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My Sprint Mobile lets you Manage your Sprint account on the Go!

Community Manager

Sprint Zone is being replaced with the My Sprint Mobile app.  The app is already avMySprintMobile.pngailable for Apple devices on iOS 9 or higher, we'll begin rolling it out to Android users very soon.

My Sprint Mobile combines what you loved about the Sprint Zone with some much-requested and super valuable new features. You don't have to log in to a desktop, call in or visit a store.  Manage your account, pay your bill, troubleshoot a problem, or come visit us here on Community right from your device!


What can you do with My Sprint Mobile app?  Maybe you didn't know about these great capabilities:

  • View or pay your bill
  • Manage payment options
  • Manage AutoPay
  • Check usage on your device
  • Report a problem in your area
  • Review plans and services
  • Get support for your device or services, even connect with other customers on Community

New for My Sprint Mobile app: Support in Spanish!

  • If your device language preference is set to Spanish, the My Sprint Mobile app will automatically appear in Spanish for your convenience.


We'll be adding even more great features as we go.  If you're on an Apple device with iOS version 9 or higher, get started today by updating your Sprint Zone to get My Sprint Mobile or download it from the iTunes App store here


Update 4/28/17:  My Sprint Mobile is now ready for Android as well.  The app is installed in two parts so you'll see two apps in your phone's Applications list:  Carrier Call Utility and the My Sprint Mobile application itself. Carrier Call Utility cannot be uninstalled as it is part of the My Sprint Mobile functionality.


For more information, head on over to

Community Manager

Love the new layout!


app is broke as of 4/28/2017 all u get is error

Community Manager

 @Killerpitwrb  Can you give us a bit more information about what's going on with your My Sprint Mobile app.  You said you get an error: what error is that?  Also, what make and model of phone are you currently using?


PAIN IN THE ASS!  This update was not rolled out well... no notification on my Galaxy s8.  Had to search the web and find a solution buried in the forums.  Wasn't even a headline forum topic that I could find.  Found it under a topic called "What happened to the sprint zone app" by another user with the same complaint.  First 8 or so responses provided some sort of app for a hard factory reset - NOT COOL.  If I hadn't kept reading through other responses I would have missed the one stating the old Zone app was being replaced.  Simple solution, go to the play store - download the new "my sprint mobile" app.  This should have been handled much better.

Community Manager

I'm sorry for the hassle you had @OrionJohnson78.  I'm going to pass along your feedback, especially considering that yours is a very new device, it might have been nice to have it built in at launch so you didn't have to go hunting.


Is My Sprint mobile app for all Sprint customers (pre-paid & post-paid)?

Community Manager

That's a really great question @JayRizzo.  I wasn't sure so I spoke to the app owner.  For now, Sprint Prepaid Customers will continue using the Sprint Zone application.


The funny part is the old Sprint Zone app kept saying it would upgrade but never did. Saw the new My Sprint app on a couple older phones I still have so was wondering when it would hit my Galaxy 7. Another head scratcher is jow the old app wasn't compatible with my Tab E but is with the Tab 3. Oh well