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Jay Glazer Chat Transcript - October 20, 2009

Sarah: Hi Everyone - Thanks for joining our conversation today with Fox Sports Insider, Jay Glazer. We'll be starting in about 2 minutes.
Sarah: Has Brett Farve's performance so far this year surprised you and do you think we'll see the Vikings in the post season?
Jay: I'm not surprised about Favre because in that offense, everyone loads up to stop Peterson and Favre has one-on-one matchups with those speedy wideouts. Perfect fit
longtimefan: Was wondering how much truth to the joe Thomas to the Packers rumor are real and if we can expect a trade involving the Packers will go down today?
Jay: Just got off the phone with Packers people, they haven't had Joe Thomas trade talks, at least not to this point.
longtimefan: What's your take the multiple roster moves the Patriots have had today? What about Adalius Thomas?
Jay: There's a TON of trade phone calls being made today but nobody seems willing to really step to the plate. as the deadline approaches, making a deal will seem more attractive
G-170604728: With obvious offensive line and running back needs do you see and hear of any chatter in regards to Green Bay making any deadline deals?
Jay: the packers are doing their due dilligence and talking with teams about those positions. problem is, on a day like this when someone calls, those fielding calls usually tries to fleece those making the calls. happens all the time in this league
G-170558716: With the recent Antoine Winfield injure, how about the Vikes making a play for Ronde Barber?  Say for a 3rd or 4th rounder?
Jay: Ronde would love that but I just got off the phone with the Vikings and they have had no calls so far
ChargersGriff: What the latest news on the Chargers?
Jay: just got off the phone with Merriman, he hasn't heard a darn thing but is as curious as we are.
ryan_the_great: what are the odds that terrell owens gets traded
Jay: Baltimore called about him last week and Buffalo told them they have ZERO interest in trading him. Why? I have no idea. They should try to get a pick for a guy who isn't doing much up there
JeffreyLattie123: Is Zorn out of Washington at the end of this season, or sooner, and who is likely to replace him?
Jay: Washington has simply placed a band-aid on the situation by stripping Zorn of his duties. They had the guy there two years ago in Gregg Williams but Vinny Cerato made sure he would NOT be the guy. Now they'll overpay for one of the big name coaches again. Vicious cycle of failure
malahide: wheres brady quinn goin?
Jay: The Browns would love to get a good offer for Quinn but so far have not. Personally, if I were the Rams, Seattle, Panthers and anyone else in need of a young QB prospect of the future, I'd jump on it. He has talent but has had little coaching since he came into the league. With the right coaching I still think he can be solid
baybucs: Have you heard anything about the bucs looking to trade clayton or Ruud ? Maybe the bucs will make a move for a pass rusher or DT like Dorsey but we will not give up a first
Jay: They like Ruud but would like to unload Clayton and his salary. He certainly has not responded on the field as they had hoped he would
GregNice703: What took the Pats so long to release Galoway, were they hoping to possibly trade him?
Jay: Yes, you always try to get something, even if it's a seventh-rounder rather than just dump a guy
NJGiantsFan: Jay, you always have such quality info from around the league.  How do you do it?
Jay: Much appreciated. I work my ass off, my phone is married to my ear and I never, ever, ever try to burn anyone. I try to build up trust and hope my guys come through for me and thank GOD they've done that a lot for me. thank you for the compliment
BuntySoap: Do you think Mendenhall should be the featured back for the Steelers?
Jay: I do for now as that toe injury to Parker is very limiting. I've had guys like Deion Sanders and Eddie George tell me they've had toe injuries that are so bad it used to wake them up at night in agony. Plus, Mendenhall is hot, you don't go away from that
GMEN: Jay, what do you take from the giants/saints game last week? Are the saints that good or are the giants slightly overrated?
Jay: The Saints are that good! They have gone from a finesse team to a violent team. Football is still a game of violence and they have completely changed the attitude there. Sean Payton called me after the game and sounded more like he won the UFC heavyweight title instead of a game
Persuazn: Are the Bucs looking to trade Barrett Ruud? There were reports that Indy and the Eagles was asking about him.
Jay: Those two teams are, in fact, calling around about LBs, calling everywhere. Ruud is a very under-rated player on a defenisve unit that has no identity and a huge lack of mental toughness
Allen: Any Chiefs news?
Jay: Scott Pioli will always try to get a lot for a little. I know people have called about a few guys but nothing has moved yet. They've told teams tho to look at their roster and pretty much everybody could be had but Cassell. I think they also want to keep Jamal Charles
G-170514935: How many contacts does the best in the business have in their Blackberry? PS Thats not directed to Mortenson.
Jay: hahahaaha. Thousands. Problem too is that half these players change their phone numbers every few months so I have like 6 #'s for some guys and forget which is which. I got through 3 before I get the right guy and in the meantime call people who yell that they are not FRIGGIN SUCH AND SUCH!!!!
G-170514935: Who's the biggest name your hearing out there now?
Jay: Merriman
143Cardiac_Kats: Is Andre Smith going to be able to come in and be an effective part of this Bengals line or is it simply too late in the game for him to catch up to speed?
Jay: That line is actually playing very well right now. I do think he will be a very good player in this league once he has a full off-season with his team and a full training camp. But as of now? He's too far behind
NJGiantsFan: Was the Giants defense taking the day off against the Saints, or are they simply over-rated?
