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Make calls and use data at the same time with Sprint's Calling PLUS!

Community Manager

Sprint_Logo_Community.jpg***Update 9/24/18: Heads up Sprint Calling Plus users. Very important announcement.  

Regarding Calling PLUS Service Decommission


*** Update 9/24/18: In preparation for the launch of VoLTE (already being tested in some markets, expected to launch fully in 2019), Voice Call Continuity may not work on some devices.  This means that some Apple devices and some later model Samsung Galaxy devices will not be able to use Data and Voice at the same time except where WiFi is available or where VoLTE may be in the testing stages.  ***


Sprint is excited to announce a new solution which allows customers to use voice and data simultaneously while on the Sprint LTE network or WiFi.  Calling PLUS has just been enabled on many Sprint devices.


What you need to know:


Calling PLUS combines two features: one old and one brand new!

  • WiFi calling - our VoIP calling feature that lets you make and receive calls over WiFi
  • Voice and text on the Sprint LTE network, allowing simultaneous voice and data


Calling PLUS is delivered to your device by software update.  Once your device has received the software, set up is easy!

  1. On the phone, select Settings > Calling PLUS.
  2. Slide Calling PLUS to On.
  3. Customer can view Tutorial pages to learn more information about the service.
  4. View pre-populated address
    • If the Country field says Non-USA, Select the Country and choose USA.
    • Enter a USA address manually.
    • If address is not shown or is incorrect, enter the address manually.
    • Address must be within the USA.
  5. Select Save.
    • Your phone will validate the address required for E911 service and completes the enablement of Calling PLUS.
  6. Select Calling PLUS options to enable each feature:
    • Wi-Fi Calling is On by default.
    • LTE Calling is optional but recommended to allow both Simultaneous Voice and Data and call handoffs between Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling.
    • Call handoffs will go from Wi-Fi to LTE even if the LTE Calling switch is Off.  LTE Calls require the Wi-Fi Calling switch to be turned On for a handoff to Wi-Fi.

That's it!  Your phone is now enabled for Calling PLUS.  You can call anyone using Calling PLUS, the person or party that you're calling does not need to have Calling PLUS in order for it to work.


Keep in mind: 

  • Calling PLUS is included free of charge with your Sprint plan, though data usage does count toward any metered data allotment.
  • Calling PLUS is a only available to select devices at this time and only in areas with LTE service.  We will add more device models over time.
  • Calling PLUS is not a VoLTE solution and call quality can vary based on location and network conditions.
  • Calling PLUS is only supported on the Sprint LTE network and will not work over roaming partner networks. 
  • Calls initiated while on LTE will not hand off to CDMA towers.  When leaving an LTE area, such a call may drop.



Starting with iOS 11, iPhone 6 and newer devices are now enabled with Voice Call Continuity (VCC).  VCC allows a call initiated on WiFi to hand off to LTE and back to WiFi, while also permitting the user to access some data functionality.  With VCC, a call will never start on LTE so data will be unavailable when a call starts in an LTE area. 


 **Please Note: VCC has been disabled in preparation for the launch of VoLTE**

These devices have VCC already enabled:

  • iPhone 6 devices and newer on IOS 11 (with the exception of the iPhone XS and XS Max)
  • LG X Charge
  • LG V20
  • LG V30+
  • Essential
  • Samsung J3 Emerge


**VCC is a separate function from CallingPLUS but accomplishes some of the same goals.  **


So let me get this right, I'm in my office on WiFi calling, leave the office still on the phone to go to meeting or jobsite, call continues as I have LTE outside my office, get mile down the road where it drops over to 3G and I lose my call?  While I appreciate the effort of returning a function that you once had, voice and data on LTE, I don't think more dropped calls though is the solution.

its the same thing that would happen if you were with any carrier on a VoLTE call and happened to switch to 3G..

So you're saying anytime you receive a call in a 4g area and go into 3g I'm going to lose a call? Being most of my work is driving around that won't be acceptable at all. Many times I see my phone go from 4g to 3g and back again on the same road in a relatively short distance. If it's based on whether I'm using data I might as well shut-off data while driving as every email or navigation app is going to request data while on a call. 

whether youre making the call using VoLTE or Calling Plus and the call is initially started using either of these and you end up going into a 3G covered area the call will be lost..if you initiate/receive the call and you were not using VoLTE or Calling Plus and happened to go into a 3G covered area the call will not be lost. as it was in the past what they are bringing back here is the ability to do both Voice and surf the net while in a LTE covered area.

