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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: What's the difference between the other Samsungs?

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What's up Community!  I get it all the time... "All the phones look the same!" and I do not disagree.  Ever since the HTC EVO made the candy bar style popular over a decade ago, that's pretty much what manufacturers have been churning out.  Sure the screen has gotten bigger and the "candy bar" slimmer, but it's the same ol' rectangle.  Everyone knows it's what's under the hood that matters now or until Samsung drops the foldable phone.


In talking with folks within our Community, I get asked all the time, what's the difference between the Note 9 and the (insert Samsung device)?  So, let's answer that and save me the trouble of copy/pasting the same PM over and over.


Here is a handy dandy short comparison video regarding the Note 9 vs the Note 8 courtesy of our friends at Samsung...



Pretty cool, but what about all the other Samsung devices.  Along with the video, they sent this cool chart:





There you have it folks.  I report, you decide.  Feel free to post your comments below.

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