the experts at McAfee, available for a limited time

Scam Shield is T-Mobile’s first Un-carrier move since merging with Sprint and includes protections for the whole family: T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, and Sprint customers. And it comes as new research shows that T-Mobile’s network is already 30% better at detecting scam calls than other major networks — and that’s before Scam Shield.


Americans were barraged by over 58 billion scam and unwanted robocalls last year, costing them over $10 billion a year. And last year, the number of scam and unwanted robocalls grew by 22%. Today, scammers see an opportunity in the global pandemic and are poised to take advantage of consumers’ health and financial fears. As the coronavirus began making news, scammers already made an estimated 1 million or more COVID-19 related calls per day to Americans’ smartphones, and they were only getting started — COVID scams increased 70% from May to June and have already cost Americans over $80 million this year. Any of us could fall victim — in fact, the latest research shows 20-somethings are nearly three times as likely to fall victim to scams as seniors.


Advanced Network, Advanced Protection

The Un-carrier has been at the forefront in the battle against spammers and scammers for years. Using AI, machine learning, and patented technologies, the Un-carrier analyzes call behavior to protect customers around the clock. And because defenses are built into the heart of the T-Mobile network, customers don’t need a specific device, plan or app to be protected. T-Mobile responds to new threats and updates network safeguards in real-time, literally upgrading its protections at least every six minutes, 24/7.


According to new research from analysts at GlobalData, T-Mobile’s network is already 30% better than the other major U.S. providers at identifying scam calls. But scammers aren’t just going away, and T-Mobile won’t stop at “best,” especially not in today’s climate. Enter Scam Shield.


Scam Shield

Free Scam Identification and Blocking for Every Customer

All T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers get Scam ID and Scam Block and the full power of the T-Mobile network protecting them. This will make T-Mobile the FIRST and ONLY major wireless provider to protect every customer against scammers — no special device, plan, or app required. With T-Mobile’s Scam ID, customers get a “Scam Likely” alert for suspect calls. And when customers turn on Scam Block, those calls get blocked at the network level, so customers don’t even see them. Because T-Mobile looks at actual call behavior on the network, Scam ID and Scam Block can catch spoofed calls even as scammers are changing tactics, in real-time.


And, now that Sprint is a part of T-Mobile, Sprint customers will get free protection to identify and block scam and unwanted robocalls too, in the upgraded Call Screener app, previously $2.99 per line per month. With Scam Shield, EVERY T-Mobile customer — T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile and even T-Mobile LineLink home phone customers — will get free scam ID and blocking.


Free, Enhanced Caller ID

Americans get nearly 150 billion unknown calls every year[1] — many of them mass-generated by scammers in hopes you’ll pick up. So we don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, and end up missing calls we really want — from the pharmacy, the kid’s school and today, even more important calls, like from contact tracers with potentially critical health information related to COVID-19. Until now, scammers and robocallers have been in the driver’s seat — it’s your phone, but they’ve forced you to avoid answering it.


With Scam Shield, T-Mobile is giving everyone FREE Caller ID — all individuals, families and small business customers on T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, and Sprint (through the free upgraded Call Screener app). For millions of businesses and people not in your contacts, if we know who’s calling, you’ll know who’s calling. And, with new improvements using STIR/SHAKEN technology, T-Mobile also shows when a number is verified and coming from a mobile phone at T-Mobile or another wireless company that’s implemented STIR/SHAKEN. This gives customers even more assurance that it’s a real person or business calling. And that puts customers back in the driver’s seat, giving them more information to make better decisions on which calls to answer.


Free Second Number

When email spam got out of control, we all got a second email address. Now, T-Mobile customers can get that same thing, for their phone number. Introducing T-Mobile PROXY a free second number, so you can keep your personal number personal. It’s like a free spam folder for your phone. No extra line to pay for, no special phone required.


A PROXY number can be easily managed in the T-Mobile DIGITS app, and the whole family can share and use it anytime you don’t want to give out your personal number. PROXY calls, voicemails and texts stay separate from your main number, and you can check them anytime in the DIGITS app. Customers on Magenta, Magenta for Business and Essentials plans can get one free PROXY number per account.


Free Number Change

If your personal number has become a spam magnet, shake persistent scammers with a new number for free, while Carriers charge up to $36 for a clean slate.


Free Scam Shield App

The new, free Scam Shield app (formerly Name ID) is the place to activate all these protections — it’s where you can turn Scam Block on and off, access free Caller ID, find out how to get a PROXY number and number change, and check out the new dashboard that shows all the calls the network has flagged and blocked for you, in real time.


Scam Shield Premium gives customers even more control. Send entire categories of unwanted robocalls directly to voicemail, like telemarketers; create ‘always allow’ and ‘always block’ lists; and get voicemail-to-text for at-a-glance access to your voicemails. Scam Shield Premium is just $4 per month per line for T-Mobile postpaid customers and is included at no extra charge for customers with Magenta Plus.


