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Sprint's ERT Team: Hurricane Michael Updates from the Field

Community Manager

 If you live in the area, you are likely very busy cleaning up and and trying to get back to normal life after Hurricane Michael. A reliable way to stay connected is obviously critical. For Sprint's Emergency Response Team, the clean-up and restoration process is ongoing but we wanted to share the progress ERT has made so far. These updates are as of 10/25/18, so service may have been restored to even more sites since I received my info.

 Image of a Sprint ERT Satellite Cell Site on Light Truck in the Florida PanhandleImage of a Sprint ERT Satellite Cell Site on Light Truck in the Florida Panhandle

  • A total of 403 sites were affected in some way by the storm, whether temporarily cut off from electrical power, damage to fiber optic lines feeding the site or physical damage or flooding at the site itself. As of 10/25, we have restored service to all but 23 sites and expect to restore even more very soon
  • SATColts are in place in many areas to temporarily restore some service and will remain there until the regular sites are back up and running (for those who don't remember, that is a Satellite Cell Site on Light Truck mentioned in our first blog aticle about Sprint's Emergency Response Team
  • Sprint continues to work with and support first responders and other government agencies to ensure your safety is a priority

We know that communication is key in our everyday lives but particularly when recovering from disaster. Sprint ERT's only job is to ensure we get every Sprint customer back online as quickly as we possibly can.


For more information about Sprint's preparation for and response to Hurricane Michael, please visit the Sprint Newsroom


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