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T-Mobile Tuesday on Sprint!! How to Install the App and #GetThanked!!!

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What up Community!!!  First things first!  Get the app!  Apple people click here and all my Android peeps click here!  For those of you who are new to the TMT game, T-Mobile Tuesdays offer customers free stuff and great deals for just being a T-Mobile and now Sprint customer!!  These deals are likely to make Tuesday your favorite day of the week.  We have another blog about it.  This one right here is how to sign up.  It's literally as easy as 1...2...3!


Em_Will_I_Am_0-1592409876545.pngDownload the T-Mobile Tuesday app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  I think I already mentioned that step.


Em_Will_I_Am_1-1592410050409.png   Sign up using your Sprint phone number.


Em_Will_I_Am_2-1592410419076.pngCheck out the app every Tuesday to claim this week's deals!




Always! Always! Always! Open the T-Mobile Tuesday app every Tuesday for current offers to load.  Once the app is open, save and redeem your offers.  If the app isn't opened on Tuesday, you may miss out on that week's offers.



 1. This Week's Offers - In the app, this week's offers display at the top of the list.



2. Save - To take advantage of an offer, it must be saved on Tuesday.



3. My Stuff - The offer is then stored in My Stuff.



4. Digital Code - To redeem the code within the timeframe indicated, customers will follow the steps displayed on the Redemption Screen.




That's pretty much it in a nutshell.  As you can see it's not rocket science.  So be prepared because Sprint's first participation in T-Mobile Tuesdays is June 23rd!  Scroll up to step 1...GET THE APP!! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post.  Also, you can visit the online simulator for walkthroughs of the app functions: 


How to download and install the Application 


How to sign in on Tuesday 


How to sign in on Wednesday through Monday 


How to claim loot 


How to redeem loot 


How to turn on/off push notifications 







Nice.  Thanks for the heads up!


Finally!! Thanks!


I care less about the T-Moblie app.  What I care about is Sprint refuses to address the service they provide.  Every day since the merger I get dropped calls.  I have only 1 bar on my phone.  Tried to get on the internet today and all i got was "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER".  Most people I have talked to that have Sprint are saying the say thing.  I have 5 lines on my account and they all receive schitty service.

Community Manager

A tad off topic.  I don't mind looking into this for you.  Just PM your phone number location and problem location and I will check it out.  Network issues should be posted here.


Does anyone Know offhand what version of Android is needed to install this app?

I'd love to get it!


I don't see any model based restrictions, though I did find this:


"Government accounts, payday/PayGo plans, data-only plans, plans without data, and T-Mobile Connect plans are not eligible."


Otherwise seems you should be good to go.

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Hey CnlMustard, you'll need 5.0 or higher on Android, iOS 10 or higher for Apple products. 


I downloaded the app and attempted to register. When I add my phone number it automatically transfers me back to the sprint app. What am I doing wrong?

Community Manager

Transfer to what Sprint app? 



 this sprint app. That’s what I get when I try to set up a T-mobile ID


Apparently I was trying to sign up on the wrong app. I found the Tuesday app but it doesn’t seem to like my phone number. 

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Yeah, you don't know a T-Mobile ID.  What does it say about your phone number?


“Looks like your number isn’t quite right. Give it another shot to get thanked”





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PM me your phone number.