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Cancel my Community account, I quit!

Community Manager


Frustrated.jpgOccasionally we get customers who choose to no longer participate in the forums on our Community,


Wait what…? Yes we know that not everyone understands the purpose of an online Community, or they have just decided they no longer want to participate! 

Why? Well for several reasons, but we wanted to give you some tips on how certain things can be accomplished without quitting, or even when quitting might be your best solution.


First, I’ll remind everyone to read the rules and guidelines you accepted when you joined, just to clear up any confusion on what these forums are about.  Here are some of the top reasons why we get asked to cancel an account, and the best way to handle each:


Help I posted something I should not have! Things like private information such as your email address, an incorrect solution, a question you found an answer to after you posted yours, or a flaming insult (our moderators usually handle these quickly but just in case remorse sets in before process does), here’s some ways you can remove your comments:

  • Edit Reply to change your post.  You have approximately 2 hours to edit your post, so make it count!
  • Report Inappropriate Content to a moderator, if your 2 hours are up, and this will notify our moderation team and the post will be removed.

To do either of these, go to the top of the post and click the 3 vertical dots then select Edit Reply (top of the list) or Report Inappropriate Content (bottom).


Remove me from this Community, I no longer want to participate! So first ask yourself why:

  • I do not or no longer want to post on this community. Not a problem. You are not required to create posts, you are welcome to just hang out and read what others write, no need to create anything. In fact you do not even have to log in to read the majority of content, but being logged in will get you additional access to certain special items, like badges, contests and information.
  • I am getting too many emails from the Community.  Good news, that is something you can easily control, you can turn off or on all your notifications just by going to My Settings, Subscriptions & Notifications.  Before you do that though, remember, “all means all”, you will no longer receive notice if someone responds to your posts, or send you a private message, it is up to you to login to read any new notifications.  You can also just turn off the ones you don’t want, either by selecting them in your settings above, or individually y using the 3 dots on each post
  • I am no longer a Sprint customer, or maybe you never were. You do not have to be a Sprint customer to participate in the Community, maybe you went to one of our competitors, we hope not, but if you did, and you still have knowledge to contribute or you like being party of our community, then stay!  Please!  If you were part of the Sprint family at one time, then you are still part of the family, so please stay, we like having you around. Never been part of the Sprint family? We like you too!  So please feel free to participate!  (Yes we would love to have you join us, maybe someday soon?)
  • I have no idea how this works, and I can’t find what I need.  Wait don’t leave, click here to read Tips & Tricks, including how to create your login.  If you are still questions about using the Community, just create a post in our Community Feedback section and we’ll help you out!
  • I just want you to delete my account and posts.  We hate to see you go, but here’s what we can do.  We can ban your user account, so you can no longer participate.  This does not delete your account.  However, if this is what you are requesting, then we suggest that you go into your user account, click on My Settings, and delete all the personal information, you may have entered into your profile.  Then just send a private message to @seawolf or @A11ey and we will ban your account.  Although we will ask you about everything above so we can be sure we are doing the right thing for you!  Your posts however may remain on the Community, we will audit the posts you have made and determine if they should remain or be reported as inappropriate content.

Hope this is helpful, if you still have questions, let me know!