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Stay Tech Savvy with the Sprint Complete App

Sprint Employee


As a millennial, social media plays a large roll in my life. If I go to a coffee shop, I post on my Instagram story. Riding in an Uber, I check my twitter. Going to a concert, I’m taking pictures for Facebook. Social media is a part of my daily life. However, I am always in need of some good posting and photo tips, which is why I use my Sprint Complete app daily.


Sprint Complete has all kinds of tech related articles to keep me up to date on the latest tips and tricks. Plus I can always chat with a Tech Expert instantly, if I have questions about virtually anything technology. The Tech Experts are real U.S. based experts that are familiar and in many cases using the same devices as you and me, meaning they really understand how we feel when we have questions about our devices, and they’re always ready to share best practices and tips.


The Sprint Complete app is the one-stop-app for all of your tech related questions and articles. It even allows you to schedule personalized appointments with a Tech Expert to set up new mobile devices and the technology they connect to in your home. If you haven’t already downloaded the Sprint Complete app, go to your app store and download it now!









CLICK HERE to download the Sprint Complete App!