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Okay, it 's no secret that I am rooting for the Villains as a group and only a few individuals.  I am amused that the Heroes lose challenges week after week and they play a numbers strategy this early in the game.  I mean, voting off strong players and keeping weaker ones in the clique can only spell doomsday.  It's nice to see that the Heroes did not disappoint this week.  Even their overall persona is amusing.

I laughed when everyone on the Villains side took the sample chocolate before the Reward Challenge while the Heroes passed the plate around as if it were dried bugs.  Apparently the Heroes were too "focused" on winning instead of enjoying.  Well, James was injured, the Heroes lost and the Villains took a trip to a cozy get away and enjoyed a chocolate feast that would have made Willy Wonka jealous.  Perhaps the fact Coach led the Villains that morning to some "Dragon Chi" helped.  Also fitting during the Rewards Challenge was that Rupert throws Jerri into a support post, then she goes on to score the winning goal.

King Russell not heeding the group-treaty, eventually found the hidden immunity idol.  He in turn makes Parvati his Queen of Hearts and annoits Coach as his knight.  Seriously, he went through the whole knighting ritual.  (Anthony Hopkins, sure, but Sir Coach?  Sounds more like a Cir-Cus.)

There was some speculation about James' return and a tearful Amanda was glad to see him back.  I wasn't.

During the Immunity Challenge, the Heroes again had a big lead on the Villains, but when it came to assemble the large puzzle, the Villains made a staggering comeback.  Rob stood on top of the puzzle and with both feet, slammed down the final piece.

JT swore to his one alliance he would not turn on them again even though voting off James would make the most sense with his bum leg.  Keeping Tom would have been better for the overall good, but JT sided with his original group and kept a hobbling James and sent Tom home.  Now, I have no one but Colby left on the Heroes side to root for and before this season started I was not rooting for him at all.

Best Quote - "James, you're all mass and no class" said by Tom as he was writing James' name to be voted off.

Best Jeff Probst line showing how he controls when the challenges begin despite Colby wanting to start right now - "We'll go when I'm ready."


Finally some intrigue and drama was brought to the show.  This week's episode did not disappoint this fan as we started Coach needed some consoling from Tyson and later Rob.  Tyson had to tell Coach what not to do to avoid being mocked.  "No feathers and no stories," was the advice Tyson gave Coach since Coach was feeling like an outsider and wanted to quit.

I was glad to see a Reward Challenge this week that was not tied in with the immunity challenge.  The Villains won 4-3 with Tyson scoring the deciding goal in the "Slip, Slide and Shoot" competition.  With the reward that was provided from Sears, the Villains chose tools and more tarp.  Being I remember what kind of shelter Rob made when he had the appropriate tools, I am curious how the shelter will look once he's finished.  I expect a Tiki Bar this time around.

Both teams "discovered" a clue to a hidden immunity idol on their respective camps.  Russell stumbled upon it in a hacksaw cover while Tom found it in a jar of coffee.  Unfortunately for both men, they did it in front of everyone.  The Villains decided that whoever went looking for it, was marked while the Heroes all went looking for it.  Tom found it for the Heroes and tried to hide it but Amanda noticed he found it.  Russell made a mistake and went searching for it on the Villains side as Rob sent Sandra to hunt Russell.  Once he was found to have been looking for it, he is now on the Villains' bad side despite never finding it.

I love the irony that the Heroes are doing more back-stabbing and alliance making while the Villains are living by the adage, "honor among thieves."

The immunity idol would be a deciding factor for the Heroes since they lost a close immunity challenge and were sent to Tribal Council.  Prior to the Council, JT welcomed the Colby/Tom partnership and devised a plan to oust Candice.  However, Cirie conviced the alliance of six to split their votes 3/3 for Colby and Tom so if one plays the idol, then the other is eliminated.  JT overheard Cirie's plan and since he was not in control of the Alliance of Six, he made a game-changing move.  He was supposed to write down Colby's name, but instead wrote down Cirie's name.  Tom played the idol and all of his votes did not count, Colby had only two and thus Cirie was eliminated.

Finally, a blindside.  Now, I do fear for JT because now he made a deal that puts him on the outs.  Next week's preview showed Candice maybe joining with Tom, Colby and JT which would be in her best interest if she wants to eliminate Rupert and James.

Best quote - "I am King Arthur.  I am a legend." Coach

Best lie - "I'm not playing a social game." James said referring to his vote even though he did it for social alliances.


