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Here is how Sprint's helping you weather Hurricane Harvey - Week of 28 August, 2017

Community Manager

I know some of our customers are currently struggling with the effects of Hurricane Harvey and I want you to know about some of the ways Sprint prepares for and reacts to these situations.


Sprint plans for all kinds of emergencies and works to help keep our towers up and running and our customers safe because we know how important it is for you to stay connected.  For instance, cell towers may have back up batteries and generators that can help them run for days, even when local utilities are cut off.  We also have people and vehicles ready to head into the area to make sure you stay online or get services restored when the worst happens and a tower is impacted.  We even have devices we can supply to state and local governments to help those parties keep in touch during and after the event.



ERT_Support_Vehicle.jpgOur News Room has put together a great article with more information about how we prepare and take action during disasters like Harvey.  Please read up on all our efforts here: Sprint is Ready for Hurricane Harvey


If your Sprint services have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and you need help, please see Hurricane Harvey FAQs: Get help here!


**Harvey Update**

In addition to waiving casual call and text fees, effective August 26 through September 8, 2017, for Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile customers, Sprint will waive data overage fees for customers in Texas and Louisiana impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Fees will be proactively waived during the specified timeframe. Customers on Unlimited plans will continued to enjoy their unlimited data, call and text benefits.


Customers are encouraged to use text messaging when possible due to high call volumes and possible network congestion in the local area.


Please see our article in the Sprint News Room for the latest: Sprint Updates Related to Hurricane Harvey


Hello sprint representative, my name is James and I live in Ingleside tx, if your not aware geographically my town is located in the heaviest impact of hurricane Harvey, I have been out of service for approximately the entire length of time from landfall of the storm till currently. I pay for an unlimited plan and its not seeming like I'm going to catch any kind of break on my bill, my home is gone, my truck is gone, and be it not by the grace of God I would have gone with the house and the ford, money is very tight right now and I absolutly need my phone if I'm going to have any chance to recover from this, I've read about several others who were given a break on their bill and I'm pleading with you now, if anyone is deserving of a discount for the period of time my phone were useless I feel that I am. Please help me. 


Hi Jamestatum90! Wow, So sorry to hear that. We know how important it is to stay connected to loved ones, for that reason Sprint has ceased all collection activities in those areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey through 9/19/17. Please know that our main focus right now is restoring services in those affected areas. However, if prefer I can review your account and verify your options.








 Yes please look into it. Any kind of break on the bill would truly be a blessing right now. 

Community Manager

@Jamestatum90, if you click on @Sprint_Palmira's name, you will be taken to her profile page.  From there you can click on "Send User a Private Message."  Please send a message with your phone number and a short description of your problem.  One of the Social Care team members will assist you.  All the agents work from the same private message pool so do not be alarmed if your message is answered by another agent.


Jamestatum90. I was enabled to send you a Private Message, please verify that your email address has been verified and try to send us a private message, Just click on my name and select send a Message.