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Oh Oh OOOOH it's Magic! Magic Box arrives!

Community Manager

The internet has buzzed for weeks over rumors that Sprint was prepared to release an all new micro cell device. Marcelo made rumor into reality today, introducing the Magic Box from Sprint 


Magic Box is Sprint's next generation signal booster that isn't actually a signal booster at all; it's a small indoor cell which dramatically increases data speeds and reception.  Magic Box is a true plug and play device: independent and easy to set up.  You don't need a router or a hardwire line either, simply set the Magic Box up near a window, plug it in and enjoy improved Sprint Speeds to every corner of your house in just minutes. 


Magic Box makes all this possible by leveraging Sprint's own 2.5 GHz and 1.9GHz spectrum and backhaul to create an indoor small cell. This is great news for our customers living were home internet service can be scarce. 


Have I piqued your curiosity? 

Fill out our Interest Form to get your name on the signup list.  We'll begin contacting customers in approximately 8 weeks (early July) when devices become available.



Updates  19 May, 2017:

As you can imagine, we've gotten a HUGE response from customers interested in obtaining a Magic Box.  The team is working through the thousands of folks who have already filled out the interest form.  If you have not heard back yet, don't worry, they'll get to you.  Devices should begin to be available in the next couple of months.


If you haven't already seen the information on the Magic Box landing page, here's a few tidbits:

  • Magic Box uses LTE 2500 MHz (band 41) to create a small cell
  • Magic Box is capable of supporting 64 devices simultaneously
  • Improves data upload and download speed in a wide coverage area both indoors and out so if you have one in your window, it'll help with LTE signal in the yard.  Coverage is approximately 30,000 sq ft indoors and extends up to 100 meters outside

We've tested the device in several places and people are really talking.  Check it out:

Magic Box Debuts in Denver

Improving Data Speeds at City Hall in Kansas City

Even Fierce Wireless is talking about us


I am very interested in getting one of these

Sprint Social Care

louiestiglitz, Hello! You can definitely apply to have one. You just have to fill the Interest Forum in the link in order for you to receive the device when it become available.



Sprint Social Care Team

Do I keep need my AiRave and the Magic Box? I have to use WiFi calling in my house, and often my AiRave does not work. How does the Magic Box differ?

Ive filled oit the form multiple times yet the "submit" button stays greyed out and wont let me submit my info. Ive made sure that every field is filled out...but would LOVE one of these. Since joining sprint 6yrs ago weve had poor data connections. Was always told there waant anyrhing they could do. This would be great if we could truly have data while at home or at work.

Community Manager

Hey @Benaslater1 did the form allow you to submit it the first time or has it been greyed out the whole time?


It was greyed out the whole time

Community Manager

 I will let the folks know that the form may not be working correctly, @Benaslater1


@Yellahar  it's my understanding that the Magic Box is not a replacement for your Airave as Magic Box is designed specifically to improve LTE data signal only, but I have reached out to some product experts and I will update this thread when I've heard back.


Update:  My guy from the product team has confirmed: Magic Box operates specifically on LTE bands, not CDMA.  It isn't designed to improve voice. Since the Airave does not improve LTE, you could pair them both (if you have home internet and wished to do that) in an area of particularly poor coverage.


I am also interested in getting this magic box, as it sounds like a great improvement...but will it support Wi-Fi calling? I thought I read somewhere that it is only for data improvements.  I currently use Wi-Fi calling to resolve the voice coverage issues...


If I can use this with Wi-Fi calling, I can throw my linksys out the window and not have to reboot it every day and deal with the one way voice when my son is playing X-box live, which seems to take over the Internet connection when it's on... or, even better would be to use the Magic Box for my Wi-Fi calling and let my son continue to play his games...



Sprint Social Care

Good morning tompreston.

Thank you for your interest in the Magic Box. Unfortunately the Magic Box is only recommended for 4G LTE data service to greatly enhance the indoor data experience for customers. If you have High speed internet at home, we recommend the AIRAVE instead of the Magic Box. The Sprint AIRAVE is a personal base station that provides enhanced voice and 3G mobile broadband coverage for your Sprint CDMA devices (phones, hotspots, tablets and modems). The AIRAVE uses your broadband Internet connection to route calls to the Sprint Nationwide Network.

If this is something that you are interested in let us know. Just send me a Private Message by clicking on my name then " Send Message" with your phone number and account PIN. We'll review your area for AIRAVE Coverage.

the magic box itself does not hook up to a net connection so no wifi calling help there. all it is doing is basically becoming a relay or repeater..pulls in the LTE signal and boosts it to help push it even further..
So this does not help with wifi calling, only LTE data? Doesn't Wifi calling work off of data?
wifi calling works off of your wifi at home..
Community Manager

Hey team, I have added some updates that came through this week to the bottom of my post.  Check it out but let us know if you have questions!

That's too bad about the Magic Box not including Airave capabilities. Not quite "Magic" as I'd hoped. Maybe the next version? Don't get me wrong, I am still looking forward to it, since the house is in a network grey hole. Just sucks that I need both boxes in order to fully utilize the service.
the only purpose of the Magic box is to pull in that LTE signal and push it even further. if it were to help with voice signal as well it would need to be hooked up to your home net like the current Airave does.

Customer care told me that I needed this Magic Box to fix my service issues. He said the Airave was "old" technology and the Magic Box would correct the dropped calls.  He also told me I'd have it in 3 to 5 days and that Customer Care would call back in 5 days to see how it was working. Well, hmmm. The thing isn't even out until the fall! And now I read this thread that it's not going to improve voice calling! I have an Airave already, but since getting a GS8, my service is minimal, voice calls drop constantly and now texts are taking 2 minutes to go thru. Tech support says to call customer care. Nobody there seems to know anything!

since the airave connects to your home net do you also by chance have wifi calling activated on your line for that device? if so try that.

According to Sprints coverage map, I'm supposed to have excellent coverage. Ha!  I have wifi calling capability, but why should I have to use it when I have an Airave?  I shouldn't have to come to this forum and find out how to get voice service.  I've never used wifi calling. Does it sound the same? Is there a lag or different sound quality?

you need to contact airave support to figure out why your S8 is having a hard time connecting to the airave...wifi calling is exactly what it says it is..calls over long as your wifi connection is solid it will be nice and clear. i use it at my house since im on the boarder of coverage

I am trying to install my magic box, but when I move it to a new window and try to test the new location, it doesn't respond. I've tapped the next window test button on the screen, but nothing happens.

how long did you leave it unplugged for before plugging it back in at the new window? wonder if there is a certain amount of time it must be unplugged so it clears memory from the prior plug in info?

The instructions don't tell you to plug it in until AFTER you complete the tests on each window. It has power, the screen is on, the buttons just don't do anything when you tap them.


Approved for magic box on 6/21 and still waiting!



I'm having issues with Sprint not releasing my phone number to another carrier and there's no balance or contract on my account. For whatever reason, Sprint is claiming my account number is invalid and I have verified it several times with a Sprint rep and the account number that's on my bill is the account number I keep giving to Straight Talk ( Verzion ) but Sprint wouldn't release my number. Can someone tell me please what I need to do




I have tried to find out how to sign up for the Magic box multiple times. I have gone to the website, called, emailed, and gone in to the local store. Everyone I talk to always tell me that it is a different department that I need to contact. I have no idea what it is that I need to do