I was looking forward to tonight's episode after James ripped Stephenie last week and seeing what Tom's reaction was going to be.  I'm not sure if James size advantage intimidated Tom or if Tom is making sure not to ruffle the power alliance's feathers.  Even Tom's conversation with JT was more passive but smart for Tom's game.  Even Colby was just"playing nice" after the voting off of Stephenie.  On the Villains' side, Parvati and Russell were chummy and snuggling at night which raised a lot of eyebrows and prompted Rob to give would-be Survivor players a bit of advice: at night, is when you see who the real alliances are.  Coach and Rob later advised Russell on his game play being too close to Parvati which in turn gave Russell the opportunity to add drama to the camp by burying the machete.  Russell nearly lost me as a fan when he told the camera he was going to hide Rob's Red Sox cap.  Rusell is more of an Astros fan and said, "I hate the Red Sox."  As a member of the Red Sox nation, I was not happy to hear my favorite Survivor ever utter those words.

Rupert was looking for a team-building activity and his wish was granted when a chicken escaped and the Heroes gathered to corrale it in.  That momentum carried over in the combined immunity/rewards challenge as each Hero had to go head-to-head against a Villain in a jousting competition in which the losers would end up in the mud.  Each contestant was a bit muddy having to walk though the pit onto the jousting area and the rain also made the playing surface slippery.  The Heroes dominated winning each round for a staggering 8-0 sweep.  Coach nearly won for the Villains, but it was called off becuase he used his arm and not the jousting pad to push off Rupert.  James showed no class after throwing his jousting pad at Randy in the final round of the competition.  The round took less time than it took me to type this sentence.

At the Villains camp, Randy tried to warn everyone about Parvati's alliances with those on the Heroes tribe but to no avail as he was voted off.  I think Randy is right that Parvati will stab every Villain once a merge happens.

Best quote - "I will see you in losers' lounge.  I'll even buy you a beer." Randy said to Coach about the dangers of keeping Parvati.

Runner-up - "I think they were on Steroid Sandwiches."  Tyson said referring to the Heroes dominance in the challenge.

Best word used - "Pontificate"  Of course Coach said it regarding him meditating about Randy's words.  I don't know if I have ever pontificated...even in the comfort's of own home.


The second episode of Heroes vs. Villains started on a downfall.  Boston Rob starting wandering through the jungle, but ended up face down after blacking out.  While being attended to from medical staff, he uttered, "this place is getting the best of me and I respect this game too much to just give up."  Back at camp, Stephenie was on Rupert's target of elimination because of how nice she was.  Stephenie did not help her cause during the reward/immunity challenge as she was telling ther  squad they were doing the puzzle incorrectly.  JT did the challenge once before and everyone agreed to let him lead the way.  JT failed to be an effective leader as the Villains, with a renewed Boston Rob, was able to surpass the Heroes and win again.  As part of the reward, the Villains gained some rope and a tarp to improve their shelter which was constantly leaking.  Since Boston Rob was looking good at the Villains camp, Russell proved why he was "king" by capturing a chicken.

It's nice to know that if I ever end up on a deserted island, there will be wandering chickens.

I digress, there was some posturing at the Heroes camp as Stephenie tried to save her time on Survivor, but the JT alliance with Rupert, James and Amanda convinced Cirie and Candice to side with them and oust Stephenie.

I am doing a complete 180 on Colby after hw defended Stephenie from the verbal assault from James during the Tribal Council.  I have no respect for James after listening to him badger Stephenie during the Tribal Council and even after her torch was snuffed.  Tom, whom I always liked, also stood up for Stephenie from James's mouth.

I'm not one to say, "I told you so, but......" it appears as if those with the donning the blue buff are not acting rather "Heroic" as I predicted would happen.  The Villains amuse me as they look anything other than a team at camp, but when it comes to challenges they are knocking out the Heroes.  I am curious with next week's episode of what will be said between Tom and James.  Also, I would not be surprised that James gets an early exit.

Best Quote: "I had a case of cry-baby-itis." Boston Rob


Well folks, season 20's opener of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains did not disappoint!  Oh sure, it had the usual fanfare in the beginning with the military helicopters bringing in the contestants as Jeff Probst stands on the rocks with waves crashing around him in his full glory.  Once the choppers landed and the love-fest and getting-to-know you was over, the challenges began.  As the Heroes vs Villains were paired up and had to go toe-to-toe, the injuries started already (yes, the pun involving Rupert's toe was intentional).  How great was it to hear Stephenie's seperated shoulder getting popped back into place?  I thought it was only fitting that Boston Rob and Tyson were matched against Rupert and James in which Rob had to eat his own words when he said earlier that the Villain men were superior to the Hero men.

I'm not sure, but of the three following items, which did Colby look the silliest (please place your vote): 1. when he said he was almost a decade older from when he first played Survivor (because that will happen when nine years pass by); 2. when Coach rode him to score a point for the Villains; or 3. when he was running away from Sugar like an eight-year-old boy not wanting to be kissed by a girl the second night?  (Is it obvious I am rooting against him?)  Although Coach's strategy to ride Colby into the Villain's scoring zone was awesome, it paled to Sugar sacrificing her top to score a point for the Heroes.  That is some dedication!

