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Sprint and T-Mobile merger FAQs

Community Manager

What's up Community!!  As we navigate through this merger many of you have been hitting me up on Twitter questions asking how will you be affected.  First, thank you for your patience because quite frankly I do not know the answers to some of your questions.  Rest assured what I don't know, I send up the chain to get an answer.  With that said, here is what I do know.  Below is an FAQ that will be updated as more information comes in.  


What can I look forward to as a new T-Mobile customer?

The new T-Mobile is here and it’s going to be amazing.

  • T-Mobile customers should expect everything the Un-carrier has ALWAYS stood for: treating customers right, not changing plans, and aggressive pricing.
  • With 14 times more total capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile would have had alone, customers won’t have to choose between great service or low prices—they’ll get both. The new T-Mobile is committed to offering free 5G access and the best rate plans at low prices, now and in the future, so all customers can reap the benefits of a supercharged Un-Carrier network at a great value. And the new T-Mobile has committed to delivering the same or better rate plans for at least three years—that includes access to 5G, even for prepaid and Lifeline customers.
  • T-Mobile already has the largest 5G network. Combined with Sprint we will reach even more people including 90% of rural Americans within six years.
  • T-Mobile’s award-winning Team of Experts (TEX) model will continue to expand into every current and planned customer experience center.

Do Sprint customers need to do anything?

There’s not a thing Sprint or T-Mobile customers need to do!

  • For now, all customers will stay with the same Sprint and T-Mobile network, stores, and services they’ve been using.
  • Behind the scenes, the team’s working hard to bring it all together to create an amazing experience for customers of the new T-Mobile.

Will my plan and benefits change? Will I need to change to a T-Mobile plan, even if it’s more expensive?

Nope, we’re not making any changes to your rate plan today.

  • Over time, you will see additional benefits as we supercharge our network and honor our commitment to offering the same or better rate plans to our customers.
  • You’ll still get the benefits and award-winning customer service our customers have come to love.

Will T-Mobile raise its prices?

The new T-Mobile has committed to delivering the same or better rate plans for at least three years—that includes access to 5G. Your whole family can talk, text, and surf on their smartphones without worrying about what they’ll pay.


Will customers need to switch devices today?

No. Today every device works the same as it has on the network it’s currently using. For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile.


Will I get access to the other carrier’s network now that you’re combined?

For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Both Sprint and T-Mobile customers will continue to get great coverage, and over time the two networks will combine to create one supercharged network. Meanwhile, we’re working on ways to make it easy to migrate Sprint customers who wish to do so. Stay tuned!


What will happen with Sprint and T-Mobile networks? How will the coverage change?

Strong, dependable network connectivity has never been more critical to customers or the country. As the two networks are combined, the new T-Mobile will deliver:

  • Massive Capacity!  14times more capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile alone—which means it will be even better for streaming, gaming, downloading and more.
  • Crazy-fast speed! Customers will have access to average 5G speeds up to eight times faster than current LTE in just a few years and 15 times faster over the next six years.
  • Reaching nearly everyone! Within six years, the new T-Mobile will provide 5G to 99% of the U.S. population, including rural America.
  • Our goal is to create the best network for ALL.

What will happen with Sprint and T-Mobile retail stores?

For now, our store experience will remain as-is, and we’ll continue to serve customers as usual.

We are preparing our stores and store employees to serve legacy Sprint and T-Mobile customers as well as the new T-Mobile customers. When we light up magenta across the new T-Mobile fleet, customers can walk into any store and the employees will be able to say, “Yes, we can help you!”


How do I find the nearest store where I can get help in the meantime?

Check out the T-Mobile and Sprint Store Locators!


If I need to call customer service, which number should I be calling?

Continue to call into the same customer service number you currently call. An experienced customer service representative will be ready to assist you.


What happens to my Sprint bill? Will I now have one bill for both carriers?

You will continue to receive one bill but over time may see updated branding.


Can I get my Sprint phone to work for Metro by T-Mobile?

Today every device works the same as it has on the network it’s currently using. For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Many newer Sprint devices will be compatible with elements of the T-Mobile network.


Am I able to keep Hulu, Tidal, and other Sprint benefits I currently take advantage of?

Yes! Sprint rate plans will remain as they are for now. We’re working on exciting new benefits in the future. Stay tuned!


