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Rumors and Reorganization - Week of 10 Feb, 2017

Community Manager

This week was all about the Device categories, particularly Android, where we gave you a bit of something new, a nicer navigation for something existing and the return of something you need.

  • Rumor Boards:  Several Community members have asked about spaces where you can talk about upcoming builds of your favorite Android devices.  While we can't promise that your suggestions will be show up on the next device, we're delighted to give you a space to share your thoughts.  In the new Rumor spaces, you can also share links to articles from other sites about what may or may not be coming in the world of Samsung, HTC, and LG.  Let us know if you like the name "Rumors".. we're still on the fence about it.
  • Device Boards Re-ordering:  We had a short amount of time to get spaces in place during the EPIC MOVE OF DECEMBER 2016.  Thus, we didn't really have a rhyme or reason when we loaded specific device boards under their Manufacturer categories.  That changed this weekend when @seawolf re-organized, pushing the most current devices higher in the category lists for your convenience.  No more digging to the bottom of Samsung to find the S7 board, yipeee!!  Not seeing a board you need?  Let us know in the comments!
  • Device Software Update Release Notes:  Due to a shortage of hands on the Good Ship Sprint Community, we had to suspend publishing the release notes in the device spaces as of last fall.  Good news!  Our Sprint Advocates have stepped up to assist and, in cooperation with your Admin team, @fireguy_6364 posted the first set this week.  Look for Security Update release notes various devices. Don't see what you were looking for?  We generally provide as much informaton as we had access to with those notes, but feel free to ask if you needed something specific.

I LOVE the name "Rumors". I think it will spike intrest in people.

Community Manager

Thanks, @Daisydigsit  We were kind of torn between Rumors and something more 'talk/chat/conversation' related.  We may still change it but I appreciate your feedback Smiley Happy

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