Russell was up to his old tricks of forming alliances with everyone again working his "magic" with Danielle and Parvati.  Is it me, or was it odd that the Heroes camp just happen to have three chickens and a rooster just show up?  I'm not calling "fowl" quite yet, but if a bag of rice or a giant can of beans falls from the sky I will think that it is just more than just coincidence.

If love is in the air at the Villain camp, it can be deeply inhaled by Jerri and Coach as the two of them had some sparks.  Perhaps my memories are a bit rusty, but didn't she do that with Colby?  The union of Coach and Jerri was dubbed "The Black Widow" and "The Dragon Slayer."  I would call it "The Two Egos I Would Not Want To Get Stuck In An Elevator With."

Props to Boston Rob for making fire literally by rubbing two sticks together despite not winning the reward challenge which gave the Heroes the flint stone.  On the flip side, you had Rupert not being able to make fire with the machete and flint but what was more puzzling when he said he felt at home in the ocean..... odd considering he is from Indianapolis.

During the Immunity Challenge, the Villains staged an awesome comeback after falling behind constructing their canoe.  Rob and Sandra assembled the puzzle that stymied several Heroes.  Jerri and Randy played it smart by staying out of their way and was concentrating on building the ladder portion of the challenge which led the Villains to the ultimate victory and Sugar to tears.

Despite some scrambling and possible people to eliminate, did anyone really think Sugar was going to stick around?  Even though I have never been on the show, I am curious if the producers might have fed some ideas to the players to spark some conversation and to at least add some intrigue to fill the segment of air time between the end of the challenge and Tribal Council.  Just a thought.

Best Quote: "Google-It." - Russell when describing himself as a Villain.

Close second: "Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner" - Tom when he formulated and succeeded in trapping the chickens.

As you can see, I will be writing the weekly recaps for Sprint and will add my thoughts to the discussion.  Warning: I am opinionated and I invite opposing viewpoints.


Russell Hantz SurvivorSmiley Frustratedamoa's Sprint Player of the Season and cast member for Season 20, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains will be our guest for a live chat event on Tuesday, February 9th from 12 - 12:30 Central time.

If you want to pre-submit a question for Russell, just leave comment to this blog post.  I will gather the questions and send to CBS.

Get instructions on how to join to the chat or read the transcript.

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Live from CBS Studios in Los Angeles…….As I sit in my seat at the live finale show at CBS studios I reflect on one of the most exciting seasons I have ever seen.  As I turn my attention back to the big screen the final three castaways Russell, Natalie and Mick are asked to give an opening statement to the jury.  Mick and Natalie are gentle in their opening statements while Russell goes in to close the deal.  He tells the juries that if either Mick or Natalie outwitted or outplayed him then give them the money, otherwise crown him the winner.  Each member of the jury is given the opportunity to address the final three before casting his/her vote for the winner. The jury told Mick that he was feckless (I admit I had to look this word up) and Natalie was accused of riding Russell’s coat-tails while Russell was berated for playing an “unethical” game.  It was clear that this was an angry and emotional jury that wasn’t happy to crown any one of the final three “Sole Survivor” let alone hand them one million dollars.  After the votes are cast host Jeff Probst makes his way onto the replica tribal council at CBS studios to announce the winner!!!!  This is the moment we have all been waiting for.  Will it be Mick, the gentle doctor, Natalie the Southern Belle or Russell the oil tycoon we all love to hate and hate to love?  As the votes are read it becomes clear that the biggest blindside of Survivor history has taken place, Natalie White is crowned “Sole Survivor” of Survivor Samoa!  Russell was certain he had won the game and I think most of America was sure of this as well!  As Natalie made her way into the crowd to hug her family, Russell stood back seemingly dazed and certainly confused.  As the camera zoomed in on Russell there were obvious tears in his eyes as he stated "I feel like I played the best strategic game in history. And I'm not the only one that thinks that. I can guarantee you millions of people probably think the same thing." He said of winner Natalie, "Her best move was to jump on my back."  The vote came down to good versus evil and this time, good prevailed.  “Evil” Russell didn’t walk away empty handed; he was chosen by the viewers as Sprint’s Player of the Game and awarded $100,000.00.  As the show came to a close we were offered a sneak peak at the next Survivor “Heroes versus Villains” an all-star match up of contestants from previous seasons which will premiere on CBS on February 11, 2010. 



