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RIP...Google Voice Integration

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Due to upcoming upgrades to Sprint's network, Sprint will no longer be supporting the Google Voice with Sprint integration.  This change affects any Sprint customer who uses their Sprint number as their Google Voice number, or any Google Voice users who use their Google Voice number on their Sprint phone through Sprint's built-in Google Voice integration features.  This change does not affect customers who use Google Voice with a Sprint forwarding phone but have not enabled the "Google Voice with Sprint" integration; only the integration is being disabled.  Customers with the "Google Voice with Sprint" option enabled will see a Sprint icon at the top of their phone Google Voice settings page.


What changes on June 1, 2018, if you are using Google Voice with Sprint integration?

All outgoing calls (including international calls) and texts will be made through Sprint at Sprint's calling rates, if applicable. 

All new messages, calls, and voicemails sent from your Sprint phone will not be stored in Google Voice.  You will still be able to see historical messages, voicemail, and call history from before June 1, 2018, in Google Voice on your Sprint device.

You won't be able to use Google Coive enabled capabilities such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, spam detection, and other Google Voice features.  These capabilities can be enabled from your Sprint device. Click here for more information on these features and how to enable from your Sprint device.


What should you do by June 1, 2018?

Disable the Google Voice with Sprint integration by following these steps:

Navigate to the "Phones" tab in the legacy Google Voice settings

Identify the phone number using the Sprint integration on the list

Select "Disable Sprint Integration" link

If you have set any phone numbers to be blocked within the Google Voice app you will need to re-setup blocking of those phone numbers either from MySprint or from your device.

You can install the Google Voice app on your mobile devices to continue using the Google Voice service.


What else can you do?

If you use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number:

To continue to use Google Voice you will need to obtain a new Google Voice number from the Google Voice management page.


If you use your Google Voice number on your Sprint phone:

As of June 1, 2018, calls you make from your Sprint phone will no longer show your Google Voice number as your phone's caller ID.  To continue to use your Google Voice number for calls and messages, you'll need to use the Google Voice app (Android, iOS).  On Android phones, you can also set up your regular phone app to use your Google Voice number.




Oh, that's nice 😞  Glad I popped in here for a look around.

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Stay around @E-Van we can teach you a thing or two.  I hope. Smiley Tongue


Maybe you'll be up to the challenge 😉


It's OK - reading further, I'm using standalone Voice, not Sprint integration.  Had Voice since before that was even offered.



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You and I, as you know have discussed voicemail issues. You can have you current Google Voice take over voicemail duties for your phone with conditional call forwarding  I just posted about that yesterday. 

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Did I pass?


Thank you, although this probably should have been posted when Google alerted us on 4/17 that Sprint would no longer "carrier integrate" GV.


Question:  I want my 16 year old Sprint number to continue to be Google Voice number, and maintain my current funcationality; so, I understand that I need to get a new Sprint number.  Therefore I should:

a) Port my current Sprint/GV number over to GV: (1)

b) Get a new number from Sprint. (2)

c) Add the # from (b) as a phone for GV to forward calls to.

d) Set my Android phone's dialer to use my GV number for outgoing calls (



(1) I still incur a $20 fee from Google, correct?

(2) I am not under a contract, so I can change my plan to a Freedom Unlimited one that was previously unavailable as I was a GV user, correct?


Thank you,




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Well, I do not believe it's that simple.  Thinking out loud, if you port your number out from Sprint to GV, it will cancel that Sprint line because naturally there is no number there.  If you got a new Sprint number, you would be creating a new line.


Your best bet would be Conditional Call Forward.  Keep your current line, get a new GV number and place that number into Conditional Call Forwarding.  That number would take over Voicemail duties.  Instead of call ringing to your voicemail, it would ring the GV number and then to GV's voicemail should you not answer.


As far as the $ clue.  I am not familiar with GV fees.




Conditional Call Forward doesn't work; because it means that as I am getting a NEW GV number, I am losing all of my saved texts and voicemails (I DO actually search those).


What if when I switch plans (450 Everything Data -> Unlimited Freedom) I go to a two line plan, immediately port my old number to GV, and downgrade to a single line plan?


Remember what I am trying to do, and Sprint should help facilitate their long-time GV users/longer-term customers, is duplicate the experience.  This way I keep my old texts, and all of my phones immediately ring, when someone calls the number I've had for 16 years.



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You would not lose your historical texts and voicemail.  As stated in the blog:


You will still be able to see historical messages, voicemail, and call history from before June 1, 2018, in Google Voice on your Sprint device.


I will not in a public forum suggest you create a line and then subsequently cancel it. I can only say, if you port out your number to Google, it will cancel your Sprint line.


GV and our future network enhancements cannot co-exist. This is why the service is being decommissioned.





>in Google Voice on your Sprint device.


What does that mean?  Does it mean that there will be special app?  Will I be able to search my historical texts/VM's from my desktop?



>I will not in a public forum suggest you create a line and then subsequently cancel it. I can only say, if you port out your number to Google, it will cancel your Sprint line.


Understood, but I expect other people to be in the same situation as I; and I, or they, can comment upon the best path forward as we take it.



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No special app, just the Google Voice app.  From what I understand, you will be able to view historical data on


Good info, thank you.


OK; using old Moto X, new Sprint number secured, and 16+ year Sprint cell number is in the process of being ported over to Google.  I'll report back whether I was able to duplicate the carrier integration experience.


P.S. What happened to the posts from the nice woman that posted the Google Docs instructions?  I decided not to go that path, we'll see if mine is successful as well.

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