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Russell Hantz Chat Transcript - February 9, Noon Central


Below is the transcript from the Feb. 9th chat session with Russell Hantz, the winner of  last season's Sprint Player of the Season on Survivor: Samoa and cast member for Season 20, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

mdfphoto: Russell, first of all, you clearly should have won last season and those who voted against you were jealous. How was it merging the personalities of everyone on the villian side and were you able to play a similar game of mulitple alliances? Or, was everyone more on guard?
Russell: I don't think I was more on guard, b/c I knew was so much better than anybody who had ever played.

Izzy: Do you perceive yourself as the biggest villain?
Russell: I think I'm more the biggest strategic player to play the game.

Tyler: Do you think you will be able to beat Rupert this season?
Russell: Rupert's not a strategic, of course I can beat him!

Izzy: How or what is your strategy to finding the idols?
Russell: Never quit looking...they have to be there somewhere and I'm going to find them.

stormy: omg Russell you made me love Survivor all over again! Noone in that game played a better game then you.

Russell: They dont say Im going on survivor and making friends w/everyone (unless they plan to backstab everyone, or their just plain dum) Your great and I hope to see more of you.

stormy: Now that your secrets are out, do you have anything else up your sleeve that they may not be expecting? Will you trust another blond? I adore you. I will be rooting for you all the way, you are a HERO. Stormy
Russell: No I wouldn't do another dumb blonde girl alliance, because they AREN'T dumb this time around. My game will be and see.

mdfphoto: was there a "hero" that was should have been a villain
Russell: Rupert! Belive it or not, I think he's a villain.

cbwife: How will you top your game now that everyone has seen how you play?
Russell: Align myself with someone strong to help me play strategically. I don't want to be the only one playing the game again. Nobody was playing last season but me.

mdfphoto: is there a player that you have actually developed a friendship with
Russell: I would say Monica. We talked after the game and I did apoligize for what I said to her.

cbwife: How are you going to handle "The Dragon Slayer"?
Russell: I have to be careful with the DragonSlayer because I am the Dragon, but I also am a king.

Drake: Natalie White, when you hear that name what runs through your mind? Did she earn that $1million check?
Russell: NO WAY she earned the check and deserved to win the game. She didn't earn it AT ALL

Mayday: Who do you see as your biggest threat in the game?
Russell: Boston Rob. He's considered one of the best players to play the game I want to see how good I really am.

mdfphoto: after being on Survivor twice, would you ever do it a third time
Russell: I respect the game to much....but we'll see

Tyler: Last season you were very close to winning. Do you think people this season already know your strategies?
Russell: They know how I played, but I switched it up. I wouldn't ever play the same way twice.

Russell: I KNOW I can win it.

MustangMom: do you think folks would be surprised to learn about your support of St. Judes?
Russell: I think some will be surprised, but that's the real me.

Mayday: Do you believe the game is too much considered with popularity and doesn't give credit for strategic players?
Russell: I think the sad think about the game is that it turned into a social game. But in the future, I think that will change based on how I played. People will use me a MODEL. I think I changed the game.

ReadytoWin: What are your plans after this season?
Russell: I want to do The Amazing Race. Maybe with Richard Hatch! How good would that be?

kotie68: How was your body holding up after such a short turn-around?
Russell: I was mentally there, but physically I was weak and lost.


Russell: I would say Randy. He's a jerk half the time and players like that go fast in the game.

TSIZZLE: What did your family think of you on the show?
Russell: My kids love it. My grandmother is 90 and a extreme Catholic and she LOVES it.

cbwife: Has being on Survivor changed your personal life? And, if so, how?
Russell: Yes, it changed my life because of all the attention I'm getting. I'm not used to that.

Russell: I played football, track and was powerlifter

izzyks: After all of the betrayal, why do you feel people still trust you?
Russell: They still trust me, b/c I'm beleivable.

izzyks: Are you as shrewd in business as you are in the game?
Russell: That's why I'm so successful in my business b/c I give my heart and soul to everything I do.

Mayday: Do you think you will ever go back to the normal 9-5 work week again?
Russell: NO WAY!

izzyks: So tell me what you think about Jeff Probst?
Russell: I think Jeff's a brilliant person and he should always win the Emmy. There is no host out there that can manipulate people the way he does. If he wants to get something out of you he will.

Tyler: Where are you from?
Russell: Born in a town called Vinton, LA. Live now in Dayton, TX.

cbwife: What do you think about the Saints since you are from LA?
Russell: I think they were the best team and I think the city needed it.

kotie68: Is it safe to assume some socks get burned or water is somehow lost again this season. lol
Russell: I don't play the same game, but I still make them suffer a little out there.

SorryRuss: What would be your advice in deal making?
Russell: Good question! The main thing is to get them to buy what your selling. If you can't do that, then you ain't going to go far in the game.

Crowzer: Do you think your relative anonimity to most of the other all stars going into this season is an advantage?
Russell: I think that it's a huge advantage for me. It's like when your crossing a road and don't look both ways. I'm the 18 wheeler that's coming.

kotie68: What are the 3 keys to making it a long way on survivor, other then outwit, outlast, outplay?
Russell: You have be good at playing the social game. It's sad but true.

Tyler: What made you join Survivor?
Russell: I really wanted to go out there and see if I could manipulate people to do what I want to do.

Sarah: We have 2 minutes left.

Endorphin: how do you feel about the jury's ultimate power in the endgame?
Russell: I think it needs to be changed and the public should have a say in the jury vote. Although they gave me Sprint fan favorite so I must have been doing something right!
Mayday: How much of the real you are we seeing on the TV? Or is just an act?
Russell: I am that agressive in real life, but I'm not going to burn anybody's socks!
kotie68: Most of us are pulling for you at survivor fandom Russell, have anything to say to your hard core loyal fans?
Russell: I appreciate my fans because I'm the first villain ever to get fan favorite. I see that they respect the game and that's why they voted for me. That vote to me was almost as good as winning the game.

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