This week on Survivor…..The immunity challenge is vital for the Foa Foa foursome and they discuss the importance of winning the next challenge.  Russell tells Natalie it’s likely to be her voted off if Brett wins the immunity challenge.  At the immunity challenge they must complete a difficult obstacle course, and then solve a puzzle.  All of them are neck and neck but its Brett that manages to pull it off first and win his third straight immunity necklace.  Back at camp Russell tells Mick they will vote off Jaison and tells Jaison that they will vote off Mick.  Russell considers keeping Brett in an effort to win jury votes.  For the first time since the merge a Foa Foa member will be going home.  As the votes are read it is Jaison whose torch is snuffed out….and then there were four! Russell, Natalie, Mick and Brett now have a one in four shot at one million dollars.  Back at camp Russell makes a deal with Brett that if he wins the final immunity challenge he will take Brett to the finale and Brett agrees to do the same.  At the immunity challenge each castaway must balance a statue on the tip of a pole.  Every two minutes they must attach another 1ft pole to the structure without dropping the statue.  Mick looses his statue first and Natalie just seconds after.  It’s a showdown between Russell and Brett each balancing a 7ft pole.  The wind picks up and both of them are struggling to keep their balance, Brett falters and his statue drops granting Russell the final immunity necklace and a guaranteed spot in the final three!  Back at camp Russell must decide who the bigger threat is.  At tribal council host Jeff Probst reads the votes it is no surprise that Russell goes back on his deal and Brett (the last of Galu) is sent home.  Now it’s down to Russell, Natalie and Mick the underdogs from Foa Foa, one of them will be crowned the title of “Sole Survivor” and the million dollar cash prize.  This is a season finale you simply cannot miss……..



This week on Survivor……At the reward challenge the remaining castaways are split into two teams.  One team consisted of Russell, Jaison and Shambo and the other Natalie, Brett and Mick.  Each person had to select a string that was holding up a bunch of coconuts, the object was to remove strings without releasing any coconuts.  Russell, Jaison and Shambo won the reward challenge and enjoyed a feast at a Samoan village and were able to rest their heads on comfy pillows!  Back at camp the losing team decided to hunt snails and have a mini reward of their own.  Some of the Foa Foa members were concerned that Natalie was getting too close to Brett.  At the immunity challenge each person had to run into the field and count the items at six stations, the number of items counted would reveal the code to a giant lock, the first person to get the combination correct wins.  It was close between Mitch and Brett but Brett was able to pull of his second immunity win in a row.  Back at camp Shambo was suspicious that she may be on the block; Russell assured her she is fine.  At tribal council Russell wore his immunity necklace (this was his last chance to use it) but didn’t play it.  As the votes were read it was Shambo that was sent packing.  Now the only thing standing in the way of the Foa Foa foursome is Brett, if he wins another immunity challenge the Foa Foa alliance will have to turn on each other.  The season Finale will broadcast live Sunday from CBS studios in Los Angeles.  I am fortunate enough to be going to the live Finale show courtesy of Sprint!!!!  I think this is still anyone’s game and I am anxious to see who wins the next immunity challenge and secures themselves a spot in the final four.  See you all on Sunday win the winner of Survivor Samoa is revealed!



This week on Survivor……After voting out John instead of Dave at the last tribal council, Russell must do damage control with Shambo.  He tells her a lie (what’s new) and just like that she is back in his pocket.  Monica, Brett and Dave are the only remaining Galu members and begin to plant seeds of doubt amongst the remaining Foa Foa tribe in hopes to shake their alliance.  Instead of a reward challenge this week has two immunity challenges and tribal councils.  The first immunity challenge is Survivor bowling, the castaways are paired off and each person is allowed two chances to knock over as many pins as possible, the winner moves on.  The winners of round one are Shambo, Russell, Jaison and Dave.  In round two it’s Shambo and Jaison who move on.  In the final round Jaison manages to win his second immunity challenge in a row securing him a one in seven shot at one million dollars.  Back at camp, Russell chats with Dave about possibly saving him and sending Shambo home and then assures Shambo its Dave that’s leaving.  At tribal council, Shambo makes a play for the jury by saying she wouldn’t have voted out John and she was more surprised than anyone.  The votes are tallied and as suspected it is Dave’s torch that is snuffed out.  For the first time in the game Foa Foa out numbers the old Galu tribe.  The next day the castaways find themselves at yet another immunity challenge.  This time each person must swim out to collect three bags (one at a time) and then swim back, carry them to a plank and launch them into a basket.  Brett (Galu) manages to land his three bags in the basket first and wins the immunity idol and a one in six shot at the money.  At camp Monica begins to stir the pot by telling Russell that Natalie told her that he earned over 2 million dollars last year and that Jaison plans to wait until day 36 to make a move on Russell.  This sends Russell into frenzy but Natalie and Jaison are able to quickly smooth things over. Mick begins to worry that Russell may not take him to the final three and begins to consider voting Russell out.  Russell realizes that he could be a target and not only brings the idol to tribal council but he actually wears it.  At tribal council, Monica is smug and makes it clear that she dislikes Russell.  He gives her credit and say’s that had they been on the same tribe since the beginning they could have been dangerous together.  Russell chooses not to play the idol, the votes are read and Monica is sent home.   With only Brett remaining from the original Galu tribe things are going to get crazy real fast as the Foa Foa alliance will have to turn on each other.  Will Russell make the move first or will the others come together and take out their leader……stay tuned there are only two episodes left and in Survivor anything can happen.



