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Ms Sprint Cup Chat Transcript

Sprint Product Ambassador
Monica: Hey this is Miss Sprint Cup, Monica Palumbo joining you for a live chat! You may have seen me in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Victory Lane, and now is your chance to get the inside scoop about what is going on in the garage, on the track and under the hood. Thanks for hanging out with me today!
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SarahKS: What do you do as Miss Sprint Cup?
Monica: It is an all weekend event! I mainly spend most of my time out at The Sprint Experience in the Midway hanging out with race fans, interviewing drivers and showing off Sprint's latest products. As Miss Sprint Cup I also help out at pre-race, wishing the drivers good luck and congratulating the winning driver in Victory Lane. Not a bad job, right?
wirelesswonder: Have you been a NASCAR fan for a long time?
Monica: I am a born and bread Charlottean, which is the heart of NASCAR. I have always been a fan, but didn't become die hard until the last 3 years.
Leigh_Ann: What is your favorite track?
Monica: I have two...and they are extremely different. I love both Bristol and Infineon Raceway.
G-142878828: Hey Monica a Twitter fan of yours here 😃 Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Just wondering what the most rewarding part of being Miss Sprint Cup is, and what is your favorite part about being Miss Sprint Cup?
Monica: My favorite part about being Miss Sprint Cup is traveling to all these race tracks! I would never be able to go to all these cities if I didn't have this job. Meeting so many new people every weekend and seeing familiar faces makes the experience even better!
Monica: Thanks for following us on Twitter! Every weekend is rewarding, really. It is a total dream job. I have to say that last week's visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in DC was by far the best experience I have ever done with this job. Very humbling.
wirelesswonder: Who is your pick to win the Sprint cup this year?
Monica: It looks like a coin toss between Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson. However, Tony Stewart is gaining ground. It would be cool to see Mark Martin take home his first Sprint Cup Championship!
wengla02: How do you get chosen as Miss Sprint Cup?
Monica: It was a series of interviews. I think people believe there is some sort of contest or pageant, but it was more like any normal job no firesuit competition!
mapmonkey: Do you have a favorite driver?
Monica: I don't have just one! I like to pull for a handful...some of my favorites are Allmendinger, Truex Jr, Stewart, Vickers, and Martin.
bobd: Have you ever driven a race car and what kind of car do you drive when at home?
Monica: I have never driven a race car...I would LOVE to though! Maybe one day I can do the Richard Petty Driving Experience. My everyday car is an old SUV with 151,000 plus miles on it! Time for a new ride. 😉
Brad: Are you in any movies coming up?
Monica: No movies coming up....just staying busy with NASCAR! At track I am behind the camera a lot, which keeps me on my toes, taking videos for the fans that we post to our Facebook site ( and on
JayfromAtlanta: Just wondering how much fun Anne Marie is to have as a Co-Miss Sprint Cup and if both of you are at each race?
Monica: Anne Marie is a ton of fun! We absolutely love working together at the track (which is about 5-10 races). It is always nice to have a teammate there to help with all the activities we have going on and it makes it more fun!
T-Furg: How many races will you have been to once the season is over?
Monica: I will average about 23-24 races out of 36.
T-FURG: Are the drivers pretty nice to be around or do some live up to their bad boy reputations
Monica: They are all super nice guys. I think they are super competitive on the track but once they step out of the car they all seem to get along.
IMCAmodRacer719: Having done some racing of my own I know how hot those driving suits are, out on the track you are focused on other things, but when you climb out you sure notice how hot they are, it must be miserable having to wander the pits all day in those things, lol.
Monica: Yes, they are hot! Especially down in Daytona in July. However, your body adjusts to it and now they have come in handy since Fall is here. Kansas was freezing this past weekend!
Lizard02: What is the most memorable experience you've had as Miss Sprint Cup and what are you most looking forward to?
Monica: The experiences I have had are endless, from traveling, getting to know the drivers, meeting new people, going to all the tracks, having a famliy away from home, and of course meeting Tom Cruise this year. 😉 I am looking forward to California this weekend. I used to live there and can't wait to see familiar faces!
sal: Hi Monica is it possible to get an autographed picture of you?
Monica: I’d be happy to send you an autographed hero card. Just send a self-addressed, stamped 8 x 12 envelope to:
Monica: 10115 Kincey Avenue, Suite 210
Monica: Attn: Miss Sprint Cup
Monica: Sprint
Monica: Huntersville, NC 28078
sal: How does all that champagne sprayed on you feel.
Monica: Other than making my hair shiny, it causes my eyes to sting. Sometimes I can't see for a minute after. That is why you always see the drivers wiping their face.
T-Furg: Since you are a native to NASCAR country, whats your opinion on fans from around the rest of the country? Are thay as die hard as the ones from the southeast?
Monica: They sure are! One thing about race fans is that they are some of the most loyal people around. I meet people every weekend who have driven miles and miles and miles to get there. It shows a lot about the sport! Let's go racin' boys!
Sarah: Thanks to everyone for attending today's chat. We got a lot of great questions, but unfortunately we've run out of time.
Sarah: Thank you Monica!
Sarah: We'll have the transcript posted shortly.
Leigh_Ann: Can anyone become Miss Sprint cup?
Monica: If you’d like to be considered for a Miss Sprint Cup position, please send your resume/headshot to:
Monica: Attn: Miss Sprint Cup
Monica: Sprint
Monica: I became Miss Sprint Cup after a year of working in the sport. I did mobile marketing for Bobby Labonte and then heard that this program was interviewing people.
Monica: Huntersville, NC 28078
Monica: 10115 Kincey Avenue, Suite 210
Monica: Oops - that didn't post right. Sorry! If you'd like to be considered for a Miss Sprint Cup position, please send your resume/headshot to: Sprint (Attn: Miss Sprint Cup), 10115 Kincey Avenue, Suite 210, Huntersville, NC 28078.
Monica: I just want to say THANK YOU for taking time out to chat with me today! If you want to keep in touch check out our pages: and Hope to talk with you all again soon! M