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Stop Unwanted Calls!

Community Manager


Sprint Rolls Out Free Service to Help Customers Stop Unwanted Calls and to Detect and Prevent Malicious Robocalls, Telemarketers and Spam


Sprint now offers two solutions for customers who are tired of bothersome robocalls, unwanted telemarketers, and annoying scams. Sprint Call Screener Basic is a new, free service that identifies unwanted malicious calls and permits users to block them. Sprint also offers a more feature-rich Sprint Call Screener Plus service for just $2.99 per month, per line.


Sprint Call Screener Basic includes the ability to identify and report the highest risk, unwanted callers such as fraudsters. Users can also choose to block these pesky calls.


Sprint Call Screener Plus provides these additional benefits:

  • Displays caller’s name, city, and state, even those not listed in contacts.
  • Shows texter’s name, even when they are not in contacts.
  • Identifies, blocks, and reports additional calls that are lower-risk, but still a nuisance.
  • Categorizes incoming calls as spam, robocalls or fraud calls.
  • Reports an individual phone number as spam.
  • Keeps a history of blocked and risky numbers.



Illegal and unwanted robocalls are a real and growing problem with some estimates totaling 65 billion spam calls in 2019. Sprint Call Screener Basic service is an easy and convenient way to combat this growing annoyance and to filter out high-risk, unwanted calls – all at no cost.  Sprint Call Screener Plus provides, even more, call protection and the ability to see the name of callers, including unknown callers who are not in the contact list, all for just $2.99 per month.




Sprint Call Screener service is an app available for both Android and iOS devices, and you will receive a free 15-day trial of Sprint Call Screener Plus. At the end of the 15-day trial, you will be automatically enrolled in the free Sprint Call Screener Basic, if you choose not to subscribe to the Plus version. Try it today!


i tell you a story: I saw in a notice that said that sprint will give Jan7, 8 and 9 a free Data by the earthquakes in the southwest of Puerto Rico. i talked with a sprint representative via twitter to claim an adjustments . He asked for my zip code ( is 00653 Guánica PR). He told me that my town isnt on the list of highly impacted area. I dont know how or why because im in the epicenter. Guánica is on the southwest of Puerto Rico. He gave me a list with zip codes.i didnt see my town. Sprint have to check that list.

Sprint Social Care

Hi @Joeiron! To assist customers affected by the earthquake in Puerto Rico, Sprint will provide unlimited talk, text and data access to all customers at no extra cost from 1/7/20 – 1/9/20 for non-unlimited plans. With this we mean that non-unlimited customers will not get overages during that time. Customers on Unlimited Plans will continue to enjoy their unlimited data, call and text benefits.


Hi Carlos i dont have unlimited data .I have 15Gb, for that reason i claim Free data (7, 8 and Jan 9). What bothered me a bit was when he asked me for the Zip code to verify what town I was from and told me that my town did not appear of highly impacted area by earthquakes. I live in Guanica , Puerto Rico(00653) . I live in the epicenter. You can search on Google. The earthquakes are on the southwest not on the north. Maybe the sprint representative saw a list of the towns impacted or affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017. 

Will this prevent callers from leaving voicemails directly without ringing the phone? Any other app cal block calls, but no one but Sprint can block them from leaving messages directly to voicemail.
Community Manager

It will send them to voicemail without ringing the device.