Sprint Community is currently read-only. Please use the My Sprint app or Sprint.com to manage your account. If you need assistance, please visit Sprint.com/chat
Sprint Community is currently read-only. Please use the My Sprint app or Sprint.com to manage your account. If you need assistance, please visit Sprint.com/chat
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Retired: Social Media Advocacy & Resolution Team (S.M.A.R.T) = MISSION POSSIBLE

Community Manager



The SMARTeam has retired as of 10/31/2019. We've updated their role to serve as Alumni, but they're no longer responding to post or PMs.


SMART's contribution to the Community and Sprint's Social Media team as a whole has been incredibly valuable. The SMART agents showed us all the way to do Social Media and Customer Service right.  Our current Social Care team will continue to carry on the great work that they did. 


You may still see SMART agents around the boards from time to time.  Feel free to say hi!


If you need assistance, please join us by Searching the Community, we have many questions already answered, you can also check out the Knowledge base.  If you have an account question you can create a post and one of our Social Care Agents will help you.  If you need immediate assistance please visit Sprint Chat




Your mission...should you choose to accept it...is to provide exceptional customer service, advocacy, and resolution over various social media platforms.  Well, you do not need to accept this mission because our new Social Media Advocacy & Resolution Team (S.M.A.R.T) has!!  





Meet the S.M.A.R.T agents!  Our new agents that are dedicated to resolving your issues here on the Sprint Community.                         



Katey88 (Founding S.M.A.R.T. Member)Katey.pngStomp those boots and hit kudos and Accepted Solution buttons when earned.


Hi 🙂 I was born and raised on a farm. I've been a momma to 3 kiddos for 7 years. I'm super outgoing and lives on the edge. Current device: iPhone 8p ( Always had apple 😄 )


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RedCruzr (Founding S.M.A.R.T. Member)

Queen of Unlocks and Billing Questions. Samsung for Life!!


I'm still new to the fantastic world that is cellular service and devices. I know how to use my phone for the basics, but I'm eager to learn more! Customer Service is my key skill. I've transitioned from Customer Care Gladiator to Social Media Champion here at Sprint.


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Nothing but positive vibes!


Yo, yo, yo!  What's the word hummingbird?!  I'm Steven, your local, everyday, extroverted introvert.  I love sneakers, hot wings, social media, and technology.  If you ever want to talk about any of those things, I'm your man. 😉


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By day, mild-mannered Social Care pro her to help with your questions and issues.  By night, lover of live music, playing hockey and spending time with my beagle.


I've worked in wireless since 2004 as a Nokia marketing rep, then as a territory manager for BlackBerry from 2007-2009.  Went into Sprint Retail for an indirect dealer/Small Business Telecom Expense Managment company from 2009-2012.  Came to Sprint Corporate in 2014 as part of the HPC team in Overland Park, then moved on to support Direct2You and the Radio Shack stores.  Transitioned over to BISO for a few months after our site was closed in 2016.  Joined Virgin Mobile social medial care in 2018, brought back to Sprint later that year.


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German Shepherd rescuer, equestrian, wanderer and adventure seeker.


Adventurer, adventure junkie, and mother of doggos.  Let's get your problem solved!


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I am a lover of all things relating to horror, video games, technology, and dogs.  I'm a bit of an Apple Fanboy (sorry not sorry) and am currently using an iPhone X.


I've got 3 dogs and love horror movies to the point I will travel hundreds of miles to sit in a movie theater for days on end watching nothing but scary and schlocky garbage.  Hit me up if you want to talk about video games, tech, or movies.


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While you can post questions anywhere on Community 24 x 7, they will only be available to answer Monday through Sunday 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  But be sure to use Search first to see if there is already a solution to your issue!


And agents!  Should you get trolled or flamed, the Community Manager will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.  Good luck, S.M.A.R.T