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Sprint Unlimited Plans: We've got your options right here!

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We all love Unlimited but here at Sprint, we've realized that Unlimited isn't one size fits all. Some folks want all the extras and some prefer a lean and mean approach with less options but greater savings.


You deserve a plan that fits YOUR needs so we are sun-setting Unlimited Freedom to bring you a two-tiered approach with our new Sprint Unlimited plans.


If you're the BURGER WITH EVERYTHING ON IT, streaming music, watching movies on your phone type, then our new Sprint Unlimited Plus is for you.  Here's what you get for $70 a month after AutoPay discount

  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data
  • Streaming at 1080p for video (8mbps for cloud gaming, 1.5Mpbs for music)
  • Hulu included (one Hulu account per Sprint account)
  • TIDAL Premium included (one TIDAL Premium account per line)
  • 15 MB Hotspot per line (5 GB more than Unlimited Freedom!!)
  • Unlimited Voice, Text and up to 10GB LTE data while in Canada or Mexico

Let's say you're a little more conservative, a little more lean.  Burgers are nice but you're content with a big beautiful green salad and perfectly grilled chicken breast. You like your phone but you like to step away once in a while. Sprint Unlimited Basic gives you what you need without paying for extras you don't. For just $60 a month after AutoPay, we're setting you up with all of this:

  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data
  • Video streams up to 480p, Music up to 500kbps on LTE data and Streaming cloud gaming at up to 2 Mbps
  • 500MB Hot spot (drops to 3G after 500MB, no overages!)
  • Hulu (one Hulu account per Sprint account)
  • International SMS from the U.S. included.
    • Roaming in 185 countries with Sprint Global Roaming
    • Unlimited long distance calling to and 5GB LTE data roaming in Canada and Mexico
  • Step up to Unlimited Plus any time you want!

Unlimited Plus - Bring Your Phone

For a limited time, add a new line of service with a BYOD phone or one purchased at Full MSRP and save $20 on that line:

  • $20 off is only good for the Unlimited Plus plan
  • You'll keep saving $20 on that line as long as the phone on that line is BYOD or purchased as full MSRP.  Lines upgraded to a Flex, installment or subsidy will lose the discount

A few more highlights:

  • Have a tablet?  Add it without an additional tablet plan that costs more. For multi-line accounts this will definitely save you money
  • One family member wants Sprint Unlimited Plus, the other wants Sprint Unlimited Basic?  No problem? Select the plan that's right for your line; you can have both on the same account

Let's see how Sprint  Unlimited Plus and Sprint Unlimited Basic break out per line (price below shown with $5/mo./line AutoPay discount)











I know you're going to have more questions. Take a second to check out the FAQs on If you don't find what you're looking for, come on back and post your question in the Comments. We'll update as soon as we have an answer but we have a few to get you started.


Q: What about Current Customers?  Are we eligible for these new plans?

A:  We love our current customers and your loyalty matters.  Any customer can switch to Unlimited Basic or Unlimited Plus at any time. The Unlimited Plus Bring your Phone with $20 off is valid with a new line of service. 


Q: Do I still get my employee discount?

A: Yes! Qualified SprintWorks discounts still get $5 off the first line.


Q:  Are these new plans subject to the $25 fee for subsidized lines?

A:  Yes, Sprint has moved to a pricing structure that separates your device from your plan.  If you've purchased a device at a discount, whether through Sprint or one of our partners (like Apple or Best Buy), the $25 subsidized device fee will apply through the end of the contract on that line.


Q: What if I decide I don't need all these extras? Am I stuck in a contract?

A: Nope! Step down to Unlimited Basic any time you want, or, if you're on Unlimited Basic and decide you need some TIDAL in your life, bump up to Unlimited Plus at any time (we suggest you do that at the start of a bill cycle to avoid pro-rated charges on the bill).


Q: Is this plan throttled?

A: None of our plans are throttled but like our other plans this one is subject to network de-prioritization.  In this case, customers who use greater than 50GB per line in a single bill cycle may be subject to de-prioritization during network congestion.  This lasts through the end of the bill cycle, and then resets.  Only the line that's used greater than 50GB is affected during the current cycle.


Q: Unlimited Freedom is working great for me.  Do I have to switch?

A: No, if you're on Unlimited Freedom, you're welcome to keep the your plan if it's working for you.


Which Unlimited is right for you?  Tell us in the Comments!


Personally, I think Unlimited Freedom works better for anyone while tiered unlimited is the enemy to actual by definition unlimited. It was stated that the plans are not throttled. I also do believe otherwise with the video, music, and gaming restrictions so not much bandwidth is needed so it becomes throttled in that sense. However, I haven't necessarily seen it actually enforced.


In reality, I don't the word Unlimited should be allowed to be used in these plans one bit based off of one thing, the actual definition of "unlimited", rename to the plan to "Unlimited" Plus with the quotes around Unlimited.


unlimited - adj. - not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.


The exact opposite is what I see in these plans. Yes, all carriers, referring to the people in marketing who come up with the plans, need to learn it and sell based off of that. That's how I see it. Just because everyone else does it, doesn't always mean that Sprint needs to follow suit. Sprint just needs to follow the all-in unlimited dream.

As a question, if I did choose to go with Unlimited Plus, and my Flex Lease ends and I buy my phones out at that point, since I now have bought my devices after that, would the $20 off apply since I would own the phones at that point?
Community Manager
Unfortunately no, as mentioned in the article, the $20 off discount is a limited time promotion on new lines only.

Hola yo tengo el plan unlimited freedom mis teléfonos están pagados me dijeron que si me cambio de plan puedo obtener está promoción de unlimited plus y 20 de descuento es verdad?

Community Manager

Desafortunadamente no, como se menciona en el artículo, el descuento de $ 20 es una promoción de tiempo limitado en nuevas líneas solamente.


I'm a current Sprint subscriber and am interested in changing to the Unlimited Plus plan. Wen I try to change plans online, I am only offered the Sprint basic plan, which I do not want. How can I change to the Unlimited plus plan? I currently have 2 lines and do not want to add a new line.

Community Manager

Hey @itsatravisd we can get an agent to take a look at your account and help you get switched over.  Just start up a thread in the Plans space and someone will be with you shortly.

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