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Live Chat is Back!

Sprint Product Ambassador

After nearly a year, we're bringing back the live (moderated) chat events!  We have a new solution that should be able to handle all your questions.  If you remember, last time we did this the response was so great you crashed our computers!

We'll be kicking off our chat series with a bang next week, and continuing on with some great guests - both from Sprint and some special surprise  guests!

To participate in the chat, just visit the Chat with Sprint page and click the start link.  This will open up a new window with our chat system in it.  Enter your handle and you're good!  No registration, no login, no email needed, just a browser and some time.  You can ask questions anytime, but they won't show up until we clear them and our guest gets a chance to answer them.  We always have more questions than we have time to answer, so we'll post additional answers to questions with the transcript.

After the event, we'll post the chat transcript right here in the Chat with Sprint Blog.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you'll enjoy our new chat system and our exciting guests!