Jay: If the Giants can't get pressure they get exposed. Now, with that said, they also won't be facing a guy like Drew Brees week in and week out. But the Saints game plan was to actually attack them through the air
keithkdj: any truth to dolphins trading for derrick johnson or dwayne bowe
Jay: There was a strong rumor last week that they had actually traded for Bowe and that proved to be nothing but a rumor. The Chiefs actually like Bowe but if someone makes them an offer they can't refuse, sure it could happen. Derrick Johnson has been on the block for a couple of weeks
143Cardiac_Kats: Is there a chance Jim Tressel may ever try to step it up to the "big leagues"
Jay: Hey there, i recognize you from my twitter page! hahahaha. Personally, I like Tressel a lot. I've met him a bunch of times through Eddie George and he's such a class act. However, college coaches don't work in the big leagues. They don't udnerstand how to value a player in the age of the cap and free agency and they try to bully these MEN as if they are kids. Their act simply doesn't work up here. Plus, they often don't get the best of staffs
gmen_1: Do you think the Giants are still an Elite team in the NFL after last weeks big loss?
Jay: Elite? Yes, The top? Obviously not. I think even if this game were in NY the Saints would have still take it to them
boogler: I know your a fan off mma so is it a foregone conclusion that Machida dominates Shogun?
Jay: I believe so. I think style wise it's a great matchup for Machida. Personally, I think Machida's biggest problem could come from a guy with a style like Randy Couture. Someone who will smother him against the cage, dirty box, drop elbows and never tire
cremond28: do you see MIA making any kind of moves today
Jay: I can see them working something for a wideout
malahide: Jay any Raiders news?
Jay: Yes, they are still bad. Sorry Raiders nation but successful teams are run well from top to bottom
BROWNSFAN89: Could the Jets and Browns be looking to make another deal?
Jay: Just got off the phone with the Jets, they have had ZERO calls from anyone of substance and I asked if they would call the Browns about Shaun Rogers to replace Jenkins and received an emphatic NO
G-170514935: What's the status of Jeff Fisher? Is he going to last the season? It looks like his team just quit.
Jay: Guys, Jeff Fisher didn't suddenly become a dumb you know what overnight. He's still one of the best coaches in the NFL but the TItans clearly have problems. Fisher is not one of those problems
malahide: Steven Jackson to the Pats..any truth to that rumor?
Jay: I've heard that one too. All I can say is other teams who have called about Jackson have been rebuffed loud and clear
baybucs: i think merriman needs to go and be a 4-3 DE to jump start his play
Jay: I didn't see the game last night but listened on my Sprint phone on NFL Mobile Live. I have learned that the Chargers in fact are willing to trade him for a first rounder
baybucs: where will the team for LA come from?
Jay: Hopefully Jacksonville. It's a shame their attendance
malahide: what do you think about Rampage goin hollywood....bad idea for his career in mma?
Jay: Bad for his MMA career but good for his life. The $$$'s he can make could be huge for the future. He's hilarious
sndvl99: What is your thoughts on ESPN's practice of "confirming" other reporters scoops? I got Mort to answer this question in a chat. Now your turn.
Jay: I think it's crap. We'll all have scoops, if we get beat, we get beat. Oh well
KC_Fan: What model of phone do you use?
Jay: palm pre
cipher: Is Jim Zorn as bad as we are led to belive. Our does Dan Synder blow his salary cap on one player instead of looking at the big picture?
Jay: Jim is simply not a head coach and when he go the job he put too much on his plate. These guys have no idea how much comes across their desk as a head coach.
Sarah: We've got a hard stop at 1:10, so we won't be taking any additional questions after 1:00.
Michael: Any Carolina Panthers trade rumors that are credible?
Jay: THey do NOT want to trade Peppers, unless somebody comes up with a huge blockbuster offer. but why would they now when they could have before the season?
cremond28: Jay, Historically, has Parcells and Co ever made any trades at the deadline mark
Jay: They are definitely talking to teams today
143Cardiac_Kats: Do you think Chicago is giving this Ocho tweet fest any attn or is it going on deaf ears?
Jay: That team can care less. They are business-like.
tj: Jay, Do you see the eagles makin any moves?
Jay: they are looking around for linebackers
malahide: where do you think Merriman would make a good fit?
Jay: I keep hearing NE but I'm being not being sold this is going to happen. Would San Diego trade him? I think for the right offer, like a solid first-rounder
craiggo: what is up with the eagles and their poor's ego or bad prep
Jay: Just bad play and a ton of overthrown balls
Bears: According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer the Browns will listen to offers for almost anybody including Joe Thomas
Jay: One team told me Cleveland told them they aren't willing to trade Shaun Rogers but another team told me he can be had. There is sooo much BS about this time of the year
143Cardiac_Kats: Isn't their a TE out there who could help Cincinnati? To say their TE play thusfar has been lackluster would be a DRASTIC understatement.
Jay: They are calling around for a TE. Heard they called Dallas for Bennett, who definitely has talent
BROWNSFAN89: Are the browns looking to pick up more draft picks?
Jay: always. mangini wants to bring in as many guys as he can and make them "HIS" guys
CEGiov: Hey Jay, are there any other NFL players with personalities similar to Jared Allen?  He seems like the coolest guy ever.
Jay: Oh trust me, there is nobody else in this league like my demented lil buddy. Make sure you watch him with me every week on The After Party with Jay Glazer presented by Sprint (nice plug, huh 🙂 mondays at 1 EST on
Jay: I'm getting the hook here folks. I appreciate you guys all jumping on board with me today. I'm headin to Vegas in an hour to go have some fun. Make sure you keep up to date with Sprint NFL Mobile Live. I honestly can't believe how much we can do now with our phones. It's ridiculous. Take care folks. See ya on Sundays
Sarah: We've run out of time, so I am sorry if we didn't get all the questions answered. A big thanks to Jay and all of you for joining! We'll post the transcript shortly.