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iPhone-Only User Goes Android - A Prologue

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent



Every smartphone I have ever owned has been an iPhone. I started out with an iPhone 3G, then went to the 4, 5, 6, 7 Plus, and currently use an X. When it came to getting my first smartphone, my familiarity with Apple products pre-iPhone pushed me in that direction. The iPhone was somehow familiar, secure, easy as hell to use, and actually innovative when first released. It clicked for me and I loved it.


After the release of the first iPhone I watched a torrent of Android phones pour out into the world. Some of them were good, some of them were great, but many of them were unfiltered dumpster water that had been solidified into a brick that resembled a smartphone. While they may have had 1 or 2 new neat tricks that Apple didn’t have, they didn’t have the level of panache and quality that I felt that iPhones had. 


Over time, the playing field became more level. The trash got weeded out and lost to memory while the real contenders firmed up their footholds and pushed forward with their dedicated fan base. Before long I was religiously digging through a slew of websites for the latest phone news and rumors as part of my daily routine in internetting. I would read and watch reviews for phones I would never see or touch, simply because of my curiosity and fascination with the advances in smartphone tech. However, over the years my total hands-on time with Android phones could be measured in just a few minutes. My experience included (and was limited to) adding my number or WiFi password into someone’s phone, looking at memes, or watching a YouTube clip. 


All the while I was still locked into my ivory iPhone tower. I was comfortable, safe, and sipping that deliciously sweet nectar of the Apple Kool Aid Gods while peering out the window into a world where Android phones were becoming more appealing. 


With the release of the Pixel phones I started to feel like there was finally an Android I could really get behind. I loved the idea of a phone running stock Android. Sure, it had been done many times over, but this one just felt right. It seemed like Google was checking all the right boxes to get an Apple Fanboy like myself to feel comfortable in making the switch. I didn’t want a bunch of cheap gimmicks and bloatware in my phone. I was interested in something stock, sleek, and well reviewed. I watched the release of each gen of the Pixels closely, becoming more interested in each new model and considering the possibility of one day jumping ship from the clutches of Apple. 


As the lease on my iPhone X comes to a close, I think that I’m ready to finally dip my toes into the world of Android by test driving a Pixel 3aXL. In the week to come I will be providing a large review of my Android Adventure, so be sure to tune in and read about me bumbling my way through the Android OS and let’s see if I can find out what all the hype is about while I try and expand my horizons a bit. Stay tuned!

About the Author
  • In addition to being a Sprint Employee and Product Ambassador, GeekGeoff is an unabashed Star Wars fan, Tech Junkie and Father to a precocious 9 year old. When he’s not writing blogs, he can be found playing video games, searching for the best donut shop or debating which Doctor is the best (for the record, it’s number 10).
  • SeaWolf makes port here on Sprint's Community after running a somewhat popular blog, a mildly successful Twitter account and serving as the most-hated fandom Message Board Manager EVAR. Current Phone: Samsung S8 Areas of Expertise: Care topics and corny jokes