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Sprint Buy 1 get 1 free rip off


Sprint Buy 1 get 1 free rip off

Before you sign on with Sprint hear this, I signed up in early 2018 for Buy 1 get 1 free offer (BOGO) on iPhone 7's (4 of them). My sales slip says "iPhone 7, 2 for 1 promotion".  I also paid $412 cash, when we signed on. It seems that Sprint has decided to disregard their "bogo offer" as I have reached the end of the contract and they want to charge me over $400 for the phones. We were offered an iPhone 7plus for $500 and an iPhone 7 for $400, each connected to a second phone for free. My bill has reflected what seemed the proper amount until the 18th month. Our payments/buy-out on the phones themselves have well exceeded the agreed $500/$400. No one at sprint can answer to this misrepresentation and suggest we take it to the store and have it out in person with our salesperson. I am a retired person, in this day and age of crazy, that makes me very, very uneasy.  My current bill has ballooned to nearly $400/month. We were told these phones would be paid off in 18-mos. and would then be ours to keep. Suggestions? 

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Re: Sprint Buy 1 get 1 free rip off

Howdy RachelleV. With the BOGOs, the lease for one is free for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months, there are a few options. Those are: 

- Purchase the devices. This can be done in 1 lump sum or in the 18th month customers may opt into purchasing the device in 6 monthly payments. 

- Upgrade. With this option, if the customer upgrades on the 18th month they never pay for the 2nd phone, as long as it's returned in good working order.

- Pay month to month. With this option the lease is no longer free, and the payments being made do not go towards purchasing the device. Normally customers don't choose this option unless they are waiting on a spesific phone to become available.  


All info regarding this can be found on page one of the lease contract. 


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Re: Sprint Buy 1 get 1 free rip off

That is mighty slippery marketing. I was TOLD it would be mine when my term ended after paying the monthly payments that added in the end to $500. Misleading marketing such as the ad we fell for was: Buy One get One FREE. The terms lease and buy are not synonymous - they mean two different things. Leasing is not buying. There was no mention in the sales pitch of a phone lease agreement - merely an offer to buy one get one free. I have searched your community here and I can see I am one of many left feeling scammed, such as this one read in post 02-24-2018 08:54 pm by whyisthisgoing title: Is the Buy One Get One Free a fraud? It seems to be in my case. I also see that your reply to me is a standard reply to all posts like mine and is a convoluted explanation that is absolutely not reflective of your marketing strategy for this promotion. It brings to mind the deceptive practices of other institutions who ended up paying fines to the federal govt and their victims for their lack of oversight and deceptive trade practices.

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