This week on Survivor…..The castaways were all able to bid on food items in an auction.  Natalie was quick to bid $200 on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Jaison bid $500 on an advantage at the upcoming immunity challenge and missed out on any opportunity for food.  John won a clue to the hidden immunity idol (too bad Russell already has it) as well as a giant slice of apple pie for himself or an entire pie he could divvy out to four others, he selfishly choose to keep the single slice for himself.  At camp, Shambo was feeling sad about killing and eating the chickens that had become her friends.  She cut them into parts and put them into a pot to boil; Dave saw this and told her she was going to ruin the chicken, this infuriated Shambo.  Angry, Shambo goes to Russell and asks to have Dave voted off and he agrees.  Russell realizes that he has made a mistake by disclosing to John that he had the hidden immunity idol already and decides that getting rid of John would be the better option.  At the immunity challenge each person must hold two logs attached to a rope with several knots on it, every three minutes they will switch arms and move down the rope to a lower knot until they loose their grip, Jaison is allowed to move his hand up to knots at any time giving him an advantage.  Natalie is the surprise, she held on longer than expected.  It was down to Dave and Jaison, it looked like Dave might be able to do it but his hand slips off the rope and Jaison wins immunity.  At tribal council it appears to be both Dave and John on the chopping block and both seem confidant that they are safe.  As the votes are read it’s one vote Dave, one vote Mitch and five votes John…..Yet another blindside!!!!  I like host Jeff Probst cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next week. 


This week on Survivor…..At the reward challenge, the tribe is split into two groups of five.  One member is hung face down on a cradle that is controlled by ropes held by the other four people.  The object is to manipulate the cradle so the person suspended can retrieve fifteen flags and place them in numerical order on a log.  The purple team which consisted of Natalie (in the cradle), Russell, Dave, Brett and Laura easily wins the challenge!  They earn a trip to a remote island, a feast and Sprint’s own Palm Pre to take pictures and video of their reward.  Once at the island they use the Palm Pre to watch a video clue revealing the idol is hidden under a mossy rock back at camp.  Immediately upon their return to camp Russell begins his quest to find the idol, Laura and Dave are quick to follow suit, in fact they follow right behind Russell.  Russell spots a mossy rock at the base of a tree but Dave beats him to it but when he turns it over there is no idol.  Russell begins to run away and Dave attempts to follow him but Russell is too quick and manages to loose him.  Russell returns to the tree and begins turning rocks over and for the third time in a row he finds the idol!  At the immunity challenge each castaway is given one rock to throw at three tiles, for each tile they break they are given a sphere to throw at a target in the second phase.  Brett earns two spheres, Monica, Jaison and Mick each earn one.  Brett is the first to throw his sphere and lands on the target, Jaison misses, Monica aims too low, Mick makes it closest to the center and Brett’s last sphere is not good enough.  Mick wins individual immunity.  Back at camp the tribal council scramble is in full throttle.  Dave, Brett and Monica decide that they will have Monica convince Foa Foa to vote against John with her.  This leaves Shambo voting out Laura the four Foa Foa members voting John and the remaining Galu will really vote out Natalie (I know it’s complicated).  Foa Foa is too smart for this and Russell immediately distrusts Monica.  Russell tells John that Foa Foa and Shambo will all vote Laura, Galu will vote Natalie resulting in a tie.  After the tie they will all vote again except the two nominees.  Russell tells John that after the tie he can switch to Foa Foa and vote out Laura or leave it to fate as they will all draw rocks and one will be a different color sending the unlucky recipient home.  At tribal council, Galu is once again confidant that they have control of the game.  Host Jeff Probst reads the votes and it is a tie; five Laura and five Natalie.  When host Jeff Probst reads the second set of votes much to the surprise of Galu it is another blindside and Laura is sent home.   Foa Foa is playing a brilliant game and all three tribal councils since the merge have resulted in a blind side against an original Galu member!  Palm Pre’s, blind sides and a three- peat idol find by the same person… this season of Survivor is reality TV at its very best! 


