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Keep your home up and running with Sprint Complete MyHome!

Sprint Leasing and Insurance




At Sprint, we know how much technology matters to you and we came up with something that will revolutionize your connected life, whether you are a Sprint Complete Customer or not!


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Your home may have more tech than you realize, and the number of devices is rapidly increasing. You make a significant investment in buying the tech, but how can you protect it? Do you buy a protection plan for every device? Do you keep track of all warranties, receipts, and registrations in case "life happens?"

You deserve more!

Individual device protection can be limited, overpriced and difficult to keep up with; but here at Sprint, we’ve thrown out the old model to give you more for less: protection, technical support, and peace of mind.

Sprint Complete MyHome  is the protection game changer for your home technology products; it covers all eligible entertainment devices, office products, and smart equipment in your home – all under one simple plan.

We know how important is your connected life and Sprint Complete MyHome is designed to give you more.


SCMH_GIF_10sec.gifWorry-free protection

Sprint Complete MyHome is here to help your home tech keep running at full speed. That’s why your eligible electronic devices are covered in one spot, regardless of where you bought it or when you bought it. This protection includes mechanical and electrical failures, even those due to normal wear and tear or power surge on TVs, laptops, desktops, gaming systems, routers, printers, and more!



Product breakdown? We’ll fix it. 
Can’t fix it? We’ll replace it. 
Can’t replace it? We’ll reimburse you for its current replacement value. 

No matter how many tech products you own, or plan to own, we’ve got your back.

Personalized Tech Support
Get on-demand tech support if you run into an issue. Our experts can help set up and connect new devices, troubleshoot issues, and provide ongoing tech advice.

Simply call or message and get help from a tech expert you can trust and understand. No transfers, no tech jargon, and no additional fees.

Want to learn about your tech? Schedule a 1:1 mini tech session with a subject-matter expert and enjoy personalized learning from the comfort of your home.


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The best part?
You can enroll anytime. Whether your TV is three years old, or brand new, it’s all covered under Sprint Complete MyHome. 


Did I mention you don't need to be a Sprint Complete Customer to enroll?

What’s better than having your home technology products under one simplified, affordable, and flexible plan? 


Nothing can top that!


Coverage begins as soon as you sign up and you can file a claim for repair after 30 days of enrollment.

You can file as many claims as you need; maximum coverage is $2000/claim and $5000/year.


Why wait until it's too late? Visit and JOIN TODAY!