Well I’m not happy with sprint 5g I was hitting 150-300 MBS now around 30 this is ridiculous. 

Community Manager

Well, about that.  Technically, Sprint 5G no longer exists, especially where we have enabled 2.5Ghz with T-Mobile.  PM me your location and phone number and I will have a look at the area.


As one of the early 5G adopters with an LG V50 (I have 2 on my account) I have not been able to get a straight answer on what T-MO/Sprint is going to do for us since it's already been stated that they aren't compatible with T-Mo's 5G implementation.

I really feel like we're being left out and will basically not be able to use the phones as intended through no fault of our own.

I did see some rumors that at some point we will be offered a lease on a Samsung S20, base model.

Personally, I don't think that's acceptable. If I had wanted a Samsung device, I would have leased one. You give up the simple things with Samsung such as a headphone jack and the quad core DAC. Yes, contrary to popular belief, they do matter.

Community Manager

Once your market has been refarmed with TMo 5G and Sprint 2.5MHz, you will receive a text for an offer for the Samsung S20.  It is based on your current lease so it can range from $0 to $10 a month for a new S20.  Unfortunately, the S20 is the only device offered because to date that is the only device that is able to operate on both networks.  


I see 3 flaws in that response.

1. I don't 'live' in a 5G market, but frequently travel into 5G areas. Looks like I'll never get the upgrade offer.

2. Doesn't the LG V60 support the new 5G rollout? Oh wait, they didn't release the V60 on Sprint. Still you'd think that wouldn't actually matter anymore. 

3. Aren't all 3 of Samsung's S20 lineup compatible with the new 5G rollout?


Community Manager

1. Incorrect, when your home market is refarmed, you will get the text.

2. I think you answered your own question and I answered it in my previous post where I mentioned to date, the S20 is the only device that is able to operate on both networks.  

3. Yes


My 'Home Market' is, without getting too specific in a public forum, rural America and most likely won't see any kind of 5G until long after the V50 has lived out it's now even shorter life. So just when will I get the text?

My point being is that I NEVER had 5G at home but did have it when I traveled to NY (not anymore) and won't in DC once that market has been updated.

It would appear that my situation wasn't accounted for.

As you confirmed, all 3 variants of the S20 support the new 5G network. And the S20+ and Ultra support additional 5G bands so why can't Sprint offer those as an upgrade path? And, I'll double back on the V60 which is on T-Mo and also supports the new 5G?



Community Manager

I don't know your home market and if I did I would not be able to give you a timetable because roadmap to the lit up 5G markets is NDA.  Just because you are in a rural market, does not automatically discount you from receiving 5G from the new combined company.  The beauty of the combined spectrum allows up to have a deeper imprint in rural areas.  Officially, we are scheduled to have nearly 100% of the country covered in 5G within 3 years.  So, the worst-case scenario would be 3 years for you.  With that said, in my short time with interacting with T-Mobile folk it appears they under-promise and over-deliver.


Yes, technically Sprint 5G no longer exists and if you traveled to a new refarmed market, 5G will not work.  I thought I mentioned that.


As far as why deals were not made on the other S20s, I have no clue.  I'm sure there are analytics, bean-counting involved with marketing.


Regarding the V60, once again the S20 is the only device that is able to operate on both networks.  In short, the V60 works on T-Mo's 600MHz, not our 2.5GHz.


My bill went up $20 after the merger. Time to find another carrier.


Community Manager

Prices have not gone up as a result of the merger.  If you need someone to go over your bill with you, please post here.


I did not see anything referencing software updates. If i have a Sprint phone, will i still get the new Android 10 update?

Community Manager

Software updates are business as usual.  The merger will not slow down or speed up software updates.


We had decent service prior to Sprint merging with T-Mobile. Since then our service goes between no service to one bar from the interstate to the 9 miles to our home. I now sit in my home with no service and many places in my neighborhood have no service. If I call my daughter to check on her in the neighborhood I get a message about the Verizon customer being unavailable. Most of my neighbors that were Sprint customers have found another provider since the merger.  I have been with Sprint around 16 years - do I need to find another provider or is there a fix for this? My chats with customer service have been less than satisfactory, and one representative was rather condescending. 


