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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine (SM-J737P)

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i just got this phone, 1 month of poor signal strength and cant send receive. basically very useless device if its cant send or receive when necessary. Always 1 and if lucky 2 bars at home, at work and most every where else except in the store. what good is a mobile device if i have to be next to a repeater.


camera does ok, the music play is not very convenient as it wont read my SD card. just wants to stream. with that I cant comment on the BTA capabilities, Im a occasional user of text/voice but now im carrying a large watch.

Community Manager

I'm sorry for the late response, I just returned from vacation.  I can check your locations for coverage issues, just PM me the details.  


Regarding the SD Card, I would check the Class of the SD card.