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Regarding Calling PLUS Service Decommission

Community Manager



What's up Community!  I have a major announcement regarding Calling PLUS.  If you are using Calling PLUS, a service that combines Sprint's LTE Calling (beta) with Wi-Fi Calling to enable simultaneous voice and data usage during a call, please pay close attention.  Due to recent network upgrades, we are formally notifying you that LTE Calling (beta) will be decommissioned via a system update that will be sent to your device beginning September 29th, 2018.  Please be advised every device will not receive the update at the same time.  There will be a series of deployments over the course of several months.  Please check the respective discussion board for your device to receive details and date of software updates.


Here are your options for the system update:

  • Accept the system update - it will permanently remove LTE Calling (beta) from your device.  Wi-Fi Calling service will continue to allow your device to make and receive calls over an available Wi-Fi connection.
  • Disregard the system update - LTE Calling (beta) service will remain active.  You will be unable to take advantage of the network optimization until you accept the system update.

Current Calling PLUS devices include:



  • G6
  • G7 ThinQ
  • Stylo 3 (LS-777)
  • Tribute Dynasty
  • V30+
  • X Charge



  • Moto Z2 Force
  • Moto Z3 Play



  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8 Active
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9+
  • J7 Perx
  • Note 8

If you have questions or concerns, please feel to reach out to our S.M.A.R.T. Agents or leave a comment below.


I just wanted to privide a late update & thank Will for fixing my VVM issues on my LG V40!


Still a very "buggy" ohone, which I've had to factory reset already, but as far as the issue which he was able to assist, he did so amazingly well. 


Thanks @Em_Will_I_Am

Community Manager

Thank you sir!  I'm glad I could help.




I'm so sorry for the late reply, but I it really meant a lot to me that you fixed it so quickly!

Community Manager

Don't mention it @SouthBay_Mike.  You were here before I was.  You are a legend. The pleasure is all mine.




does your problem have ANYTHING to do with the removal of Beta data calling from Calling Plus?


@Em_Will_I_Am  and @fireguy_6364


Hi all. I can sympathize with @michael1179


Although I've posted several times regarding this subject, I wanted to provide an update regarding my device.


I purchased an UNLOCKED Note 8 and it's been a roller-coaster ride of emotional usage for the entire year of 2018. Since we already know UNLOCKED devices on Sprint have been biased against any system upgrades for simultaneous talk/data vs. carrier stock issue, this particular phone has been to the Samsung Repair center 3 times in the last 6 months for dropped calls, intermittent calls and call clarity, especially over Bluetooth. We all love the technological capabilities of smartphones, but when one cannot use a phone as a primary communication device, it becomes extremely frustrating. 


Needless to say and after ripping Samsung Tech support 2 weeks ago on a "this is it" call, I finally received my Note 8 back from service. This is the 2nd time the PBA (motherboard) was replaced, along with the camera and some other components. So far and after the past 2 days, calls are stable and quality has improved tremendously. 


Still disappointed after being a loyal Sprint customer for 20 years, I cannot utilize the full capabilities of Sprint updates and upgrades because of an UNLOCKED device. 


I'll stop the rant here, but if either of you have an update for UNLOCKED devices receiving the capability of simultaneous call/data, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Happy Holidays.




i seriously mixed you up with another poster with a like name lol



not a whole lot they can do with a device that does not get loaded with any of their carrier branded stuff..that part is out of their hands.



as for the other poster..his issue has NOTHING to do with Calling Plus or the removal of the Beta Calling side of it..has zip to do with this thread or anything about it.


Really @fireguy_6364?


Your'e absolutely correct regarding the prior posting and @Em_Will_I_Am responding to those.


As mentioned before, those of us who never had the luxury of Calling Plus because of owning UNLOCKED devices have been biased by 2 very large companies. Yes, there are "hacks" out there and guidance to enable settings in UNLOCKED devices, but the whole point from the beginning, which you obviously missed, was not having the capability through system updates to utilize Calling Plus and the upgraded replacement.


@Em_Will_I_Am asked me to hang in there some time ago. It was a simple response, reply and observation, along with a question if there's been any update for UNLOCKED devices to receive the update. 


Please do not remind me of what was past. I'm fully aware and THIS IS THE THREAD to ask.




my bad..edited..i mixed you up with another poster that has been a bit of a pain...extremely like screen names..


hopefully at some point they will be able to add onto unlocked devices things like WFC but at the current moment still they are stuck. heck it still hasnt been that long since they kicked out the ability to download their VM app to unlocked devices..well newer unlocked devices at least.


FYI for anyone concerned in the Orlando market. VoLTE is currently up and running and it's fine.