I feel your pain! I’m just waiting to get my refund back they claim it was approved on 7/23/20 yet here we are 8/2/20 and NOTHING !!

As for the service BOY OH BOY , I could be sitting right next to it and it beeps with a voicemail , NO RINGING EVER !!!, I went from iPhone XS to iPhone 11 in under a year, because of this, I thought the phone was defected when it’s really sprint ***** with your connection.

I’m convinced it’s all a scam just to take ur money ...

Verizon is wiring up in my neighborhood, might not be better and it might be more expensive but I refuse to be stressed out with ONE company when there are so MANY out there (cheaper too)

Community Manager

PM me your phone number and problem address and I will have a look.


Trying to make sure I understand something before making a decision. Yesterday I contacted Sprint support about plans due to the merger. One of which was the whole $25/line deal. If I wanted to do that would that require me to make a T-Mobile account or would Sprint handle it?

Community Manager

OK, the $25/Line with T-Mobile requires you to have 4 lines and it's on the T-Mo side.  If you are currently on the Sprint side we have the following:


Unlimited Basic:

Line 1: $60

Line 2: $40

Lines 3-10: $20/line


Unlimited Plus

Line 1: $70

Line 2: $50

Lines 3-10: $30/line


Unlimited Premium

Line 1: $80

Line 2: $60

Lines 3-10: $40/line


Unlimited 55+

Line 1: $50

Line 2: $20

Max 2 lines



Line 1: $60

Line 2: $30

Lines 3-6: $15/line

Max 6 lines


2GB Plan



This is pricing with AutoPay


So ever since this whole T-Mobile and Sprint merge, my data has completely gone down hill. Like regardless of where I am I have no type of 5G data and frankly I don't want to keep paying almost $140 a month for a phone plan and a 5G phone when I can't even use 5G anymore.  I actually live in a 5G area and I'll be outside and it takes years for a webpage to load up or for me to get a message from someone. So this whole thing about the S20 being able to work on the TM 5G is a complete lie.


(I live in NYC and have the Samsung S20+ ultra)


This merger has been really frustrating. I moved to Sprint only to find out that my Blackberry Keyone which was working perfectly on the T-mobile network does not work on the Sprint Network. Even though it was the first question I asked, and was told it would work. Now I am just going to cancel all my plans and just go some where else.  


What was NOT communicated was the change in ability to upgrade. I have been a Sprint customer for well over 15 years and I am ready to upgrade. Upgraded one line, next line I now need to pay close to 500. Customer service is ZERO help, only saying that "its new with the merger". Cannot tell me my device limitations or credit bureau a credit score was obtained from (if at all). Not to mention coverage sucks now, calls drop and I lose service bars. This was NOT in the best interest of customers. 


@Leeeware . Agree. I get call drops a lot now with the Sprint network. We keep being told that eventually both networks will be combined but I just can't wait around for that. This whole thing has been disappointing. I been with them for 5 years. I miss Verizon now...

Community Manager

@emonekocindy   With you having a Samsung S20+ Ultra, you are automatically steered to T-Mobile 5G.  If you are having problems, we would need to know your problem address and research.  I have to admit problems in NYC is rare for me because that's one of the places that have the full Sprint/TMo 2.5GHz integration.  PM me your phone number and problem address and I will have a look.


@mdmohsin I'm not sure what the issue is other being an old discontinued device, but the Keyone does work on Sprint.  Now, if it is a BYOD device branded by another carrier, it will not be able to added to our network.


@Leeeware Credit checks are only run on brand new accounts.  Without your account info, I'm unable to tell your upgrade status.  PM me your phone number and PIN and I will look it up.




@Em_Will_I_Am this is the Keyone IMEI I am trying to use: [edited for privacy]


Since this merger my phone loses signal and I'm stuck on 3G instead of having LTE. My daughter and fiancé aren't having the same problem. I had T-mobile years ago and got rid of it because of dropped calls and service issues in my house. This merger is the worse thing Sprint could have done. I loved having Sprint but now I'm ready to leave and I've been a customer for a few years. T-mobile sucked years ago and it still does and now Sprint is the same. 

Community Manager

@mdmohsin Be careful and do not post personal information in a public forum such as this.  That is why I asked you to send me a private message.  At any rate, this device is not Sprint-branded because it is model number BBB100-1 and we only accept model number BBB100-3.