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Never in all the years that I’ve had Sprint have I had a bad thing to say about their service, but my experience today has really made feel ready to switch providers. And that does not mean T-Mobile 

BARE WITH ME as I write this book about my day:
Since T-Mobile and Sprint have decided to merge, I thought it might be a good idea to ask my brother- who has a plan with T-mobile- if he wanted to join my plan. We both thought it could save us a little bit of money being on the same plan, so I wanted to add him to a line, with the hope that he could keep the same phone number. I called Sprint to ask if my brother would be able to join and they said it wouldn’t be a problem at all and made it sound like an easy process that many people have already been doing. All they would need is his T-Mobile account number, Pin, and last four digits of his SSN. Though it took awhile, Sean (employee with Sprint) did a great job of taking care of my brother and I and said that I should receive a call within 30 minutes when the my brothers account would be transferred over to mine, then all we’d have to do would be to activate the phone. After an hour of waiting, I still didn’t receive a phone call, so I decided to call. This where things started to go south.....

I called again and the lady I spoke with was having a hard time verifying my account information. Turns out... somehow my brothers phone number was now the new phone number for MY device. My phone number I had an hour earlier now belonged to some lady with a Sprint account. So now I was receiving texts from my brothers contacts, with them thinking they were talking to him. Meanwhile, my brother was stuck in limbo without a phone number, or a network provider because the only thing that transferred was his phone number. Luckily he was connected to wifi, so I was able to iMessage him. Eventually, a guy by the name of Kevin from the Support Team was able to help me get my phone number back and still keep my brothers number on my account, so that when his phone would be activated, he’d have the same number. All my brother would have to do now is activate his phone by providing his IMEI number. I couldn’t get ahold of my brother at this point because he had lost wifi connections, so I decide that I’d call the support team back when I got my brothers IMEI number from him. When I called, the lady said that the phone was unable to be activated due to compatibility issues. This confused me a little since both Sprint and T-Mobile are working together. Also, my brother and I both have the iPhone XR, so you’d think it’d be compatible and easy to activate right? I understand maybe not everything is complete with the merger, but it would’ve been nice to know it his phone wasn’t compatible BEFORE they started the transfer! Then I wouldn’t be writing this! They also knew that he had an XR as well and didn’t say anything about it being a problem. The lady told me I needed to get ahold of T-Mobile’s support team to get the issue figured out, so she forwarded my call to someone on T-Mobiles end.

Now this was like a solid 4 hours after the  transfer was complete, so my brother was still stuck in limbo without anyone to get in touch with unless he was connected to wifi. Important side note- my brother is in the military and his squad leader was trying to get a hold of him to let him know when he needed to return to duty the following day. I was getting stressed because he wasn’t receiving all of my iMessages due to wifi connection.
So then, I’m finally put in touch with someone from T-Mobile, BUT THEY CAN’T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE HIS PHONE NUMBER IS NO LONGER PART OF T-Mobile. It’s part of Sprint! At this point I’m extremely frustrated because there should be some sort of communication between Sprint and T-Mobile considering they’re in the middle of a merger and customers might need help, but don’t know which side to contact. So the T-Mobile side is trying to pawn me off back to the Sprint side, so that Sprint can figure it out. I called Sprint back and told them everything that was going on. They said that they can’t do anything because my brothers device isn’t recognized, so they tried to pawn me back off to T-Mobile. I did not feel like a valued customer by either side end at this point. I also let them know about the urgency with my brother needing his phone activated ASAP due to his military obligations. At this point, I didn’t care if he was on my line or back on his original account with T-Mobile. I just wanted him to have access and service to get a hold of his squad leader. But T-Mobile said they couldn’t do anything since Sprint now “owns” his number and because I wasn’t granted to have access to my brothers T-Mobile account because I wasn’t him. It didn’t matter because he would need a phone number to log into his  T-Mobile anyways, which he didn’t have! Sprint said they couldn’t do anything since the phone wasn’t compatible. Blah. Blah. Blah. Back and forth.


If anyone is still reading at this point, my brother is still without service. I spent nearly all day trying to help him and I’ve literally gotten nowhere. No help at all from a single employee on either end of the company- telesales or virtual chat. Tried both MULTIPLE TIMES. They are just pawning me off. I am exhausted and feel unappreciated as a customer. 

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Sprint Social Care

Re: Complaint

I'm sorry to hear about the experience your brother is continuing to encounter. I'll like to look into this matter for you. Can you please send me a private message? 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Complaint

I completely understand the importance of having a working device. 

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