Got 4 lines, one s8+, two s8 and one motorola. I updated my phone on october (one of the s8) with this update precisely, and puf! No longer had LTE connection. I had to stay on wi-fi most of the time. Phone goes from 3G with 2 lines max, to no service to emergency calls only. Restored phone to fabric and nothing. Sprint cust service after 3 atempts within days was to call samsung and ask for a solution with them, because is not with the sprint signal at home. What else should I do?

Community Manager

PM me your numbers.  I can fix it.


I'm not sure how long this delay is but I have the Galaxy s9+ leased through Sprint. No update yet, though I am in a smaller market in northern MN. I still have the LTE calling (beta) and Wi-fi calling options. The beta is working for me still and being in a small market by the time I actually see real VOLTE service deployed I will probably already have the S10 model 


more than likely it will come in with a security patch included..odds are they were waiting until after they kicked out that new UI update for the Sammys which was a HUGE update on its own.


Well the new Sammy update is out so it would be really nice now that it destroyed volte beta if the real one comes out soon.  Losing navigation in the car because someone calls is super annoying .


I've been with Sprint 20 years and I think my time with them is coming to an end. Always waiting for what other carriers already have. Taking away features that work. Subpar network coverage and not enough investment in making our experience better or at least comparable to its competitors. Terrible customer service and technical support. I've never been late paying my bill, but it seems like my needs are never priority. Sprint, I think we will be parting ways soon. I'm tired of waiting for you.


out of curiosity..what are you waiting on that other carriers already have? and what is Sprint taking away?


Other carriers already have the ability for their users to use data while being on a call. Sprint had a feature called Calling plus which gave that ability to us, then took it away, allegedly in preparation for VoLTE which is allegedly supposed to be coming. At a minimum, they should have given of us Calling plus and left that in place until VoLTE was ready to go. 


you mean the VoLTE that Sprint has already been launching and people are already using? that VoLTE that they wouldnt be able to use right now if they still had Calling Plus on their phones because the two conflict with each other?


Does the Sprint Note 9 have VoLTE ? Do any of the other carriers have VoLTE or similar on their note 9s


According to "technical support" only certain devices can use VoLTE so for those would can't, leave them with Calling plus. Simple as that! I bought a $1000 phone two years ago and lost functionality because Sprint was allegedly testing and rolling out a feature that never came. I had to hack my phone like thousands of others had to in order to use a feature that should have been available for all whose devices could use it. Then with the latest update to Android Pie, we lost that functionality all over again. Again, calling plus for those who need it and VoLTE for those who need it. Simple as that.

Community Manager

I wish it were "Simple as that".  CP and VoLTE operate on 2 different platforms and cannot co-exist.  If they did live together, then regular voice would not work and that's a situation no one wants.


Ok, fine. If you say they can't co-exist, then there should have been a better plan to transition between CP and VoLTE that doesn't kill my ability to multi-task on my device while being on a call. Wi-Fi calling, though helpful, is not reliable enough to pick up the slack due to the fact that other than sitting in your house, public Wi-Fi is absolutely not reliable or safe plus the transition between Wi-Fi and LTE while on a call typically means that call is over. This thread began almost a year ago and yet VoLTE still isn't available for everyone. That's a problem! Allowing an unlocked device on your network, but not allowing access to the same features as a branded device even though you're paying just like everyone else, is a problem! Sprint needs to step up their game in all aspects because folks like myself who've been loyal for decades are tired.  


100% agree with you @AMAPSR I’ve been with Sprint since 2016 in a major city & actually never been able to use talk & data at the same time, whether it be CP or VoLTE. Hearing about others currently being able to use VoLTE isn’t even a band-aid for the issue.


That was the original reason how & why I ended up on this thread. As I was typing, I decided that I’d like to share another off-topic issue that I’m still experiencing.


Billing. In addition to VoLTE, or lack thereof, I’ve had extra monthly charges. I’ve only lived in one city in the years I’ve had Sprint. Yet, since day one, I’ve been paying 2 additional charges for another location 250 miles away in a different state. To be clear, I’m saying that they are charging me a city tax & state tax for where I have lived the entire time I’ve had Sprint (which is correct) AND a different city tax and state tax (incorrect & 250 miles away). I moved to the city where I’m still living, 2 months prior to joining Sprint in 2016. For the record, my billing address, mailing address, Sprint profile & driver’s license all reflect my current residence. Also, the $2.99 Lookout Premium Security. I’ve asked for this feature to be removed several times, as I’ve never requested this feature, nor wanted it after researching what in the world it was. For both issues, I have exhaustively spoken to several employees in a few different stores, as well as countless phone calls. I’ve been assured over & over that my “next bill will reflect the changes”.


I do take partial responsibility for not staying persistent every month. In reality, I’ve made contact maybe once or twice every 3-4 months, spending a few hours each time trying to resolve this. I’d like to believe that these billing issues are not intentional, but rather due to lack of employee experience.