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Announcement: Delayed Notification Issue - Resolved

Community Manager

Announcement: Delayed Notification Issue - Resolved

Hey Community members!  I recently noticed that I was not receiving notifications when one of you replied to my blogs or threads where I was involved.  @A11ey found that the same thing was happening to her.  We started an investigation and submitted a ticket to our platform partners.  The Lithium team appear to have found and fixed the problem, which is great news. 


The system is once again working but in doing so, it's sending notifications for everything dating back to the start of the problem.


What that means for you: if you had missed a notification from a thread or a blog reply from the last couple of weeks, you probably received it this afternoon.  For very active users (like me, or like @fireguy_6364) that may mean you're getting a ton of notifications this afternoon.  Please pardon the inconvenience as the system catches up on notifications it was not able to send before.


You can customize or even disable all your notifications by going to clicking on your profile image.   From there go to Settings:  Subscriptions and Notifications:  Notifications.


Thank you for being a member of the Community and please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Community Manager

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