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Sprint and T-Mobile Has Merged! What Happens to the Community?!?!

Community Manager



T-Mobile and Sprint are coming together to build the best wireless company around. We’ve been on this journey because we believe it will be better for wireless customers. Through the years, we’ve taken major strides to answer the needs of our customers and we won’t stop.


What does that mean for current Sprint and T-Mobile customers?

There’s nothing Sprint or T-Mobile customers need to do today. Customers can manage their accounts just like before. And, as the new T-Mobile, we are committed to dramatically improving your network over the next three years and keeping your rate plan the same or better.


What does that mean for the T-Mobile and Sprint communities today?

For a short period of time, the T-Mobile Community and Sprint Community will continue to operate independently, and it will be business as usual for both. If anything, you might notice a few cosmetic changes, but all functionality and your trusted moderators and pillars aren't going anywhere.


Where can I find information about the merger?

We've pulled together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that should answer your questions about how the merger will affect you or your service. Check them out here.


Will the communities merge at some point?

Yes! We are hard at work combining all the goodness each community offers and plan to launch the New T-Mobile Community soon. That means one glorious community helping you find the answers you need!


The New T-Mobile Community: Not just a bigger community, a better community. 


@Em_Will_I_Am, why not let the Sprints Community Members post in the meantime and letting Sprint Members/Customers help each other out?


I tried to setup an account at the T-Mobile's Community.  T-Mobile does not know my MiFi phone number yet, so I can not join the T-Mobile's Community.

Community Manager

I'm not sure I follow.  You can post in the Sprint Community.  What's going on with your MiFi?


@Em_Will_I_Am- I now see Sprint's Community is now active for posting, even though the Community Home page still says "Our Community is currently set to Read Only due the pandemic's affect on our staffing ."  Sorry about that.  Maybe that is why I was allowed to post here. 🙂


Nothing wrong with my MiFi 8000 except that a good software rebuild is warranted.  Software has a lot of bugs in it.  Where do I direct my concerns about the software.  Inseego did push a software upgrade after I contacted them (their e-mail support) about their software web viewer timing out.


Hope all is going well with you and your fellow Sprint/T-Mobile gang.

Community Manager

LOL!  That's on me.  I will change that ASAP!  Any comments or concerns about software, you can shoot them to me.  I meet with various OEMs bi-weekly.  Keep in mind, some are more willing to react than others.  For some, it's a numbers much will this cost to fix and how many people are affected?  Nonetheless, I raise all concerns I come across.  Goes back to my engineering days.


So far so good.  TMo has embraced us and we already have some good things going with TNA and the New York 5G launch.  Also, more stuff coming down the line I cannot talk about.  With that said, I am genuinely excited.


I'm sure there will be a huge challenge to do it, but once the merging software is ready, all those super-computers will probably do it within minutes!


Yes Sprint customers did have to do something!!!!!  Because of misinformation from a Sprint chat rep my discount was eliminated.  I was told I did not need to recertify.  


Sprint customer service is very poor.  I have spent countless hours trying to get this resolved.


A Sprint customer for over 20 years and that did not mean anything!  How sad.



Community Manager

I'm not exactly sure what you meant by "Sprint customer did have to do something".  If you have a problem with billing, post your issue here.