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Finalizing our new skin, Buzzy's Back and Galaxy Goodness: Week of 27 March, 2017

Community Manager

My counterpart @A11ey is hard at work putting in the very last touches on our finalized Community home and forums.  if you weren't aware, we've been living in a temporary skin since the conversion to Lithium in December but that's all about to change.  The new look will be more interactive, more colorful and capitalize the very best of this platform.  I can't wait for you to see what we have in store (and give us your feedback).


As we move into that new space, some content may shift from one place to another and some spaces may merge together.  The hope is that less compartments and separate spaces means easier navigation, better sharing of information.  We very much value your input and feedback.  You can comment here or share in our Community Feedback forum. 


Were you a member from back in the day?  If so you may remember that we used to be called Buzz About Wireless.  Our new, er, news blogger @GeekGeoff decided the name was appropriate for his game.  He'll be talking cellular news and speculation in his Buzz About Wireless  blog, starting this week with a recap of the Galaxy S8 speculation published right before the announcement.  I understand security around the event was pretty tight. Which reminds me...


Q:  What do you call a security detail assigned to protect a Samsung phone?

A.  Guardianz of the Galaxy!


Between LG and Samsung, the cellular phone game is changing and we need to keep up.  We're getting way less bezel on the face of the phone but far more screen and 18:9 ratio?  Finally multitasking with realistic window sizes! Improved personal assistants, amazing camera features? I'll be involved in some comparison artices on the two devices and I CANNOT wait. 


In all the hullabaloo you may not have noticed but Sprint has brought back the Galaxy Forever leasing program for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.  If you were part of the program with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and have made at least 12 payments towards your device, you may be eligible to upgrade.  For more information check out the Galaxy Forever FAQs here. 



Our product Ambassadors are gearing up for the launch of the LG G6 as well as the LG Stylo 3.  Look for their thoughts and feedback in a new Product Ambassador Blog Space coming soon.


About the Author
  • Sprint employee since 1998. One of the founding Sprint Community managers in 2004. Customer advocates. Online gamer, terrible blogger and owner at "SociAlleyAcceptable". Social Strategy is my passion. If you have suggestions or questions about Community please create a post on the Community Feedback board and I’ll review it and get back to you!
  • SeaWolf makes port here on Sprint's Community after running a somewhat popular blog, a mildly successful Twitter account and serving as the most-hated fandom Message Board Manager EVAR. Current Phone: Samsung S8 Areas of Expertise: Care topics and corny jokes