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Simple ways to protect your smart home

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We’ve come a long way from “clap on, clap off.” Today, smart home technology allows us to control our lights with a simple command, adjust the temperature through an app on our phones, and answer the doorbell when we're not even home.


These features are convenient, but are they safe? Most smart devices need to be connected to Wi-Fi, which makes them potentially vulnerable to cyberattacks. But unlike your laptop or phone, if hackers can access the technology in your home, they can do more than steal your personal information—they can also peer into your private life.


In recent months, hackers have compromised connected indoor cameras, taking advantage of weak passwords to access the devices and control them remotely. Online intruders can use similar methods on baby monitors, smart locks, and even smart TVs. Last November, researchers even found a security flaw that allowed them to control smart speakers from hundreds of feet away with lasers.


Smart-home-monitoring.pngDespite these security concerns, there are three simple ways to protect your smart home:

1. Create strong passwords and change them regularly.

2. Make sure you’re using two-factor authentication when it’s available to add an extra layer of protection to your accounts.

3. Regularly update the software on your smart home tech to fix any security flaws.



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