This is what I'm wondering.  I'm driving down the road and I have the Waze app up giving me directions, if I'm in an area that I haven't been before or it recalculates a route I assume it uses data to do this, I receive a phone call in 4g won't that call go into the VoLTE or Calling Plus?  If so, I'll guarantee to drop the call once out of 4g.


I guess I'm concerned that there are always times a phone is using data and a call comes in, so is the phone going to regulate this so I have a somewhat stable call?

Community Manager

It's a valid and interesting question, @lancer199135.  I am collecting questions about the new feature for regular updates with the product owners and I'll bring this up for sure.  Hopefully, I get some new information so that I can come back and give you an update.

Community Manager

We released the update for the LG Stylo 3 today as well.  If you have this device and are trying out Calling PLUS, please let us know about your experience.


@lancer199135 I sent your questions off to the folks who're running this project.  I haven't heard back but when I do, I'll update here.


I'm confused.  My note 3 can make a call on 4g and go into 3g and i NEVER lose the call.  I have data while on 4G only but I NEVER lose the call.  My S8+, I'll have to test.  How do I know if I have this update??  I'm shocked that this is being pushed out but these simple questions asked above cannot be easily answered.


thats because your Note 3 has 2 for calls and 3G and the other for technically ou can do both without the use of this new ability or VoLTE as long as you are connected to LTE..the spark capable devices have a single it must prioritize what is more important....which is always going to be the call...once this is kicked out to the S8+ i will be posting a update thread in the S8/S8+ forum here . i try to also include the link back into here so anyone curious as to what it is has a front row seat to it. keep an eye out for my post in the S8's forum.

Great thanks.  Aside from following the updates on this forum how can i find out if this update has been pushed to my phone?  Can you link me to the thread where you will update on the S8?


the thread i added into my last post is where i will be posting it for the S8/S8+. at the moment its unknown what the update number will be or when it will be pushed..but that is where it will be posted once it does happen.

is there an existing thread that you will be updating or creating a new thread for this?  THe link is just ot that forum.


no. for each update they get a new thread...same as the other updates i have posted in there. each one is update specific. i think you can follow that forum in there (i know we used to be able to do that) but if you can you will end up with a notification for every thread created in there.

Good to know, don't know why they stopped this after the HTC ONE (M7)

5 posts above yours explains why.

This is the AWESOME as it will assist me with a few things when closing business solutions. 


I have a LG Stylo 3 and I did the update 100% the way it's supposed to be and every time I have calling Plus on people are saying they can't hear me or say I'm breaking up and when I turn  off calling plus they hear me just fine.

Do you have any solutions for this issue.

thank you for your help,



does this happen in only one location? indoors or outside? and how is your data signal when this happens?
Community Manager

My next song goes out to lancer199135:  I herd back from our product team about your specific question.  He said it better than I could, so I'm going to copy and paste his answer here, feel free to ask for more information, if you need it.


Using Waze or other apps at the time of a call is a bit different than with regular CDMA calls.  Yes, Waze will stay active and the call will also be up.  So, if you have the Voice option on in Waze it will be giving directions over the call conversation.  It can get a bit muddy, but that is what are providing; the option to do both! 


You can disable the waze sound while on call.  Any word on the S8 Status yet?  Really want to start using this phone.  My note 3 is amazing for this but I need to start using this $900 paper weight.



Thanks Seawolf.  Not sure if I follow whether it will still be able to use real time data updates or not based on changes in traffic.  While I believe these traffic apps cache some data (particularly the initial route and therefore continual direction notifications) when they first load whoever they still use data constantly to update traffic congestion, etc.  I've noticed the app struggle in areas of poor cell service and constantly give errors of no signal.


Also the app uses data when you miss a turn.  I've been burned before while on phone and missing a turn.  Had to hang up to get updated directions.

Community Manager

 I did also get confirmation that more devices will be receiving this update later this year but not which devices or when that will be.



Will there be a list of what devices are able to do this feature, OR will be able to do this? I have the LG G6 and am hoping it will become available. 

as the updates are pushed to each type of device it will be posted in their device specific forum.