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My first week with the LG G Pad F2 8.0 - a Blog for the Product Ambassadors

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I picked up the LG G Pad 7.0 tablet three years ago because, frankly, it was cheap and I love gadgets.  I already owned a Kindle and a Note 4 so it's not like I didn’t have screens at hand. I thought maybe I could break it out occasionally when I needed something larger than a phone but didn't want to haul around a laptop.


I used that thing ALL THE TIME!  When I worked nights, little G Pad entertained me with Netflix.  I read 10x as many books with the Kindle and Over Drive apps as I did on my actual Kindle.  I used it pretty much every day until … the day I got the LG G Pad F2 8.0


Set up with LG Mobile Smart Switch is a breeze

Straight out of the box, set up and activation of the tablet are fast with LG Mobile Smart Switch.  My pictures, music and apps and home screen all moved straight over. I was able to essentially set my new pad up just like my old one.  Don't have a tablet or even an LG?  You can download the app from Google Play to another device, even a different OEM and move stuff from phone to tablet as well.


Light Weight, Big Impact

The device is only slightly heavier than the 7", at only 12.35 oz but with so much more screen.  The 3000 mAh screen is a step down, but with battery saver options on, I am still only charging every few days, even with an hour or two of usage each day.


 Alpaca.jpgScreen capture from mobile game Alto

How's the screen on the G Pad? I've been bumped from 720p to 1080p and while I claim not to notice a difference, in my little black heart, I have to admit, it's sharp.  My games are more clear and gorgeous.  Check out this screen grab from Alto, which I am terrible at, but is super-fun (who doesn't love skiing and alpacas?)




Dinner is Served

Saturday, I set up the G Pad F2 up on a stand in my kitchen for repeat viewings of Buzzfeed's Chicken Parm Larasagna Recipe.  It was easy to toggle back a few seconds with YouTube's built in options, letting me replay the all-important sauce, noodle, cheese, chicken order of the dish.  I wanted to keep the screen on while I worked, so I changed the Screen Timeout settings by going to Settings: Display and toggling "Keep screen turned on."  Just remember to change it back when you're finished to save battery.


How was dinner?  Fantastic! I highly recommend making it yourself, just remember to keep your LG G Pad F2 8.0 close to hand when you do.  For a limited time, get the LG G Pad free with new line activation, with unlimited data for just $30 a month or $20 with auto pay.

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Thank you for the recipe link!