Be ID Aware with McAfee for T-Mobile

The Un-carrier is going beyond bolstering their own technologies to protect customers. T-Mobile has partnered with the experts at McAfee to help protect customers’ identity. Introducing Be ID Aware — a new 12-month identity monitoring alert service. With Be ID Aware, customers will be notified when their private info shows up on the underbelly of the internet, so they can take action to protect themselves, like change passwords, monitor transactions or put credit freezes in place. If their identity is compromised, recovery specialists will help restore it. And those specialists will also help cancel and replace ID and credit cards if a customer’s wallet is lost or stolen.



T-Mobile postpaid and Metro by T-Mobile customers can download Scam Shield starting July 24 on App Store or Google Play. To turn on Scam Block right now, T-Mobile and Metro customers can simply dial #662# to tell T-Mobile’s network to stop those calls before they ever reach your phone.


Also on July 24, Sprint iOS customers can download the upgraded Call Screener app from the App Store, and Android customers simply open and enable the pre-installed app. In the app, Sprint customers can get their free scam ID and blocking, and activate free Caller ID. And as they transition to the T-Mobile network, they can get the Scam Shield app, and all of T-Mobile’s network-level protections.


Customers can sign up for Be ID Aware for free for twelve months at or using their phone number and the code 2020McAfee, between July 24 and August 31 while supplies last. And, Sprint customers can request it online at — just select McAfee Identity Protection to register.


Hi, does this mean that the call screener Pro on sprint network now free? in the past it use to 2.99 per month per line. IN app it still shows that price.. so confused. 

Community Manager

Yes, that's exactly what it means.  If you have a Android, make sure you go to the App Store and update all your apps.  Once Call Screener is updated, turn the phone off and back on, this causes it to ping the server and you should no longer see $2.99.  Even with the $2.99 being displayed, there is a zero-rated code applied to accounts.


Thank will, I cant see Call Screener Sprint App on Android Store, looks like it came in with my phone.. Am I missing something? Want to make sure I update this app per your guidance but not sure how and where. 

Community Manager

Yeah, it's part of the Sprint loadset, so just turn the phone off and back on.


I just got a replacement s20 and it didn't come with the sprint preloaded call screener app. Can't find it in Google app store. The at&t version says my device isn't applicable.  Where can I download this app? Thanks

Community Manager

In order for it to work, the device has to have a Sprint loadset and not BYOD.  If you have an ATT version, it will not install.  With an incompatible device, you can still enable the free Caller ID only service with no app required.  The Caller ID displays the name of an incoming caller not currently in your contacts.  You can subscribe to free Caller ID via one of the following:

    • Logging into and navigating to “Change Services” page
    • Calling your Team of Experts by dialing *2 from your Sprint phone
    • At any Sprint store

Thanks for answering. Geek squad didn't have any phones in their inventory so I did end up with a new, unlocked S20. It does have a few sprint apps but not the call screener. I had just set it up on my old phone and for my family, which required an hour long chat to fix a few things before it would allow me to enable the app. I got that working and then came the terrible accident involving a certain toddler nephew and my S20's screen. I'm watching him and his brother,  5 days a week due to covid concerns, in TN. I'm bummed that I can't get that app back but,  I understand.  Thanks again.  Stay safe and well.

Community Manager

Toddlers and screens.  Never a good mix.


Ever since getting my new Pixel 4 I've had nothing but scam calls (and I've been reluctant to give out my number due to that).  I saw this and said "whoa..finally" since other carriers have had it for free for a while.  Well, went to install it on my new pixel 4 (have two) and nope.  Called support, and they said that I can't get it since the phones didn't come with it.  I feel let down.  While I still have to listen to phone calls from home warranty sales, car warranty sales, social security claim updates, and (for some reason) getting quotes for "Teri" ar least once a day (text and calls).

Community Manager

Yeah, I have a Pixel 4 also, but personally I think the onboard spam protection on the 4 is more robust than Scam Shield (Phone Dialer - 3 dots - Settings -Spam and Call Screen).  Not to mention the Call Screen stops a lot of that, but that's just me.


Since Pixel 4 is without bloatware, it does not have the required Sprint apps to install Call Screener.  There was talk to allow that, but I think we decided against it given how us Pixel users are anti-bloat.


Hey Will, thank you for your reply.  Plenty of bones to pick with that.  It sometimes picks up the call instead of playing the call screen announcement.  How frustrating is that?  The reason you didn't want to answer and it now you're forced to talk to the spammer!  And, wouldn't it be better to not have to look at your phone and stop what you're doing (like driving or in a meeting) to screen your own spam call? 


PS "Since Pixel 4 is without bloatware, it does not have the required Sprint apps to install Call Screener.",  well, I have two lg's and a Samsung s7 and they don't have call screener either.


" I think the onboard spam protection on the 4 is more robust than Scam Shield", wasn't this article to tout how great the new tool is? 

(not trying to be adversarial)