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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Community Manager



What's up Community!!!  Well, it's official, I am the latest and greatest Community Manager here on Sprint Community.   Please allow me to introduce myself!  For those who thought that was a Rolling Stone - Sympathy for the Devil're old!  I was going more for the Jay-Z PSA (Public Service Announce) vibe.


Well, I was born in a small town.  And I live in a small town.  Probably die in a small town.  Oh, those small communities.  Besides being a huge John Cougar Mellencamp fan, I am quintessential Sprint.  Exactly one week from today, I would have been with the company for 15 years.  During those 15 years, I’ve worked every line of business known to man. Customer Care, Finance, Business Care, Swap and Go (a department where you only activated devices), General Tech, Advanced Tech Support, Offline Ticket Team, Device Lab, Executive Team and I cleaned the floors on Mondays, Wednesdays, and alternating Fridays.


Those were my official roles.  I also have had many unofficial roles which included many projects.  Ironically, 10 years ago, I was part of the Samsung Instinct project and the beginning of BuzzAboutWireless/Sprint Community.  My screen name was TechieTech.  Now, we have approached full circle and  I am the new Community Manager. Exit TechieTech, enter Em_Will_I_Am.  


I would like to thank @seawolf and @A11ey for bringing me onboard.  Ladies, I am forever in your debt.  Also a special shout to @fireguy_6364!  You have been a true friend from the jump!  Also shoutout to some of the community members I've become to know over the past few months, @chanamolu@ruzicka1886@Greenrider12@biggmax81@mizraim73 , @didiseven, and @TavriMykel for deleting one of my first post.  Mods, am I right?!?!  Seriously, thank you guys for everything.


Since I have been doing this, I received a lot of questions via PM.  So I decided to post the most common ones:


Do you look like your avatar?

Yes, but I'm boxier.


What phone do you use every day?

Google Pixel XL 2


#TeamAndroid or #TeamIOS?

I have a Google Phone, Google Watch, 3 Chromecast, 4 Google Speakers, an Android TV and a Nest doorbell.  So, I would say #TeamIOS O_o


Have you ever met Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure?

Not personally, but I have emailed him once and he wrote back.  That's it.


Are you a bot?

Does not compute


Are you and @fireguy_6364 the same person?



Why don't we see you and @fireguy_6364 in the same room at the same time?

You don't see me and Iron Man in the same room at the same time.


Where can we find you on Social Media?

Actually, I am not on Social Media, but I just created a Twitter an hour ago.  I have no friends, so follow me!


How you get a social media job and you don't have social media?

I already explained this mom!!


What words do you live by?

"Make sure your Plan B is not a recycled Plan A"


That's it, folks.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns...Comment below, PM me, or send a tweet.  I'm open!! 


why are we never in the same convos? mad ninja see us...but you DONT see us 😄

Community Manager

Would you rather swim through a pond filled with 10,000 gallons of Jello or fight a monster made out of 10,000 gallons of Jello?

Community Manager

@Em_Will_I_Am  Welcome to the team!  Wait!  Am I signed into my @fireguy_6364 account?

Community Manager

@seawolf Depends.  What kind of Jello and can I eat it?


i have a hard enough time with people thinking i work for Sprint..this isnt helping lol.

Journeyman PS

I need to post a question and can figure out how/where to post. Please help!


Community Manager
You've found the way to create a post PS, but the agents don't work blog posts, which is what this is. If you're still confused or having trouble, try going to the community home page and searching "SOLUTION:" and your question to see some articles that may help you find the answer to your question. Still nothing? Click the three horizontal bars at the top left corner (that's a menu) and then select the right category and then forum for your question.

i work for Sprint..this isnt helping lol.

Community Manager




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Community Manager

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