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The aka Buzz About Wireless Community is  provided to facilitate discussion and peer-to-peer support to people who are  interested in Sprint’s wireless products and services. By visiting or using the  Community, you agree to follow these Guidelines and the Terms and  Conditions. To keep it simple, our Community Guidelines consist of 11 “do’s”  and 10 “don’ts.”

The do’s

Have Fun.

This community is designed to help you get the most out of your wireless device.

Stay on topic.
Help  us make sure it's easy for everyone to find your post by sticking to the topic  area where you are posting. Postings that are off topic may be moved or removed.

Be nice.
Treat  people the way you'd like to be treated. Be respectful of other people's  opinions and feelings.

Be careful.
We  can't guarantee the accuracy of everyone's posting—so don't take advice you  aren't comfortable with. You are responsible for deciding what to do with information  posted here.

Post clear, valuable, honest  information.
People  who follow your advice will have the opportunity to rank your posting.

Return often and subscribe to RSS feeds.
Return  often to see what’s new. By subscribing to email notifications or RSS feeds you  can track conversations as they occur.

Comply with all moderator instructions.
From  time to time, designated Sprint moderators may provide guidance or instruction  on community operations, content you post or ways you do things in the  Community. We trust our moderators to keep the place tidy and you’re expected  to work with them when asked.

Respect people and their intellectual  property.
Don't  post copyrighted material or other intellectual property. If you want to  reference information you have found elsewhere, please cite the source and  provide a link.

Look before you post.
The  easiest way to get more out of the Community is to start looking around. Search or browse the forums or check out the blogs. If you can’t find what you’re  looking for, post a question or start a discussion thread.

Ask questions and contact Sprint  moderators if you need help.
If  you have a question or issue you don't see addressed—ask! The discussion boards  are organized by product and topics of interest. If you don't see a category  for your question or comment, suggest a new one. Please report abuses through  the “report abuse” links. If we receive a valid complaint about a users  conduct, they will receive a warning and may have their Community membership  terminated.

Make suggestions.
We  want this community (and Sprint) to constantly be evolving—and we'll do that  with your help. Feel free to give us , suggest new topics, changes to guidelines, even for new products or product improvements.

The Don’ts

Do not spam.
The Community is provided as  a service and is not intended for the promotion of third-party services,  products, Web sites, or organizations. Do not post content that would  constitute advertising, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of  unauthorized solicitation.

Do not flame.
Flaming is the act of posting  messages that are deliberately hostile or insulting. If you’ve been flamed,  don’t respond in kind.

Do not post duplicate messages in multiple forum  topics.

Do not rant.
We welcome constructive  criticism, but most forum topics and reviews are not the place to vent your  frustrations. If you don't like a product or service, feel free to share your  opinion and why you feel that way. Really need to blow off some steam? You can  post in the "Rants" discussion board.

Do not be a troll.
Trolls post rude, off-topic,  intentionally volatile or offensive messages for the purpose of disrupting a  discussion or to upset other forum participants. Do not respond to these types  of messages.

Do not “game the system”.
   Do not post content for the  explicit purpose of acquiring community points or soliciting others for points.  Any behavior intended to “game” the community reward system may result in being  barred from the Community.

Do not post inappropriate content.
Sprint reserves the right to  remove any content deemed inappropriate by our moderators. To give you an idea  of what that means, prohibited content includes:

  • Content that is obscene or uses obscene, profane, or sexually explicit language.
  • Content that is violent, racist, incendiary, abusive, threatening, or slanderous against anyone or any group.
  • Content that violates any local, state or federal law.
  • Content relating to current, future, or proposed lawsuits for Sprint.  This is not the forum for legal issues with Sprint, and we are not allowed to discuss ongoing litigation.  Do not solicit class action clients.
  • Content intended to exploit, solicit, or harm minors.
  • Content containing your own or anyone else's personal information including, but not limited to passwords, credit card numbers, contact information, or other personally identifying information.
  • Content that includes “Trojan horses",  worms, spyware, files, executables, or external links to sites that force  the download of any virus, program, spyware or other content or code that could interfere with the functionality of the site or damage or destroy data or functionality of any computer hardware or software.
  • Member violations or deleted posts or warning   letters, or discussion of unsanctioned or no longer registered users.

Do not impersonate others or perpetrate fraud.
Do not claim to be someone  you are not (including any community member) or claim expertise or credentials  that you do not possess. Members found to be impersonating someone else will be  barred from the Community.

Do not conduct any commercial activity.
Do not use this space for  advertising. Do not post links to externally hosted ads or pages advertising  products or services. This site is not intended for commercial use. Do not post  availability, pricing or ordering and shipping information for products or services found on this site. Exceptions include occasional posts by application software developers announcing new or updated applications.

Do not post Web addresses (URLs) in the title of a  threaded discussion.
It makes them hard to read  and people can’t click on them there. If you want to provide a link to a Web  site please do, but do it in the body of your post.

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