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It's the most wonderful time of the year.. ICONIC DEVICE TIME! - Week of 10 March, 2017

Community Manager

Maybe you missed it, but LG started pre-orders for their G6 today and boy are they spoiling us!  Customers who order and complete required registrations are eligible to receive a free 49" HDTV AND Google Home but even if you don't pre-order you're getting a LOT of phone for your money.   LG wants you to know that this phone has very nearly eliminated the bezel with and 80% body to screen ratio, it's the smallest big phone! The G6 is Sprint's first fully HPUE capable phone, bringing you the very best the Sprint network has to offer.  Check out our Newsroom article or the LG G6 space for more information.


Right on LG's heels, Samsung teased us with their This is a Phone spot  on YouTube.  They've invited us to the Sammy homepage for an unboxing event 3/29/17.  I know where _I'll be_.


@A11ey mentioned this a couple weeks ago but we're also ramping up our efforts around your Knowledge Bases.  Look for those cropping up in each Board Section.  In fact, I just published a couple about Upgrade options over in the Account  space this week.  


While I don't mind providing answers, I'm sure you agree that sometimes it's easier to understand information you get from a customer. To that end, we're going to begin using some of the great tips, tricks, ideas and solutions provided by customers as articles in those Knowledge Bases.  Did you solve someone's problem or answer a question?  Your post may go down in (Sprint Community) history as part of a Knowledge base.


I'm always ready to listen to comments, so let me know what's up guys!