This week on Survivor….One of the best blindsides in Survivor history!!!!! First things first, Natalie the Southern belle and one of the four remaining Foa Foa members, is so hungry that when she finds a rat she smashes it with a stick and a rock and returns to camp with her kill in a coconut shell where the entire tribe is more than happy to share in the feast (YUCK).  At the reward challenge the tribes are split into two groups of five, leaving Natalie unable to participate in the challenge, she is asked to choose a team to support, if that team wins she will join them on the reward and if they lose she will return to camp.  The two groups must race to retrieve poles with black and white coconuts then return them to a board where they must be arranged to reveal four numbers, once this has been accomplished the four digit code will be given to the remaining team member whom is blind folded and must use the code to unlock the flag.  It was really close but the yellow team which consisted of Shambo, Dave, Monica, Kelly and John raises their flag first (hmm, all Galu members) too bad Natalie chose the purple team.  The winning team enjoys a relaxing day of fun and sun at a natural rock slide with a delicious and much needed feast.  They are also given a clue to the newly hidden immunity idol (remember that both idols were flushed out at the last tribal council).  While the winning team is conspiring to keep the clue a secret amongst only the original Galu members, Russell is back at camp looking for the idol.  He is looking around camp staying close to landmarks as he is certain that the idol will be hidden nearby.  Of course, Russell finds the idol under the bridge (this is the second idol he has found with out a single clue).  At the immunity challenge each castaway must use a grappling hook to snag two bags of puzzle pieces, the first three to complete this task will move on.  Shambo and Mick get their two bags fairly quickly; it looks as if Russell will be the third to advance when Laura manages to get her bag over the line just in front of him securing her the spot.  In the second phase they must open their bags and fit the odd shaped puzzle pieces into the wall to push out the next piece the first to finish wins, Laura is the last to get started but wins the challenge by a long shot and for the second week in a row wins immunity.  Both Russell and Shambo had hoped to vote Laura out but with her safe they decide that all Foa Foa members will cast a vote for Kelly.  Russell knows that Galu will vote for him so plans to play the idol which will end up sending Kelly home instead.  There isn’t much scrambling taking place before tribal council because the original Galu members are very confidant that they have the numbers to pick off Foa Foa one at a time beginning with Russell, Monica mentions that there is the possibility that someone may have found the idol, but Dave laughs at the idea and assures them that no one has found the idol, he doesn’t even think that Russell has any idea that there is an idol hidden (wrong again).  At tribal council, Erik is brought in as the first member of the jury.  Okay, so now to the best blindside in Survivor history.  Each member of Galu is smug with their certainty that they are in control of the game and Foa Foa, like good poker players are not showing any emotions.  Host Jeff Probst says, “If anyone has the immunity idol now would be the time to play it!” Russell stands up and hands the idol to Jeff.  The look on the faces of all seven Galu members was priceless!!!!  Literally, jaws dropped (nearly to the floor) and the members of Foa Foa were beaming.  As the votes were read all seven votes for Russell do not count, and the last four votes were all for Kelly who must now become the second member of the jury.  Two tribal councils, two idols played and two blindsides.  Whether you like Russell or not you have to feel a little excitement when the underdogs come from behind! I have to give credit to crafty Russell; he is defiantly playing a good game, who knows what next week will have in store……perhaps another idol!


This week on Survivor……Both tribes head off to the reward challenge and find a treasure chest waiting for them.  They quickly open it and find new buffs……THE MERGE!  The newly merged tribe enjoys a feast and chooses a new name Aiga which is Samoan for extended family.  The new tribe settles into the original Galu camp and the scramble begins.  The four remaining Foa Foa members quickly begin trying to establish relationships with the eight remaining Galu members.  Russell shows the idol he found to Laura who won’t commit to an alliance.  Then he approaches Monica who also won’t commit and finally to John who does accept a final two alliance.  Russell is quick to suggest Laura go home to break up any possibility of a “girl” alliance.  Erik devices a plan with Laura to tell everyone that Russell is the target so he will play his idol but the real target is Jaison.  Erik tells Jaison, Mick and Natalie to let Russell think he is the target but really to vote for Monica so the idol will be out of play.  Jaison distrusts Erik and realizes the opportunity to get rid of him. The original Foa Foa tribe decides to pretend to go along with his plan but quickly goes to work on votes against Erik.  Natalie convinces the girls that Erik has to go as he is targeting them and Shambo is easily convinced to go along with the plan.  Russell is not convinced that they really have the numbers to vote out Erik and remains nervous about the vote. At tribal council, there is obvious animosity between Erik and Russell. Erik feels secure in his position and chooses not to play his idol.  Russell is still nervous that he may be the real target and chooses to play his idol (too bad he didn’t have to).  As host Jeff Probst reads the votes there are two for Jaison and four cast for Erik, however as the final votes are read it becomes painfully clear that a blindside is in effect and Erik will go home with the idol in his pocket.  It is only the first tribal council as a single tribe and already a blindside and both idols are flushed out of play.  As host Jeff Probst said “This is most definitely a new game!” 


