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Say goodbye to “Not Enough Storage”

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

Have you ever tried to capture a special moment and realized your phone didn’t have enough space? Welcome to the club. 


As the designated family photographer, it is almost expected of me to have storage on my phone to capture all the family gatherings: birthdays, cookouts, family trips, pool days… You name it. 


After buying several phones with different storage capabilities, I realized two things: it was getting too expensive, and there still was not enough space. I first bought a phone with 16GB and dumped it after three months; I then switched to a device with 32GB, and it didn’t last long. Even with 64GB, I still got notifications saying, “Storage Almost Full,” “Not Enough Storage,” and my all-time favorite, “Your phone can’t be backed up.”  


I deleted texts, voicemails, random weather and gaming apps I never used, and I still got the same message. My videos paused while recording; my apps wouldn’t download, and my phone became slow. It was infuriating.  


I decided to transfer pictures to my computer, but I then asked myself: why? Why do I need to keep my photos scattered on different devices because none of them seem to have enough space? Why isn’t there a place where I can easily and automatically keep my family memories safe? 


That’s when I found out Sprint Complete offers customers with tier 2-5 devices UNLIMITED storage space for all photos and videos, all in one app!  


Sprint Complete Storage is the only high-resolution app that stores an UNLIMITED number of photos and videos. Backup is seamless and automatic; so as long as the app is running; there is no need to plug into a computer (thank you, Sprint Complete!). The app optimizes your gallery and helps you free up space by showing you duplicate photos, old screenshots, and blurry shots. It also organizes your photos, making your search experience easier and more enjoyable.  





As a Sprint Complete customer, I couldn’t ask for more. Now I can take as many pictures as I want without having to struggle with my storage. And no worries, if you’re a Sprint customer but don’t have Sprint Complete, you also get your share! Download the app and get 5GB of storage at NO COST. 


Why wait? Give Sprint Complete Storage a try and download the app today. 


*Video limitations apply