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Magnetic Cases On a Note 8 is not "Attractive"

Community Manager

We've all done it.  Just dropped a lot of coin on our shiny new phone and now it's time to protect it.  We could spend $40+ for a case at the mall kiosk, but we the $5 one catches the attention of our wallet on Wish or Amazon.  This may be a "case" (get it?) of long-term pain.


Note 8 users are reporting they are experiencing difficulty in using their S-Pen.  Specifically, users are unable to use the S-Pen on some areas of the screen or the S-Pen actions are not recognized by the device.  This can happen in certain circumstances when some third party magnetic cases are attached to the Galaxy Note 8.  When these cases are attached, they may interfere with the S-Pen.



How to fix it?  Take the case off for starters.  Then try to use the S-Pen again.  Of course this goes without saying, but Samsung recommends users only use Samsung accessories with their Galaxy devices for optimal performance.  I say visit Sprint for your Galaxy Note 8 accessories needs. Duh! Smiley Tongue