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Note 8: What should we expect.


The unveiling of the Note 8 is right around the corner. Wednesday the 23rd Samsung is having an event in New York City to launch their new flagship phone.  You can watch it here


I will go in some details that are confirmed regarding Note 8, but you can also check rumors that were going on about this device here:406x199.jpeg


Here is what is confirmed:


Short break down:

Snapdragon 835 (for US version)

6Gb RAM, 64GB ROM.

Android 7.1.1


Dual 12MP back Camera f/1.7 & f/2.4 (read more below for cool features) and 8MP front Camera

Pressure sensitive screen, 2960x1440 resolution.Screenshot-2017-07-24-at-00.27.42.png.jpeg

3300mAh battery

Name: Even though many industry people thought Samsung was going to scrap the name “Note” for their phones due to the disastrous Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has confirmed that the new phone will indeed be called Note 8.



Camera: The Note 8 will be the first phone from Samsung that will jump on the dual camera wagon. Samsung has revealed the dual camera unit. In that statement, they confirmed that the cameras will have 12Mpix capability, motion stabilization on both of them, and one will have 3x optical zoom. 3D depth smart zoom, brighter HDR shots for night shots, background effects, and perspective view (you can rotate the pic in about 45 degree on portrait mode)

Best thing: it will not have a camera bump.

Certified ISO 14001,

   ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949,

   OHSAS 18001 (if you like to be technical lol)

S8 camera is great, and if Note 8 will have this new unit, that camera will be the best in the market. Here is a link for you to check out more about them.


Screen: Samsung is following what they did with the S8, keeping the physical home button off and using an in-screen home button. That will allow them to get a gigantic 6.3 screen in a very small body due to almost baseless curved design with a resolution of 2960x1440.

Note 8 Screen will be pressure sensitive, similar to what iPhone has.


hq720.jpgBattery: Samsung is choosing to play safe with the Note 8. They will pack inside the Note 8 a 3300mAh battery, from 3500 that Note 7 had. To make that more efficient, Samsung is going to use software enhancements to extend the life of the battery.

Fast charging via Wireless charging and USB C port.


Launch date:

Latest rumors, which are confirmed by a BestBuy Mobile employee and Samsung channels, are saying that the Note 8 will be available for purchase the following day of the announcement, Aug 24th.  


samsung_galaxy_note_8_rumours_release_date_specs_leak.jpgI sure hope that is true, since that means we should be able to have the phones by Thursday next week.



Note 7 was $900, but the Note 8 looks like will beat that price. Unconfirmed rumors (even though they state that the rumor came from Samsung) suggest that it will cost $1000 unlocked.


Are you a Note fan like me?  Heard something different from what I’ve posted?  Tell me in the comments!

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Great STUFF, thank you so much @Dj_Damjano

great write up brotha. Smiley Happy
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Did you see this article on BGR?


Yeah, more info coming out everyday. I'm trying to stay away until Wed lol.


Here is some more fresh excitement: Bonus extras with preorders

Not sure if that will be as a promotion that you have to submit at or just a bonus on the time of preorder/ order.


S. Korean teaser for the Note 8:




Will the Note 8 work on Call Plus? All features will not matter unless the network takes steps to support it.

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We don't have that information just yet, @kmeryamun77 but may once the device has been launched.