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Sprint's Emergency Response Team: Storm Chasing to keep YOU connected

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UPDATE: Sprint Update on Network Restoration; Extends Credits to Florida Customers Impacted by Hurricane Michael

October 17, 2018 – Sprint continues to make significant progress in restoring service to our Florida customers and as a result the majority of Sprint customers in areas impacted by Hurricane Michael now have wireless service. Because of ongoing commercial power outages and delays in fiber backhaul restoration in some areas, some customers in the hardest hit areas by the hurricane are still experiencing disruptions in service. Network and Emergency Response teams have been on the ground throughout the region working aggressively, and doing everything possible to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.

In the meantime, to help our customers during this difficult time, Sprint will proactively credit monthly recurring charges for one month for all Sprint customers in Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty, and Washington counties. Each Sprint subscriber on the account will receive a credit in the amount of one monthly service plan charge, including tax. Sprint previously announced it will waive all overage fees to customers across the impacted region. Credits do not include equipment fees or other optional add-ons. Customers should continue to pay the amount indicated on their bill, but be assured that the credits will be applied in future cycles.


Sprint Extends Support for Customers Impacted by Hurricane Michael

October 16, 2018 - In response to the devastation left by Hurricane Michael, Sprint has extended the assistance it’s providing to impacted customers. From Oct. 10, 2018 through Oct. 18, 2018 Sprint will waive call, text and data overage fees. Those customers who are already on Unlimited plans, they will continue to have their unlimited call, text and data benefits.


Update: October 10, 2018 -- Sprint announced support today for customers impacted by Hurricane Michael and resulting flooding in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. Sprint customers impacted by Hurricane Michael with usage between Oct. 10, 2018 and Oct. 14, 2018 will have call, text, and data overage fees waived for the full billing period. Customers on Unlimited plans will continue to enjoy their unlimited data, call, and text benefits.


Our Network Operations Center is always on duty, monitoring the state of the Sprint network while they keep a close eye on the weather. Before a big storm can even hit, our Emergency Response Team is already on the ground, preparing. These folks are seriously awesome and boy, do they bring the power!  I watched and cheered them on from afar during last year's storm season but this year, I'm following along....still from afar.  I just work on the internet, these guys go TO the storm just to help!

Sprint ERT member loads equipment into a SATCOLT prior to deploymentSprint ERT member loads equipment into a SATCOLT prior to deploymentThis is a SatCOLT:  satellite cell site on light truck. The dishes are used to connect the sites back to the Sprint network and are used for cellular backhaul as well as internet services.  The Wi-Fi access points allow us to deploy a bubble of coverage from an open field where first responders are staging to indoor locations such as Emergency Operation Centers.


Inside these trucks are a ton of devices including cell phones, Push-to-Talk handsets, air cards, hotspots, small cell equipment, Sprint Magic Boxes, and other specialized gear. The Emergency Response Team brings all of these supplies into the area, ready to assist first responders and public safety officials, government agencies with voice and data services before, during and after Hurricane Florence.


For more information about Sprint's preparation for and response to Hurricane Michael, please visit the Sprint Newsroom


Questions about ERT?  Post them in the comments!  Sprint account or billing questions?  Head on over to our Problem Solvers area

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I'm happy to hear that you are safe. We are working to get everything restored. You can always check out the Sprint Newsroom so latest updates.