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You Had Me At Unlimited Pic Storage!!

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

*Stands up* Hi Everyone, *waves* my name is OldGreg and I am a photo and video hoarder. I regularly punish my phone’s internal storage with a never ending stream of pics and vids that I use to serve as memories in my daily adventures. Let me paint a picture for you.


It’s overcast and about 65 degrees in Portland, Oregon. It’s the perfect weather for walking from my downtown hotel to Pine State Biscuits to get my brunch on. I get myself ready and head out onto the street for my 15 minute commute. As I’m walking I’m taking in all the city has to offer. Niche clothing shops, bakeries, coffee shops, food trucks, and mostly the foliage. Everything is bursting with life all around me and there is so much growing here that I don’t have back home! Cherry blossoms fall from the sky, there are tulips the size of a softball, and lush green spilling out of every planter. It’s beautiful and amazing and my inner shutterbug is screaming out that I have to take a picture of ALL OF IT. Before I know it, I’ve made it about 5 minutes into my walk and have accumulated at least 50 pictures of various plants I couldn’t begin to tell you the name of. By the time I get to my brunch destination, I’ve easily racked up another 100 pictures and panoramas of the city skyline and the towering pine trees lining the landscape. Once I’m done snapping enough pictures of the gravy adorned chicken biscuit brunch beauty, I’m easily sitting at around 200 pictures on my phone. It’s barely 10:30 AM and I’m already starting to wonder how much longer I can keep this up before my phone’s storage starts telling me to chill out or start deleting my pictures.


I didn’t bring my laptop with me on my out-of-state adventures and I begin to worry about how I’m going to store the rest of the photos I’m guaranteed to be taking over the rest of my trip. Que the comic-style lightbulb flashing over my head as I realize that Sprint has me covered for this exact situation. With Sprint Complete, I have access to the Sprint Complete Storage app. This gives me UNLIMITED storage space for my photo and videos in full resolution without compression. I pop into the nearest coffee shop, download the free app, hop on the free WiFi, and start uploading my photos while enjoying a fresh pastry and cold brew coffee, and I’m back on my way.


Sprint Complete Storage is THE WAY TO GO when you are a photo hoarder like me. It’s super easy to log in and start offloading the pictures directly from your device and right into the cloud for later retrieval whenever and wherever you want. You can even set the app to automatically upload your photos for you in the background without having to access the app. Pretty slick!


So what if you don’t have Sprint Complete? No big deal! Sprint will still give you 5GB of storage for FREE. Just download the app, quickly and easily setup an account, and you’re good to go with some free backup storage with all the same features as Sprint Complete users!


Be sure to go out and grab the app HERE on the iOS App Store and Here on the Google Play Store and start enjoying all the free, uncompressed, photos and video storage you get with Sprint Complete! Be sure to stop back by and share your experience with us and some pictures from your adventures! Enjoy some of the shots from my trip below!


Still need more info? Be sure to checkout the official Sprint Complete website to learn more about the additional perks of having Sprint Complete!


portland01.jpgPartially devoured Reggie @ Pine State Biscuits portland02.jpgJapanese Garden @ Washington State Park portland03.jpgTree Rose @ Rose Garden in Washington State Park

About the Author
  • In addition to being a Sprint Employee and Product Ambassador, GeekGeoff is an unabashed Star Wars fan, Tech Junkie and Father to a precocious 9 year old. When he’s not writing blogs, he can be found playing video games, searching for the best donut shop or debating which Doctor is the best (for the record, it’s number 10).
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