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Phone Insurance with it's Own Theme Song!

Community Manager



What up Community!! Countdown to the holidays is on and we are going to be busy!  Between picking up packages from Amazon off our porches or carrying too many bags to the car, you are at risk.  By at risk, I mean the risk of damaging your phone.


Let's keep it real right now.  When our hands are full, we do stupid things with our phones.  Y'know, put it in your back pocket and sit on it.  Try to hold it in your mouth and drop it.  Or, my personal fave... keys and phone in one hand while trying to close the car door with one finger, the phone slips out and shatters the screen on your brand new Samsung S9.  You knew you were supposed to get the case, but cases are for suckers.  Just like insurance is for clumsy people, but that's not me! Wow, that was a tad bit specific.  Anyhoo, good thing there is open enrollment for Sprint Complete - our phone insurance program.  When life happens, we've got your back. Sprint Complete is Sprint's exclusive program to optimize your connected life.  Read all about that here, but that's not while we are here.


Our insurance is so cool, it has its own theme song. It's called 'You Complete Me'.  Check it out:




 Enjoy and check out Sprint Complete


About the Author
  • In addition to being a Sprint Employee and Product Ambassador, GeekGeoff is an unabashed Star Wars fan, Tech Junkie and Father to a precocious 9 year old. When he’s not writing blogs, he can be found playing video games, searching for the best donut shop or debating which Doctor is the best (for the record, it’s number 10).
  • SeaWolf makes port here on Sprint's Community after running a somewhat popular blog, a mildly successful Twitter account and serving as the most-hated fandom Message Board Manager EVAR. Current Phone: Samsung S8 Areas of Expertise: Care topics and corny jokes