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This weekend: Sprint teams up with Pokemon-Go lovers!

Community Manager



Did you know there are new Pokemon released for Pokemon-Go?  I read all about it here this week.  I love me some Pokemon-go and starting at 2:00 PM today, I'll be headed out to the Campus Sprint store to see if I can't add some new Pokemon to my deck.  Sprint locations across the country are already hosting PokeStops but we'll be  sponsoring events all weekend including lure-a-thons, battles and more.  Select stores are designated as gyms or have gyms nearby, so stop a while, takeover a gym and dominate.


Check out the article on the newsroom here or go to and look for the Pokeball icon to find the location nearest you!  Don't forget to come back here to tell me if you lure a new (or a rare!) Pokemon.


P.S. go Team Instinct!