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iPhone 11 Rumors Vs Reality Roundup!


Back in June I wrote about what we could expect to see from this years host of new iPhones. Now that the new iPhone 11 lineup has dropped and we've had time to take a look over these new devices, let's see how I did with my rumor rummaging!


First up, let's start with what I missed. In initial renders from case manufacturers we saw a slightly modified mute switch, but that didn't end up panning out. Nor did the bi-lateral charging feature, despite the new tiny mystery board that showed up underneath the battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max without any real reason for existing. It is thought that this board was going to be in place for bi-lateral charging before it was dropped late in the production game, but only Apple knows the real secret of that board. Lastly, there is no Apple Pencil support, and to be totally honest I really didn't see the Apple Pencil being a viable rumor. It's simply too big to haul around with your phone and doesn't make a lot of sense in the grand scheme of updates, so it really doesn't feel like a huge loss. 


The other 12 points made about the model, body, camera, and feature updates were all right on the money. We saw the same size phones as the last round of releases, the cameras were upgraded as expected, we got some fun new colors, USB-C to lightning packed in with the Pro line, and more! 


So how am I left feeling about the latest iPhone lineup and the changes that we saw come through? I still think the notch is in major need of a redesign, but it looks like 2020 might have some major changes in store for us based off early rumors. I found the branding a bit better for understanding the 'hierarchy' of the phones but I think the "pro" branding is a bit excessive when the most impactful differences are a nicer screen, extra camera, and a smidge more battery life. 


I like the new wide angle and telephoto lenses and they seem to be getting some high praise from reviewers. It looks like Apple cameras are set for a comeback after spending a few years on the bench with disappointing releases. Even Apple's Night Mode is getting good marks compared to Google's Night Sight which definitely says a lot because Night Sight is pretty impressive. While the square camera bump is not only ugly and awkward, the placement of the cameras does make sense from the perspective of getting better perspective shots in being able to get the camera closer to the ground or into tight spaces to get more creative with the wide angle camera. So whatever, I get it, I guess it's time to deal with the fact that ugly bumps are here to stay. 


Overall, I'm ready for 2020. I'm ready for a 5G iPhone and I'm ready to see some big jumps and changes away from the iPhone X design format into something fresh. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some of that Apple magic to pop back into our lives next year! Until then, hit me up if you want to chat about iPhone rumors, Apple news, Android news, or just whatever. I'm here for it!