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Presenting the Samsung Galaxy Note10 / Note10+ and All It's Glory!

Community Manager

Capture.PNGTake a look at it.  Go ahead and ignore my words here for a moment and just glance to the left.  First thoughts?  First words?  Mine are 'sleek'...'clean'... 'thin'... 'notchless'.  Without knowing the specs and what's under the hood, it is a beautiful piece of engineering. 


For those that know me, I love this part of the year.  In the biz, we call it Launch Season.  The part of the year where the industry's largest and brightest trot out their latest and greatest like the Westminster Dog Show.  This season we will see offerings from [REDACTED BY LEGAL].  Sounds exciting, huh?


Nevermind the others, right now Samsung owns the spotlight.  Their latest offering is the Samsung Galaxy Note10 / Note10+.  Now, I appreciate aesthetics just like anyone else, but let's be honest, a candy bar style phone is a candy bar style phone.  Sure, let's make it bigger and thinner, but at the end of the day, there has not been a significant transformation since flip phone to the candy bar.  As for me, it's all about what can it do and how can it do it.


With that said, first up to plate, is the Super Iconic Headset (yes, that's how it's labeled in our meeting notes), the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.  It's spec-heavy and hits you in the face immediately with:


  • Capture1.PNG6.8" WQHD+ Super AMOLED Display
  • Android Pie
  • 2.8GHz Octa-Core Processor Snapdragon M855
  • 4 cameras (12MP&12MP&16MP +ToF Rear Cameras / 10MP Front Camera
  • 12GB RAM
  • 256GB/512GB ROM
  • microSD support
  • 4300mAh non-removable Battery
  • USB-C

Now, what I love about this phone, this is the largest Note screen yet.  Yeah, it's big, but it is so gorgeous!  The S Pen is redesigned for better productivity and creativity, however, given the screen size, I rarely used it.  Actually, I forgot about it.  The best part is the battery.  The large 4300mAh battery allows all-day use with just a 30-minute charge!


Next up is little brother Samsung Galaxy Note10.  Calling the Note10 'little brother' is no slight to the Note10.  On its own, it can stand up to current iconic devices with its specs.  


  • Capture2.PNG6.3" FHD+ Super AMOLED Display
  • Android Pie
  • 2.8GHz Octa-Core Processor Snapdragon M855
  • 4 cameras (12MP&12MP&16MP +ToF Rear Cameras / 10MP Front Camera
  • 8GB RAM 
  • 256 GB ROM
  • 3500mAh non-removable battery
  • USB-C

Although the screen is smaller, I found myself favoring this the Note10 over big bro Note10+.  Mainly, this is the slimmest and most compact of any Note.  It feels good in the hand and easy to handle.  The S-Pen appears to be the exact same between the two devices so nothing is lost there. 


Two questions I get the most on every device launch is "Does it have a 3.5mm audio jack?" and "Does it have an SD card slot?".  Two of the most polarizing questions.  If you answer no to any of them, then the debate is on!  None of the devices have 3.5mm audio jacks.  I repeat...there is no 3.5mm audio jack.  Let that sink in, but before you do...the Note10+ HAS an SD card slot, the Note10 DOES NOT.


In closing, there are several key takeaways.  I know the 256GB Note 10+ and Note 10 will come in black, silver, and white, while the 512GB Note10+ will be in black only.  Black, Silver, and White are not the official color names, but the only one I know is Aura Glow which is silver.  I will update once the announcement is out.  Color aside, to sum up, the fast charging and long-lasting of the big battery is awesome. It literally lasted all day and then some.  I am not really a camera person, may depth of taking pictures is something I saw funny at Walmart.  However, the live video bokeh, super-stabilization, and audio recording make a novice like me a pro.  Forget all that and admire the screen.  The Notes' nearly bezel-less Infinity Display gives an immersive cinematic quality to whatever you are viewing.  My Six Flags videos looked awesome!  To me, the screen is its greatest access.  


You may not be a Samsung guy or girl, regardless, these devices warrant a look.  At any rate, preorder starts tomorrow, August 8.  Where's the pricing and FAQs you ask?  My homegirl @seawolf got you covered here.

I am very excited about the note 10 and the note 10+. I cannot access the FAQ/Pricing link though.
Community Manager

The FAQ link is now active.  Try it again...


Happy to see the Note 10+. But, when will the 5g version of Note 10+ be available? Kinda shady to release a new line of phones that aren't 5g.


Community Manager

Shady is kinda a strong word.  LOL!  This was the best move at the time and stay tuned for 5G news in the come weeks.


May be strong. But, on my end it fits. I'm still sour about the Galaxy Watch issue. And, after my chats & calls this weekend, it has carried over. Most who will get the Note 10 now will be stuck with a 4g phone when 5g is running. They'll be upset about it. I actually pre-ordered the Note 10+. Then found out it wasn't 5g. And, that the 5g version would be released around a month after the 4g pre-orders have shipped. I was able to cancel my pre-order. I would have been fuming if I would have got a 4g phone & the 5g came out a month later for the same phone.


That being said, I am very excited about the Note 10+ finally here!

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