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The Sprint Community is Moving to T-Mobile Community!

Community Manager


What's up Community!!! Let's think back to April 1st. This was the day when two titans in the wireless industry merged as one! Sprint and T-Mobile merged to become the New T-Mobile. Also, on that day, I wrote in a blog "We are hard at work combining all the goodness each community offers and plan to launch the New T-Mobile Community soon. That means one glorious community helping you find the answers you need!" Well, I was not lying! Over the past 6 months, we have partnered with our T-Mobile brethren to deliver just that, a glorious community.


What does that mean for current Sprint community members?

Don't fret, if you have been active in our community within the past 24 months, your Username, login, rankings, and badges will be migrated to the T-Mobile Community. Keep in mind rankings and badges may not be exactly the same, but they will be closely aligned with those on the T-Mobile Community.


What does "[H]ave been active on our community within the past 24 months..." mean?

It means just that. Your account will be migrated to the T-Mobile Community if you have signed into the Sprint Community at least once within the past 24 months. So, all you lurkers out there, log in!


Will you be over there in the T-Mobile Community?

I will, but not as involved as I am within the Sprint Community. Our advocates will join their pillars


over there.  The ubiquitous @fireguy_6364 is already over there paving a way for Sprint alumni.  Also, I personally know the admin over there, he is a pretty cool guy.


What do we need to know about the T-Mobile Community?

Our Communities are fairly similar. That cool guy I mentioned, wrote a welcome letter to you guys here.


What can we expect soon?

In the near future, you can expect registrations to be turned off.  We are thinking around Thanksgiving. This will not affect current members, just new ones. They will have register on the T-Mobile Community. Weeks after turning off registration, we will put the Sprint Community into a read-only state around mid-December. This will allow us to migrate our users to the T-Mobile Community and archive our content. Once migration is complete, all activities will take place on the T-Mobile Community. All of the above steps will be announced before they happen.


It was an honor and privilege serving as your Community Administrator. It was nothing I took lightly. I hope you learn from me because I learned a lot from you. If you have any questions, please feel free to post below.





Sprint Product Ambassador

Love that @fireguy_6364 is getting a well deserved and honorable mention! See you both on the flip! 


Thanks for all you've done over the years here @Em_Will_I_Am ! You've definitely help rebrand what was and will continue to be the Sprint Community family!! 

Community Manager

Aww shucks @Troy_Glidden, STAHP IT! I loved every minute of it! 


@Troy_Glidden  and @Em_Will_I_Am  thank yuh gentlemen. I jumped over early to get a feel for it in case anyone has any questions about how to use it I can give them my best run down.. I am running the same name over there so I can be tagged here or there for questions.


It has been an honor ladies and gentlemen.