This week on Survivor…After loosing Russell to a medical emergency, Galu must elect a new chief.  The boy’s of Galu decide to elect Shambo in an effort to entice her to their alliance and prevent a guy/girl split in the future.  Shambo readily accepts the nomination and arrives at the reward challenge wearing the symbolic necklace.  The reward challenge is a large game of memory, several objects are covered with a lid, one at a time a member from each tribe opens a lid to reveal an object and then selects another lid to lift in hopes of finding a match.  If they reveal a match they then must decide whether to keep the object (which may be useful at camp) or to take a point.  Galu makes the first match and opts to keep the fire kit.  After that both teams opt to take the points and its no surprise that Galu wins reward.  Shambo as the newly appointed chief chooses to send Laura to Foa Foa to visit for the day.  Shambo tells Laura she chose her as she feels she needs to keep the boys strong for the next challenge.  Galu heads out to sea to enjoy sailing on a pirate boat along with a warm cup of meaty stew.  Meanwhile at Foa Foa, Laura is greeted warmly and quickly made to feel comfortable.  Russell seizes the opportunity to make a final two alliance with Laura as he realizes that in the event of a merge Foa Foa doesn’t have the numbers and he will have to rely on a secret alliance to stay in the games. He then tells Laura not to bother looking for the immunity idol because Ben found it and didn’t play it before he was sent home but the truth is Russell found the idol himself and still has it. At the immunity challenge the tribes have to row a boat out to collect puzzle pieces that are attached to anchors.  Foa Foa has an early lead and makes their way back to the beach just ahead of Galu.  Jaison is exhausted and struggles to help solve the puzzle and the lead is quickly lost.  Galu manages to solve the puzzle and win immunity.  Back at Foa Foa, Russell teeters between voting out Liz (he doesn’t trust her) or Jaison for giving up in the challenge.  At tribal council host Jeff Probst tells Foa Foa that not only have they lost 8 out of 10 challenges but it is the worst overall performance by a tribe in Survivor history.  The votes are read and Liz is sent home.  Next week the tribes will merge and things are going to get crazy real fast as everyone fights for individual immunity……stay tuned, you won’t want to miss a moment this game is just getting started!!!!


This week on Survivor……Unforgiving rain not only soaked the camp but dampened the spirits at both Foa Foa and Galu.  The constant rain and cold had both tribes struggling to stay warm, fed and hydrated.   There was a break in the rain for the reward challenge and both teams were delighted to see the sun. Although everyone was wet and exhausted there was a renewed sense of energy amongst both tribes. The reward was a hot pizza that the winning tribe would be able to enjoy while watching the other teams tribal council, the twist would be that both tribes would be voting someone off tonight.  At the reward challenge one person from each tribe was strapped into a giant sphere while two additional team mates had to navigate the sphere through a course while blindfolded.  Liz did a great job guiding Russell and Jaison for Foa Foa while Laura struggled to guide Russell and Erik for Galu.  Foa Foa made it to the table maze first and Galu was right behind.  Both Laura and Liz quickly began guiding the remaining tribe mates to navigate balls through a giant table maze.  Russell S. appeared to be very exhausted and was having a difficult time getting into position for the table maze.  Suddenly he was slumped face first into the table itself, host Jeff Probst rushed over to Russell S. and asked both tribes to stop what they were doing and called for medic.  The medics quickly came over to Russell S. and asked him to lie down.  Jeff Probst decided to cancel the challenge, no one would win pizza and both tribes would still go to tribal council.  Jeff sent the tribes back to camp while he stayed behind with Russell S. and the medics.  The medics said that Russell’s heart rate was very low and gave him oxygen and kept him lying down for several minutes.  After giving him some water, Russell was asked to sit up slowly and the medic would check his heart rate again.  As soon as he sat up his eyes went blank and it was clear he had blacked out again and he was non responsive for a several seconds.  The medic checked his heart rate and it had plummeted from 97 to only 67 in only a few seconds.  It was clear that Russell could not continue the game and Jeff told him that he had pushed and pushed his body till his body said enough. Russell was devastated to be pulled from the game but it was clearly the best decision for his health.  At tribal council both Foa Foa and Galu were seated around the fire when Jeff told them that Russell had been removed from the game and that he was doing well and being monitored.  Both teams were saddened to hear that Russell would be unable to continue.  There was much discussion about the horrible weather and rain (all the while its pouring again).  Foa Foa felt that they would have won the challenge had it not been stopped and it was clear that there was a deep rivalry between the opposing tribes.  Jeff announced that in lieu of the day’s events nobody would be going home.  I think this has proven to be the most difficult Survivor in history and I am almost nervous to see what next week has in store……stay tuned you don’t want to miss a moment of Survivor Samoa!

