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Wanna Go Fast? Meet Sprint's First 5G Hotspot

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Sprint U.S. Exclusive, HTC 5G Hub Delivers 5G Speed for Up to 20 Devices

Only Sprint will offer the unique and powerful HTC 5G Hub in the U.S. beginning this spring now. The 5G Hub enables smooth 4K video streaming for an amazing TV viewing experience, lower-latency, virtually buffer-free gaming, and 5G mobile hotspot connectivity for up to 20 users in a compact desktop box with a 5-inch display.


"The arrival of HTC 5G Hub this spring will be a significant milestone as we bring our customers a full portfolio of 5G integrated devices," said Michel Combes, Sprint CEO. "This Hub is like a ’Swiss Army Knife’ with multiple tools that will quickly make it vital and versatile for connected homes and small businesses. It harnesses the speed of our upcoming 5G network to drive content sharing, gaming, entertainment and more."

devicenb_650x900.pngDynamic opportunities for the smart, yet simple HTC 5G Hub include:


  • Small and home-based businesses will quickly find HTC 5G Hub to be a must-have business tool.  With a built-in Gigabit Ethernet port and 7,660mAh battery keep teams powered up and easily connected.  Businesses can connect up to 20 devices safely and securely on a high-speed encrypted network or configure for a corporate VPN.
  • Ultimate portability that's perfect in-home, in-office or on-the-go.
  • As a home media center, HTC 5G Hub will harness Sprint's 5G speeds to stream 4K videos to a second screen and deliver crisp and clear content.  It can also replace a Wi-Fi router and remove unnecessary cables with a simple plug and play setup.  Intuitive voice command makes it easy to manage entertainment or play your favorite games on your home TV.
  • Share connectivity with up to 20 users.
  • Innovative design with 5" inch screen with Android OS and access to all your apps.
  • Devoted games will appreciate it lower-latency, up to 60fps and 4K resolution (on compatible televisions) combined with the processing power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with Snapdragon X50 5G Modem for unprecedented data speeds and power for native Android and PC games supported on the large screen.


Pricing and availability details here

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