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Samsung S10 5G - All Hype or All Beast?

Community Manager



What's up Community?!  It's the debut of Samsung's first 5G device!!  Today is launch day for the Samsung S10 5G! I get a lot of questions asking, what's the difference?  Isn't it just the S10 with 5G?  I wish it were that simple.  Let's take a further look.


Welcome to 5G, the next generation of wireless technology is here.  With the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Samsung first 5G ready device.  You will be able to stream and download movies and share life's moments super fast without the need for Wi-Fi.  Check it out:






The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G puts the unrivaled power, speed, and connectivity of Sprint's 5G networks to work for you.  So you'll be able to stream your favorite movies, shows, and games with faster speeds than 4G.



The Cinematic Infinity Display has so much screen and so little bezel.  That means more detail and clarity, more immersive and uninterrupted content, in a slim balance form. Did I mention the screen is the biggest?  Well, it is!!  The large 6.7 inch Dynamic AMOLED screen is engineered to provide an immersive, cinematic experience with realistic, yet vibrant colors and reduce blue light to make it easy on the eyes.


And just like the 4G model, just tap your screen to unlock. The Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID is embedded in the display and keeps you secure using sound waves to detect the ridges of your fingertip in 3D.



What about the camera though?!?!  Well, the pro-grade camera helps you upload epic posts in a flash!  The S10 5G features six cameras enhanced with intelligence so you can take effortless shots.  The 16MP Ultra wide lens lets you capture your view as you see it with its 123-degree field of vision.Capture2.PNG


Front Dual 3D Depth Sensing Camera puts pro portraits in your pocket and delivers nuanced depth and beautiful portraits through two front-facing lenses embedded in the Infinity Display.



And let's not sleep on filming movies!  Film in Ultra Wide, taking your video-making skills to the next level with the pro-grade, soft, out-of-focus effect known as bokeh.



Capture4.PNGAnd finally, the battery.  It's the biggest.  I mean literally, it's the biggest battery in any phone.  A whopping 4500mAh.  I know that's nerd talk, but just know that is huge.  The All-Day Intelligent Battery is a powerful battery that intelligently accesses power by learning how and when you use your phone to optimize usage based on your you live, to deliver intuitive and energetic peak performance throughout the day.  Of course, Wireless PowerShare is onboard.


As you can see, it's not all hype, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is all beast!  


Kristina was very helpful and professional, friendly and funny.

She's a big asset to your company...and I mean that seriously!

Thanks for that feedback! We'll be sure to pass it along!


In overall when will 5G be available in San Diego?

Community Manager

Come on!  You are going to make me sound like a commercial.  Legal Department trolls this site!  Anyway, here it goes...AHEM!  Sprint customers in Atlanta,  Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Washington DC currently can experience our blazing-fast 5G network.  Don't see your city yet? Check back soon here!