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This week on Survivor…..The reward challenge offers Survivor smoothies concocted from various sea creatures blended with water or milk in order to win a feast.  A castaway from each tribe must drink a glass of the blended grossness without vomiting in order to earn a point.  It’s tied up 4-4 when the final two step up to chug a sea slug guts and water smoothie.  YUCK! Dave gets his down fairly easily and it’s all up to Ashley! She cannot do it and just quits handing the win to Galu.  Upon winning Chief Russell has to send one tribe member to Foa Foa for the day.  He chooses Shambo (again) and she is upset by his decision because she will not be able to eat the reward with her tribe and she is desperate for some steak.  Russell claims he sent Shambo as punishment for her loosing the chicken last week.  At Foa Foa Shambo shares the clues to the hidden immunity idol to the entire tribe.  Liz begins to suspect Russell may have the idol and confronts him.  Russell denies having the idol and Liz accuses him of lying, Russell shrugs her off and warns her that she is walking on thin ice.  At Galu they have sausage and steak all laid out ready to eat except for one thing, Chief Russell can’t seem to make fire.  As he struggles to start the fire Dave makes some suggestions and this seems to irritate Russell, after an awkward exchange Dave manages to get the fire started and Galu finally gets to pig out!  That night it begins to rain leaving both camps soaked.  At the immunity challenge it’s still raining (the castaways hands and feet are totally waterlogged).  Two members of each team (one male, one female) are selected to hold a rope tied to a basket while the other team throws coconuts into the target.  Russell and Liz hold the rope for Foa Foa and Russell and Laura for Galu.  Galu is filling up Russell’s basket quickly and he is the first to drop his rope.  Next they target Liz and although she puts up a great fight the weight is too great and she is forced to drop her rope leading Galu to another victory.  Back at Foa Foa the rain is unrelenting and the normal pre-tribal-council scramble is halted.  They are forced to huddle together under their frail shelter and therefore unable to strategize.  At tribal council the soaked and defeated Foa Foa is glad to be near the fire and under a shelter even if it means loosing another teammate.  Host Jeff Probst reads the votes and Ashley is sent home.  Clearly Foa Foa is in trouble and with only five remaining and their morale in the gutter it may take a miracle or a merge for any of them to survive….stay tuned! 

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This week on Survivor…..Galu Tribe member Erik asks an unassuming Shambo about the clues she has to the hidden immunity idol.  Just as she is about to tell him all she knows, John shows up and gets the information as well.  Meanwhile the “Chief” of each tribe is asked to select two castaways to join them on a mission.  Russell brings Shambo and Dave while Mick brings Natalie and Russell.  When they arrive at the reward challenge host Jeff Probst is nowhere to be found.  After several minutes of staring at each other the tribes realize they have to play a bocce ball type game to win chickens!  It looks like Foa Foa just might pull out a win when Dave from Galu takes his final shot and wins the challenge.  During the challenge Erik from Galu utilizes the time to look for the hidden idol and of course, he finds it.  Now both idols are in play!   Upon returning to camp Shambo is given the task of tending to the chickens.   As soon as one lays and egg she manages to let a chicken escape and is surprised that it can fly…sort of!  After a few minutes chasing the chicken she declares she has produced and egg (hmmm…I think it was the chicken that produced the egg) and leaves the chicken in a tree.  Back at Foa Foa a tired, thirsty and hungry Jaison says he just wants to live to play another day.  At the immunity challenge Galu finds they have an early lead that quickly slips away when Monica takes her sweet time on the rope.  At the end of the challenge both teams are neck and neck when in a surprise upset Foa Foa finishes just ahead of Galu and wins their first immunity challenge!  Back at Galu several tribe mates are quick to point out Monica cost them the challenge but Yasmins unwillingness to help out around camp has her name being whispered too.  Russell wants to keep Yasmin because she is stronger in challenges than the “cutsie” Monica.  At tribal council Monica claims she did really well at the challenge while Yasmin claims that she always does what’s asked.  Host Jeff Probst reads the votes and Yasmin (wearing high-heels) is voted out 5-2.  It looks as if Galu’s loss of momentum and Foa Foa’s taste of victory will make next weeks challenge a battle you won’t want to miss.

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This week on Survivor…..Foa Foa member Ben tries to prove his value with his ability to make fire, he even tells the girls not to bother trying to make fire because their hands are too small…..who is this guy?  Meanwhile at Galu, the tribe prepares for the next challenge by doing exactly what you would expect….YOGA!  The two tribes battle it out at the reward/immunity challenge and although it was fairly close Galu continues their winning streak and takes home immunity for the third time in a row.  As leader of Galu, Russell S. is offered a choice, comfort or function, he opts for comfort claiming that he has to keep the women happy and infuriates the men who would have preferred more practical items.  Once again Galu gets to send a castaway to Foa Foa to observe their camp and tribal council and this time Russell sends Shambo.  Shambo is warm and friendly and easily accepted at Foa Foa a stark contrast to last weeks visit from the unbearable Yasmin.  Shambo receives the 2nd clue to the hidden immunity idol but her search efforts are fruitless since Russell has already found it.  At Tribal council Jaison voiced his disdain for Ben and his racially motivated comments.   Host Jeff Probst gave Ben an opportunity to apologize for his remarks but he refuses to do so.  Once the votes are cast Bens torch is snuffed out and he is the 3rd person sent home.  I have to admit I am thrilled to see him go and am certain he won’t be missed next week.