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iOS 13 - Arriving Fall 2019!

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During the Worldwide Developers Conference held by Apple last week, we got our first taste of what to expect out of the new version of iOS hitting our iPhones this fall. There is a lot to cover, so let’s get right into it and pick apart what is new to come in iOS 13.


One of the big announcements is that Dark Mode is finally coming to iOS. Apple has beautifully integrated dark mode across the operating system and their native apps and I personally cannot wait to turn it on. I’ve always preferred dark-mode enabled apps and the ability to enable Dark Mode on other operating systems, so this feels like a big win for me.  


In addition to some battery-saving from enabling Dark Mode, there are some additional performance increases as well. With  iOS 13 we’ll be unlocking our devices 30% faster with Face ID, launching apps 2x faster, and condensing app download sizes up to 50%.


All the shutterbugs out there are also seeing some nice improvements across their Camera and Photos apps. With this fall’s update you’ll be able to adjust your portrait mode lighting in-app to help sharpen or smooth out your images by simulating the movement of light closer or father from your subject. In addition to a new photo/video curator feature in Photos, get a couple quality of life tweaks for photo editing as well as in-app video editing!


We’ve also seen that the Reminders app is getting a long overdue update that makes daily and recurring reminders as well as lists MUCH easier to view and manage. As a bonus, if you tag a contact in a reminder, you’ll get a nifty pop up notification next time you go to message that person in your Messages app.


Maps is not only going have a more detailed basemap from new data that has been sourced, but will also get a Look Around mode that will let you virtually travel down streets and explore cities in a smooth 3D experience with a 360 degree view.  The new version of Maps will also include a favorites and collections feature for marking your favorite locations or places you’d like to check out later if you’re planning a trip.


All of this barely begins to scratch the surface of the updates being made and there is still so much more to cover, but I don’t have all day to fangirl over these updates so I’m going to bullet out a few other key things:


  • We’re getting a built in QuickPath typing method for the default keyboard which works similar to products like Swype where you can type by dragging your fingers from one letter to the next.
  • Siri is getting smarter and sounding more human. She will now be better about giving you realistic driving directions from Maps (“turn right at next stoplight” vs “turn right in 500 feet”) and will announce and read your incoming messages to you over your AirPods when you have them in.
  • Apple is making their own ‘Sign in with Apple’ function for 3rd party apps/sites in an effort to focus on your privacy and help better protect your personal information from being shared when you don’t want it to be.
  • Your Memojis are going to be way more customizable and you can get sticker packs featuring your created Memojis for the Messages app.
  • There will be additional QoL improvements for Mail, Notes, Health, Safari, and Files.


You can see examples of these updates directly on Apple’s website right here and there is an excellent preview video made by 9to5Mac showing off 200+ new iOS 13 features out on YouTube at this link right here. The beta is out for developers now with the public beta going live in July.


Are there any updates in iOS 13 that you are super excited for? Sound off in the comments below!