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Community Archiving: It's about time Sprint Community cleaned house!



In case you have been looking for an old post, or your search results returned something different than you were expecting, we recently kicked off a community clean up project!  We have millions of posts out here, so we want to try and keep it clean so you can easily find what you are looking for. Over the next few weeks you will begin to notice many of the older posts being archived to the Public Archives space.  Once there we will begin to review the top viewed posts and determine if they are still relevant.  We still have some posts from 2008, so we know there is a lot of things we need to review, and we will determine what needs to happen with each, and whatCommunity Cleaning LadyCommunity Cleaning Lady

  1. Permanent Archive - posts can no longer be found by you or Google.
  2. Permanent Redirect - posts will be redirected to a current relevant forum.
  3. Public Archive - posts will remain active for reading but not responding.

If you are one of our avid readers and you want to help out on this effort, when you see a post that you feel should be archived, you can click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right of the message where it says "Options", go to the bottom of the pop out list and select "Escalate Topic". In the Reason/Comments just put "Archive Requested" and a note on why you think it should be archived.


If your post was moved and you can no longer read it, find it, or feel it still requires additional attention or may still be relevant, please contact @A11ey or @seawolf and we will review your request.  However, if the posts is a tirade, call for legal action, inappropriate, duplicative or offensive it may not be restored, these types of posts are typically removed immediately, and repeated offenses can get you banned! If you have any questions, please take the time to read our Rules & Guidelines.